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Wretch is a US power metal band from Ohio, USA, formed in 1983 and releasing only a demo in 1989 called Rise to power, and taking a long lull until 2004, releasing a promo of their new material and bringing a full length two years later called Reborn. After a compilation and the new EP Rise to power where the band re-recorded key tracks from their career like the tittle one, the band was ready to develop what is gonna be their second album, under the name of Warrior, coming next 5th of December via Pure Steel Records.

Wretch comprises a genuine power metal made in the US, bringing the epic melodies to the top and main element, where intensity is used very effectively creating headbanging moments where fans of Manilla Road, Metal Inquisitor or even Glacier will just become legion right away.

Vocals are clean and purely epic on melodies on the line of the above mentioned bands as guitars relay on basic and impulsive elements combined with technical drumbeats; into madness opens as instrumental intro to Sleepless nights, rising the mid tempo epic metal to a head banging true metal anthem, remarkable drum parts and vocal interpretation as The ones continue with an ascending structure from a bass beginning to explode in a catchy fast paced track with furious and intense vocal parts are outstanding.

Warriors, the tittle track just attack with true metal force, one of the best of the album and brilliantly structured with changes of rhythms emphasizing the powerful chorus in contrast with fast paced verses as Fallen from grace create another epic anthem, mid paced and slightly more modern melodies, equally riveting and instrumentally brilliant.

Sacrifice will be for sure the best track of the band as its catchy from the beginning, keeping the epic power ascending from the first second, the highs and lows made by the vocalist is purely true metal In its essence, and also the remarkably technical guitars with the structural progression forge a forceful act as the next track All I see kicks bringing memories from the power metal made by Michael Kiske (but after his Helloween era) creating an addictive chorus and obviously enriched by the own sound from the band.

Sword and stone and Death of Innocence heralds some of the most intense and of course epic Manilla road style hits, good job between guitar riffs, solos and pounding drumbeats, being true highlights of the album and definitely defining the band's sound.

If The galloping riffs and mid paced rhythm of Never Again bring you more fuel to the fire, the top shot of Watching the world will literally explode in your brain, comprising a headbanging and powerful compositions.

Then its time for the ballad In those eyes, acoustic from the beginning to the end and made with excellent melodies but lacking from the potency it could have had if electric guitars come
into action, however the guitars are excellent creating a perfect harmony with the vocal performance.

Rain bring back the furious epic style for the last time, with an outstanding performance on the drums and axes, on the average quality of the rest of The album, which is great.

Wretch worked hard for an excellent album, that bring the epic side of true metal as their main flag, the best are the great compositions, forging memorable songs that will pass the test of time; even though might not be album of the year, these guys will make you bang your head and scream with the fist in the air under a world of warriors, battles and steel.


Ron Emig – vocals 
Michael Stephenson – guitars  
Nick Giannakos – guitars 
Tim Frederick – bass 
Evan Gottschalk – drums 


Release by Pure Steel Records

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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