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Dust bolt is a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2006, recording their first demo in 2010 "Chaos Possession" instantly got national recognition, then after wining the Wacken Metal battle, the band record their first album, Violent Demolition , signing with the prestigious Napalm Records, and then getting known worldwide as one of the best new thrash metal bands. The second album Awake The Riot was released the 30th May of 2014, getting really positive feedback of the worldwide media.

Dust bolt bring the old school thrash metal as the main strategy, forging a frenetic fast paced and genuine thrash with similarities with Kreator and Slayer, and taking some patterns from Havok or Divine Chaos, denoting a high quality and technical instrumental from the first moment; the drums are powerful and sophisticated, changing rhythms and creating the moshpiting feeling together with technical guitar sections of palm muted, virtuous performances and effectively aggressive, raw and sharp high pitched vocals.

The album Awake the riot opens with Living hell, as the drums break the ice in a sudden thrash metal attack, good sign of what the band is about, pure headbanging thrash metal revival, the guitars work in perfect harmony adding fast melodies under double pedaled parts, excellent changes of pace as it brings you up every time it accelerates with remarkable drum details; and this is only the beginning, the breathtaking metal attack Continues with Soul Erazor, as the sharp drum missiles explodes in another anthem with straight chorus where the listener will scream fist in the air, special mention to the guitar melodies on the back, great composition there as a good mid fast tempo highlight of the album.

Beneath the earth speed up the pace in a very straight forward track, including some growling parts together with mid fast tempo harsh vocals, as You Lost sight evolves in another authentic speed thrash metal shot, headbanging as hell with an increscendo structure emphasized by the drums play.

Agent thrash is for thrash metal what agents of steel is for speed metal, a powerful demonstration of speed thrash metal force exploding like an atomic bomb, with effective riffs, forceful drum power and great chorus; but there is no break yet, as Living a lie attack you with technical riffs, drippings of death metal guitar melodies, as well as a frenetic unstoppable rhythm becoming one of the gems of this band.

The self titled track awake the riot - the final war comprises a mid powerful tempo obviously accelerated to a short and breathtaking song including catchy bridge and chorus.

Eternal waste and Drowned in blind faith heralds mid fast shots of palm muted and galloping sections, really amazing drums performance with one of the best progression of the album, linked with Worlds built to deceive, forging more thundering thrash power patterns, raw and thrashing machinery with good guitar dark melodies trespassing slightly to the death metal elements as The monotonous - distant scream rises from the acoustic evil notes progressing with ascending intensity, including excellent melodic harsh vocal verses that amazingly explodes in a combination of thrash heart with death metal meeting epic elements.

Future shock is the last track of this Awakening the riot, as another genuine heavy thrash metal anthem running in a mid tempo, introducing early thrash metal elements to evolve adding more technical drippings sign of the band, making it another hit in this album.

Overall Dust Bolt forged an authentic masterpiece of frenetic neckbreaking thrash metal, that could take you to the mosh pit from the first track to the last one without breaks; the production is crystal clear and also the compositions are great, every element played is in perfect harmony with special mention to the guitar performances, being sophisticated, technical and not boring, together with a remarkable vocal style, demonstrate its power in tracks like Soul Erazor, Agent thrash or Living a lie, encapsulating the sound of the band and defining their style, true thrash metal!

9,5 / 10

Line up
Lenny (Vocals/Guitar) 
Flo (Guitar) 
Bene (Bass)

Nico (Drums)



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Amken is a thrash metal band formed in 2011 in Greece, releasing independently their first EP Adrenaline Shot on the 30th November 2014.

Amken style is genuine thrash metal, simple and straight to your brains, the harsh low to high pitched vocals are amazing and also the guitar-drums team play is really well composed to take you to the mosh pit right away; you will find that visceral thrash attack seen on Razor or Exodus.

Adrenaline shot bangs with the tittle track, straight headbanging and powerful wild style, the rhythms go mid and fast really effectively, linking with Zombie Pets in another breathtaking thrash missile, this time comprising more technical elements, with excellent vocal parts and special mention to the drum pounding blasts, including one of their best chorus and a highlight of the band's style.

The dark introduction of Nightmare leads to another in crescendo thrash shot, continuing the nonstop headbanging feeling with a good structure and remarkable melodic sharp vocal sections linking to the final track God's asleep, clearly their best act, introducing deeper and epic sensations to the mixture, the theatrical performance of the vocalist is outstanding, the bass sounds bloody well, dirty and evil as hell as the thrash machinery evolves to a fast thrash symphony that will leave you hungry for more.

Amken brought to light their first Ep leaving a really good impression, their thrash is aggressive and effective, without being extremely technical this cut is wild and violent, showing that the weapons are ready to attack.

8 / 10


Line up
Sokratis - Drums, 
Giannis - Guitars, 
Vanias - Vocals / Guitars, 
Vasilis Chytiris - Bass

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Shadowbane is a power metal band from Germany formed in 2007 and releasing only their demo Dystopia independently in 2010,becoming a really promising band, and now ready to conquer Europe with their upcoming album Facing the Fallout, due to be release next 16th of January of 2015 via Pure Steel Records.
Shadowbane breath from the flames of the authentic heavy-speed metal mixing German and US power metal effectively, having similarities with bands like Accept, Helloween or Grave digger combined with epic Manilla Road or Queensrÿche, high pitched clean and sharp vocals, contrasting melody and powerful choruses with technical guitar riffs and fast pounding drumbeats.

The album opens with the Red alert instrumental apocalyptic shot linked to Beyond the winds of war, powerful heavy start on the line of Accept including palm muted and galloping riffs, changes of pace and good drum performances, but being eclipsed by Traitor, one of their best tracks, including some outstanding riffs and shreddings (remember the Spanish power metal band Avalanch riffs?) headbanging as hell with an excellent structure, better chorus, and remarkable guitar performance.

Under bleeding skies evolves in a straight high speed heavy metal shot with memories of Judas Priest, very well composed on the bridge and the slow paced chorus, special mention to the vocal work on the clean and sharp styles combining aggressive and melodic sections really well; continued by After the fallout, comprising a mid fast tempo pattern of pure US power metal, amazingly well composed and headbanging and coming back to the German Grave digger influence with Dystopia, totally addictive riffs and chorus, forging a memorable bridge.

Tears down the wall explodes like an authentic speed metal track with melodic power metal added to the mixture, the clean vocals are amazing here as the progression with the guitar shredding and the emphasizing drums create and endless headbanging anthem, linked with another highlight of the band style, Badlands law, mid fast shot with a chorus to be shouted on the gigs, drum and guitar structure reminding to the ram it down era of Judas Priest but keeping the powerful sign of the band.

Last division take the Teutonic riff style and mix it with the US power melodies to create a true masterpiece of sophisticated drum shots, epic guitar performances and outstanding bridge and chorus, to finalise with Source of Grief, accelerating the metal machine to a high speed pace; this last bomb combines very well the elements that Shadowbane have used before,rhythms changes, aggressive and frenetic powerful in crescendo verses that make you break your necks in a breathtaking pulse.

Shadowbane managed a really professional production forging an excellent work in every aspect, the album contains masterpieces like Traitor, Last Division or Source of grief being highlights of the album. Shadowbane will step forward to the top of the true power metal scene with Facing the Fallout.

9 / 10

Shadowbane line up
Stefan - vocals
 Lukas - lead- and rhythm-guitars 
Markus - lead- and rhythm-guitars 
Moritz - bass and backing vocals 
Renè - drums 


Release by Pure Steel Records

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Friday, 12 December 2014


The epic death metal band Thunderwar released their first EP Birth of Thunder last year 2013, getting global recognition and generally very positive feedback from the media (click here to read the review), and now they are getting ready for their first studio album that could come to light anytime in 2015.

Meanwhile I had the chance to interview the vocalist and bass master Kamil "Madness":

- Hi! It’s a pleasure to interview you so Thank you for taking the 

Hail to England!

- Thunderwar is a new band that released its first EP in 2013, tell me 
the beginnings, how did you choose the name and how the band was formed?

It's a long and boring story. I will try to shorten it.  I’ve known Vit, 
the drummer for a long time. We both played in thrash metal band when we 
were kids. When our squad broke up, we decided to create new, heavier 
and more devilish pack. We were looking for good guitarists, who love 
death metal.

We met them by chance. I knew Olszak and Witold by sight from concerts. 
I didn't know that I will play with them in Thunderwar. They came to the 
rehearsal and they were delighted.  They had the experience and they 
were hungry for metal, just like me and Vit. From the start we were on 
the same page. Now we are true friends.  At the beginning we were called 
Perun, in the name of the pagan, Slavic God - Perun The Thunderer. Then 
we recorded the first single called "Eagle of Glory" - our metal 
interpretation of Polish national emblem. We changed the name because we 
wanted to be more understandable to foreigners and also still to refer 
to the old name. So now we are Thunderwar. Word formation at the level 
of a high school student, but we think it sounds cool.

- How long did it take to create the birth of thunder? Are you happy 
with the result?

First and foremost, EP "The Birth of Thunder" is just a remain of the 
first album that was never released. We chose the best tracks from 
rejected by us album, and this is the way how The Birth of Thunder 
appeared. We are happy with the result. People like it, we also like it. 
If that record came out in that shape back then, surely we wouldn't be 
in such good moods today.  That material really sucked. Not because 
compositions were weak. Sound and mixes were totally fucked. We had to 
rescue our stuff but only three tracks survived.  I think that the whole 
process of creating our debut took more than one year.

- How did the international media respond after the release of your 
first EP?

We owe the big response to our managers. They shipped the material 
wherever they could. The result is the increasing number of fans from 
all around the world, especially from USA, UK and Brazil.  It's fucking 
awesome when someone from the other end of the globe can hear and  
appreciate our blasphemous work.

- Could you describe the metal scene in Poland?

Poland is a powerful metal bastion. Every metal maniac should know bands 
like Vader, Behemoth or Decapitated. We are very proud of these bands. 
But our metal scene isn't only those three hordes. There is a fucking 
great underground scene in Poland. Most of these bands are just amazing. 
We played national tour with mighty Pandemonium, Hellspawn and Deep 
Desolation.  Unforgettable memories and well spent time.  Also we played 
with Azarath, powerful formation from Tczew. They went on tour with 
Morbid Angel in Poland. I can’t forget to mention our friends from 
Bestiality and Morthus, young bands with great potential and talent. I 
especially recommend you polish black metal bands like Furia, Mgła, 
Plaga, Morowe or Infernal War.

- The epic death metal style of Thunderwar is really well composed and 
performed, what are your influences?

Thanks! It is hard to say. We listen to a lot of music. Blues, hard 
rock, heavy, thrash, death and black metal. It is our religion. But I 
think our greatest idols like Bathory, Dissection or Morbid Angel have 
the greatest impact on us. Of course, we always try to create our own 
climate. I think we succeeded, but people usually associate us with a 
mix of American and Swedish metal scene. Maybe they're god damn right.

- Are you preparing a full length? If so, how is the process going? 
Could you anticipate some details?

Actually we are recording a new album. Drums and guitars are done. Next 
step - bass and vocals.
Want some details? Hmm... Full album is going to be darker and more epic 
than "The Birth of Thunder". You won't be disappointed.

- Have you signed with any record label?

No, we haven't yet.

- Are there plans to tour Europe in the future?

There aren't any special plans for now. But when we are finally done 
with our LP, certainly we will think about conquering Europe.

- Which countries would you like to play?

We have never played abroad, so we’re going to be excited no matter 
which country it would be.

- You have shared stage with big names like Amon Amarth, which other 
bands have shared stage with Thunderwar?

We have also shared stage with such stars as Carcass, Obituary and 
Azarath. We hope the list will be much longer in the future!

- One of the bands you play with are Morthus, I see they share similar 
tastes, and also are a new band with one EP, do you know them? How is 
the relation with Morthus?

Yeah, we know these bastards.  We are often sharing the stage together. 
I really like them!

- Which bands would you like to share stage in the future?

Hmm… tough question. I would love to play with pioneers of death and 
black metal, who motivate us to fight. I don't know, maybe Morbid Angel, 
Watain, Behemoth or Entombed?

- Tell me how do you remember your best moment on stage.

It was when we played before Carcass in Warsaw. The place was full, it 
was our first performance with such a large audience. When we played our 
death metal epos – Vimana: The Chariots in Heaven, I showed them horns 
from the stage.  Almost the entire audience responded with the same 
gesture. It was very meaningful and memorable moment for me. I was 
exhausted but it filled me with extraordinary energy and gave me 
strength for the rest of the show.

- Could you leave a message for your fans?

What can I say? Wait for new album, and be ready for freezing cold, and 
demonic blizzard, because The Thunderer doesn't show mercy!  Stay heavy.

- Thank you so much for your time and also thanks to your manager Slawomir for making 
it possible, hope to see you soon in London!

Thank you very much! We will visit London for sure, it's just a matter 
of time!



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Fallen Angel is a power metal band formed in 1983 in New York, releasing their first demo in 1985 and split-up in 1986, being in the shadows until they reunited in 2009, working hard to create their first album Crawling out of hell, first part of three in a conceptual epic saga, followed by the trilogy of fictional novels written by the guitarist John Cruppe. This first album didn't have a major impact when it came to light in 2010, but now in 2014, it has been re-released via Killer Metal Records, bringing this album to light to the main metal scene. The second part is coming, under the name Cast out of heaven.

Fallen angel is inspired by the late 80s and early 90s heavy metal combining power metal and speed metal creating sophisticated compositions , introducing a mid to high pitched raw vocal style, on the line of bands like Warrant, Halford or Exciter. Guitars bring melodies from US power metal including the epic side to the mixture as the drums follow effectively the pace of the band, enriching the sound with excellent technical performances.

The album is completed with twenty tracks, six of them are instrumental introductions developed almost without breaks between the songs, as a concept album; the atmosphere of the winds of Crash to Oblivion take you inside the world of Fallen Angel as the thunder roars to Sinner's vengeance, straight and heavy speed metal bomb that will make you bang your heads with one of the best songs from the band, remarkable job on the drums details and the powerful voice, continuing with the troops marching of March into hell leading to Blood on my soul as a mid tempo US power metal, with a real forceful sound and Halford-like vocal screams.

The grinding wheels of war continues the epic sound to introduce The reapers shall Gather, another highlight for the album, a piece of pure heavy metal with an outstanding high pitched vocals, giving it all and creating a real piece of true metal with excellent chorus to be played again and again.

Arrival raises the dark evil feeling to the battle as the Dark Lord come to scene, with another astonishing speed metal furious style, totally neck breaking on the verses and mid tempo catchy chorus as the Darkness reigns in a mid paced shot, with powerful melodies on the vocal line, showing mid to high sharp screams and progressive instrumental with galloping patterns.

The one who walks alone, with a dark feeling to start, evolves in a mid tempo melodic shot with progressive drippings on the instrumentals, not as aggressive as previous tracks but perfect on vocal performance,continued by the ballad The answer, ascending in intensity from the acoustic to the melodic chorus with influences from Queensrÿche.

The cold orchestrated introduction Respiration Desperation leads to another mid tempo US power metal, The neutral zone, with headbanging force and galloping chorus and drippings of Mercyful fate and Judas Priest as Life or death acoustic notes start exploding in a mid fast shot of pure heavy metal, with really good job on the drum performance and addictive chorus in one of the best vocal combination of styles.

On and on is a slow to mid paced shot, pure strong, powerful heavy metal of those that make you bang your head under an ascending epic feeling, remarkable the clean vocal technique; as Ashes to ashes whispers introduces you to the ballad Leaving all behind, another Queensrÿche style ballad, in crescendo and really intense and well forged, specially in the second half, memorable melodies and perfect creation even reminding the Dio and Iron maiden influences.

Watching mid tempo heralds a good quality on technique and powerful structure, the vocal melodies reminded me to Oliver Magnum on the verses, so good performance linked with Sad wings, ballad with acoustic start and ascending to another intense, amazingly epic anthem to finalize with Grant me Peace, combining the power metal with the aggression of Judas Priest, bringing to light one of the best bridges and most forceful chorus, completing the first part of Fallen Angel's concept works.

This is the result of a really hard work, reflecting a gigantic production That not only will make you bang your head, Fallen Angel are introducing the listener to an epic adventure story that will catch you from the beginning. Looking the album as a whole play, I can Say they forged a masterpiece of authentic heavy metal, introducing speed, power and classic heavy metal defining the true metal in every sense.

9 / 10

Line up

Steve Seniuk (vocals)
John Cruppe (guitar, keyboards)
Robb Lotta (guitar)
Joe Surace (bass)
Frankie Quaggs (drums)


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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Biotoxic Warfare is a thrash / death metal band from Heraklion (Greece), formed in 2012, and releasing their first EP Baptized in blood and greed in 2013 receiving positive feedback from the media. The band went to the studio in september 2014 to record their debut album, Lobotomized, due to be released the next 19th January 2015 and signed with Slaney Records,

Biotoxic warfare sound comes from the aggressive speed thrash metal taking influences from Exodus, Kreator to Slayer, including some thrashy Venom era style, guitar melodies are feed by pure death metal structures (memories from Death or Obituary) combined with oldschool thrash riffs, followed by a technically perfect drum style, mixing thrash and death rhythms continuously in the album; vocalist give it all in every track, showing an aggressive and powerful attitude with raw harsh mid-high pitched vocals, making the whole combination a pure bomb of headbanging metal.

The album starts with a death metal feeling instrumental track, Mors indecepta, as the evil notes lead to a combo of thrash action where the drums make a remarkable job in perfect harmony with the guitar performance, being a good warm up for Proclaim the gospel of lies, this time death metal guitars riffs explode together with thrash metal drumbeats, awesome fast paced track totally neckbreaking, continued by Baptized in blood and greed, one of the best of the band, as a super fast galloping and furious thrash metal attack, with short and straight vocal shots and changes of pace with astonishing palm muted riffs.

The same headbanging fuel continues with Dysphoric Reality, genuine oldschool thrash that amazingly is transformed in pure death metal at some parts, fast to mid tempo in a good anthem that encapsulates the band spirit.

The acoustic atmosphere surrounds you as the explosion of authentic furious thrash burns your soul with the tittle track, Lobotomized, remarkable guitar play and amazing mid fast drumbeats with added double pedal in an excellent composed structure and followed by another highlight for the band, Lust for hate, included previously in their first EP, the patterns taken here includes death metal drippings under a fast killer thrash fire, but creating a great bridge that leads to one of those chorus to scream and bang the head.

Parasitic life and As we Rot(promises of heaven) follow the same force and even raise up the aggression levels with a more notorious drumbeats in two of the fastest songs of the band that will your necks, special mention to As we Rot, introducing death and growling vocals in a vertiginous fast missile combining successfully all the elements the band have experimented along the album creating an inevitable mosh pit.

Biotoxic Warfare made their point of entry to the main thrash metal scene with Lobotomized, succeeding in terms of crystal clear production with the first album and forging surprisingly good album, if you want thrash metal, with death metal drippings, straight and strong, Lobotomized is what you are looking for.

8,5 / 10

Line up
Mike Kavalos – Vocals 
George “Dimator” Dimitrakakis – Lead Guitars 
Stelios Sfendilakis – Rhythm Guitars 
Panagiotis Polioudakis – Bass 
Orestis Drapaniotis – Drums 


Release by Slaney Records

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Evil Invaders just unveiled the release of their long awaited first album Pulses of Pleasure will be the next 2nd March 2015 in UK and 10th in the US/CAN via Napalm Records, the speed thrash metal from Evil Invaders is coming back and will be one of the surprises of the year, you can read the review of their first EP here

This is the track list and the official release dates for the new album Pulses of Pleasures:

1. Fast, Loud 'n' Rude
2. Pulses Of Pleasure
3. Eclipse Of The Mind
4. Siren
5. Stairway To Insanity
6. Shot To Paradise
7. Venom
8. Blinded (intro)
9. Master Of Illusion

G/A/S/Europe/AUS: 28.02.2015          
UK/NO/FR/DK/IT: 02.03.2015
SE/ESP: 04.03.2015          
USA/CAN: 10.03.2015



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        Review of the album "Með vættum" bySkálmöld (Napalm Records)

        Skálmöld is a Viking metal band from Iceland formed in 2009, the name comes from the words "Age of the Sword". The band have released three albums, Baldur  (2010), Börn Loka  (2012) and the recently released Með vættum, last 14th of November 2014 via Napalm Records, and will be available the 1st December in UK (and rest of Europe).

        Skálmöld feed the flame of Viking metal adding fo drippings under a mixture of heavy metal, thrash and death metal elements along the album, the vocals are impeccable, growling and straight from the beginning to the end, but probably eclipsed by the high quality of the guitar and drums performance most of the times, alternating the death metal elements in good harmony with the above mentioned thrash missiles and heavy pounding rhythms; the compositions are rich in general and will never bore the listener, being one of the best cards played by the band.

        Að vori opens the album straight away with the Viking power sensation, boosted with epic force and headbanging feeling, with special mention to the vocal job and the strong pounding drumbeats, continued by Með fuglum, exploding in a powerful death metal attack contrasting with heavy and viking headbanging metal in-between, remarkable job on those guitar riffs, thrashy solos and also the bass sound, powerful with the melodic clean vocal parts, definitely one of the best of the band.

        Then is the turn of the mid tempo with increscendo structure Að sumri, enriched with sophisticated drum performance and really good job on the vocal melodies, and of course awesome ending continued with another mid paced shot Með drekum, this time with stronger and neckbreaking riffs and drumbeats with added northern epic melodies.

        Að hausti heralds one of the best Viking symphonies of the album and also is combined with modern structures on the vocals, that mixed together creates a good feeling, keeping the headbanging power with good points on the double pedal parts.

        If up to now you like the album, get ready for the best song of the band, Með jötnum, including the best Viking sensations twisting the rhythms with death metal riffs and technical drum performance, and even though the instrumental break could distract you at the beginning, it's a theatrical warming up for the best composition of the album, where the intensity explodes in an astonishing in crescendo canon of vocal melodies and epic instrumentals.

        Að vetri continues the epic adventure with another genuine viking metal shot, creating a good harmony with the straight harsh vocal and the melodic instrumentals, developing a forceful ending with epic power metal influences and leading to the last song of the album, Með griðungum, strong mid paced rhythms showing a better and more furious vocal play, ascending intensity exploding in a sudden fast paced metal where the shredding and the vocal verses explodes together leading to an intense hymn part very well composed.

        Skálmöld forged an album with the essential Viking metal lessons, but without being another run of the mill job, the band introduced thrash, heavy and death metal elements, ascending the power to a high level of inspiration and technical performance, equally headbanging from the very first second.

        9 / 10

        Line up

        Snæbjörn Ragnarsson - Bass
        Björgvin Sigurðsson   - Vocals, Guitars
        Gunnar Ben  -  Keyboards, Vocals, Oboe
        Baldur Ragnarsson  -  Guitars, Vocals
        Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson  - Guitars, VocalsJón Geir Jóhannsson -  Drums, Vocals


        YouTube Channel


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        Thursday, 27 November 2014

        REVIEW OF THE ALBUM VESSEL BY TRIAL (21 / 01 / 2015)

        Trial is a classic heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2007, releasing their first album in 2010 called The primordial temple, receiving really positive feedback from the media and after an EP (Malicious arts) and a single (Where man becomes all) due to be released next 28th November, the band have ready what it's going to be their second full length, Vessel, due to be released next 21st of January of 2015 via High Roller Records

        Trial comprise the dark symphonies from Mercyful fate, present with the high pitched and clean vocals following a minor scaled melodies into a purely heavy and power metal pulse, bringing also US epic elements and drippings of NWOBHM in the compositions, mostly sophisticated with plenty of changes of rhythms and technical details.

        The album start with the tittle track Vessel, ascending from a powerful acoustic intro to an intense mid tempo anthem, where the doom elements are present under the high pitched melodic vocals, continuing with To new ends, one of the best of the band, the fast paced breathtaking drumbeats are perfectly combined with the powerful and backed vocal verses, with also a special mention to the guitar performance on the solos and so on the dark melodies that creates a really forceful theme.

        Ecstasy waltz come back with the doom metal dance in a slow to mid tempo track boosted with a high intensity on the vocal play that brilliantly goes high and low easily along the verses as Through bewilderment give you the epic side to the mixture in a headbanging mid tempo and melodic bomb, one of the best compositions of the band and also a good highlight of the album.

        A ruined world and where man becomes all comprises the epic and dark feeling with the powerful fast paced heavy metal represented with theatrical vocal action, mostly the ingredients seen on Mercyful fate.

        But Trial left the best for the end, Restless blood, a masterpiece of 13 minutes of acoustic and exploding electric guitars with dark melodies where the details on the drum performance are overwhelming, the vocals play his best shot here as the highs and low pitched styles collide with sharp, raw and clean sections, the interpretation in conclusion is just outstanding, as well as the structure of the song, surprising at the second half as it ascends to the final headbanging ending.

        Trial will break the ice being one of the first albums of 2015, they managed to improve their previous works creating a true masterpiece in terms of composition and high technical level on the instrumentals, the vocals need some more control at some parts, but no doubt about it, the vocalist made an astonishing job contrasting low and highs really powerfully; add to this that the album is a non stop headbanging from beginning to the end, and the result is brilliant! Welcome to the new wave of dark traditional heavy metal.

        8 / 10


        Andréas Olsson Bass
        Martin Svensson Drums
        Alexander Ellström  Guitars 
        Andreas Johnsson    Guitars
        Linus Johansson Vocals



        Wednesday, 26 November 2014


        Wretch is a US power metal band from Ohio, USA, formed in 1983 and releasing only a demo in 1989 called Rise to power, and taking a long lull until 2004, releasing a promo of their new material and bringing a full length two years later called Reborn. After a compilation and the new EP Rise to power where the band re-recorded key tracks from their career like the tittle one, the band was ready to develop what is gonna be their second album, under the name of Warrior, coming next 5th of December via Pure Steel Records.

        Wretch comprises a genuine power metal made in the US, bringing the epic melodies to the top and main element, where intensity is used very effectively creating headbanging moments where fans of Manilla Road, Metal Inquisitor or even Glacier will just become legion right away.

        Vocals are clean and purely epic on melodies on the line of the above mentioned bands as guitars relay on basic and impulsive elements combined with technical drumbeats; into madness opens as instrumental intro to Sleepless nights, rising the mid tempo epic metal to a head banging true metal anthem, remarkable drum parts and vocal interpretation as The ones continue with an ascending structure from a bass beginning to explode in a catchy fast paced track with furious and intense vocal parts are outstanding.

        Warriors, the tittle track just attack with true metal force, one of the best of the album and brilliantly structured with changes of rhythms emphasizing the powerful chorus in contrast with fast paced verses as Fallen from grace create another epic anthem, mid paced and slightly more modern melodies, equally riveting and instrumentally brilliant.

        Sacrifice will be for sure the best track of the band as its catchy from the beginning, keeping the epic power ascending from the first second, the highs and lows made by the vocalist is purely true metal In its essence, and also the remarkably technical guitars with the structural progression forge a forceful act as the next track All I see kicks bringing memories from the power metal made by Michael Kiske (but after his Helloween era) creating an addictive chorus and obviously enriched by the own sound from the band.

        Sword and stone and Death of Innocence heralds some of the most intense and of course epic Manilla road style hits, good job between guitar riffs, solos and pounding drumbeats, being true highlights of the album and definitely defining the band's sound.

        If The galloping riffs and mid paced rhythm of Never Again bring you more fuel to the fire, the top shot of Watching the world will literally explode in your brain, comprising a headbanging and powerful compositions.

        Then its time for the ballad In those eyes, acoustic from the beginning to the end and made with excellent melodies but lacking from the potency it could have had if electric guitars come
        into action, however the guitars are excellent creating a perfect harmony with the vocal performance.

        Rain bring back the furious epic style for the last time, with an outstanding performance on the drums and axes, on the average quality of the rest of The album, which is great.

        Wretch worked hard for an excellent album, that bring the epic side of true metal as their main flag, the best are the great compositions, forging memorable songs that will pass the test of time; even though might not be album of the year, these guys will make you bang your head and scream with the fist in the air under a world of warriors, battles and steel.


        Ron Emig – vocals 
        Michael Stephenson – guitars  
        Nick Giannakos – guitars 
        Tim Frederick – bass 
        Evan Gottschalk – drums 


        Release by Pure Steel Records

        Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB