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Space Vacation is a classic heavy metal band from San Francisco formed in 2008 and releasing the first album Space Vacation in 2009, and second attack called Heart Attack in 2012 with positive feedback from the media. Now the third album is coming the next 5th of december, and it continues and improves what they have done before...
Space vacation combines the US melodic heavy metal touch with the furious flames of the speed metal and the soul of the NWOBHM reminding to bands like early Praying mantis, Bronz or Diamond head, the mix result in a really effective performance that take the listener back to the early mid eighties.

After On your Feet, the epic introduction that open the album, the sudden speed metal attack of More is more well defines the band style, pure headbanging power in a fast paced song where the clean high pitched vocals performs amazingly well, and the guitars remains technical and sharp as the galloping mid fast riffs of Rolling Thunder explodes in a crescendo pattern, the verses herald an outstanding progression on the drums performance and the vocal style bring memories from Y&T sounds.

Cosmic Vanguard is the best song of the album, the riffs are sharp, catchy and remains in good harmony with the vocal evolution, the bass also mark one of his best parts drawing Synchronized scales with a mid fast strong pounding drumbeats, this track encapsulates the bands sound very well being one of those masterpieces that the listener will replay again and again.

Get down and Witch wizard will take you back in time once more with drippings of mid paced, melodic hard rock sounds but always keeping that British heavy metal elements, with remarkable job by the guitars act continued by another mid Tempo shot, The Living Damned, creating an impressive dual guitar melodies on the verses to change to an intense and more traditional bridge, combining riffs and shredding with the chorus.

Say my name take the early NWOBHM elements adding power metal drippings, brilliant job on the backing vocals resulting from a superb composition, the bassist play an excellent role emphasizing key moments prior to the solo and the chorus; same way for Eye to eye, more melodic though and hard rocker patterns comprising a good contrast with aggressive drum style.

Then the machine gun-like drumbeats attack combining explosive speed metal riffs with Battle Jacket, forging a style with fast elements from Skull Fist and melodic parts from White wizzard if compared with new bands, but obviously with NWOBHM roots, this track is another top headbanging shot from Space Vacation.

Last in line is Land of steel, including epic elements on top of the early heavy metal patterns, with galloping riffs that will make you scream with a fist in the air.

Space vacation demonstrated they are able to combine the best melodic hard rock together with the speed metal, enriching the bomb with power and epic drippings, the result couldn't be other than a wild and catchy masterpiece, added to a brilliant production and inspirational compositions, Space Vacation will take you to the top and back in time, coming next December.

8,5 / 10

Space Vacation are 

vocals, guitars - Scott Shapiro

guitars - Kiyoshi Morgan

drums - Cubby Baumann

bass - Mark Shapiro



Release by Pure Steel Records

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