Thursday, 10 September 2015


Finally the long awaited full length from the German Thrashers Running death is out, full of improvements from their last EP Call of extintion (2012), read that review following this link.

What the listener will notice right after the first intro called It begins is the high level of technical performance on the instrumentals and that important progressive thrash feeling, Hell on Earth is just about this stuff, combining fast and mid paced sections with an excellent job by guitars and drums leaving vocals attacking with a high pitched harsh power; continuing with Psycho on the same line of fast pace but clearly more modern influence combined with strong mid tempo verses, slightly darker and melodic at some points.

Remote Controlled develops diverse riff combinations including palm muted galloping and melodic links with verses, creating headbanging parts and building a good chorus, clearly improving what we've seen on this album up to now, Simon nailed it on this one on the vocal interpretation, continuing with Close minded, reminding to those genuine Metallica riffs, being a clear influence for the band, strong palm muted shots and really good lyrics.

Raging nightmare explodes suddenly in a galloping headbanging bomb, that's pure moshpit thrash on fire, right in the middle of the album this is what a metalhead is waiting for, outstanding job on guitars and vocals, noticing the excellent production here is clearly better than their previous jobs, crystal clear drum details and bass performance, one of the best shots of Running death.

The instrumental acoustic track Deludium opens to Mercenary, creating an awesome crescendo straight away from the first second developing a mid thrash metal mayhem including progressive shots on the guitars, on the line of the general band's style serving as a good highlight of the album; linking to Pray for death, this time creating a doom/evil sound and accelerating the machinery to good speed thrash metal territories, it will call the attention of the listener in terms of composition.

But at my point of view the best is yet to come with the last three tracks of the album, starting with Reduced as a rhythm changing powerful shot, where palm muted and melodies dance around a pure thrash metal machine on drums, denoting a very intense vocal performance and enjoyable instrumentals all over the song; continuing without rest with the tittle track Overdrive as an old school thrash metal anthem creating an awesome job on drums including double pedal parts, with an insuperable Simon growling and singing in clean and sharp parts.

The last and best track of this album goes to I see a Fire, as the increscendo is being built from the darkness and evil style in quasi doom metal influence but soon exploding in the best riff of the album using palm muted parts in high sophisticated sections combined with excellent drum details, changing pace continuously until the epic end.

All in all Overdrive is a clear improvement and the best album up to date by Running Death, the production is crystal clear and the compositions are sophisticated, becoming a top class album by a professional thrash metal band.

8 / 10