Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Iron Curtain is essentially a speed metal band formed back in 2007 and released 2 albums so far, Road to Hell and Jaguar spirit. Now three years after the second full length, these Spanish quartet are back with another dose of genuine 80s speed heavy metal. Guilty as charged will be out the next 14th October via Pure Steel Records. In the meantime you can check out their single Wild and Rebel from their Youtube Channel:

As mentioned their style is a perfect constructed speed metal, with influences from Motorhead and Iron Maiden to Accept backed with catchy gig ready choruses. Good example of that is the first track Into the Fire, submerging the listener to the true sound of Iron Curtain: fast paced and headbanging shot of adrenaline. Notice here a perfect Lemmy style on the vocals at some points. 

These accelerated paradise becomes contagious to the rest of the album, Lion's Breath and Take it back are a good proof of the best of the record and you will feel like going into the pit and scream those choruses out loud. Instrumental are in remarkable harmony and guitar virtue are at 50/50 leadership with vocals and rhythm.

Relentless start as a change of pace with a mid tempo song, and not a doubt this shot sounds like Accept from start to finish; voice, drum beats, guitars and even the structure of the song is made to sound like the German heroes. A run of the mill track but always enjoyable to listen.

The album won't let you down at this point, as the best track is about to start: Iron Price combines very Iron Maiden'ish riffs with the best of Mike's vocal styles. Fast and lighter track, with really straightforward and catchy sections being followed by Outlaw and Wild&Rebel, continuing the raw and fast strategy with back vocals that will catch your attention.

The tittle track Guilty as Charged follows in velocity but increases in vocal melody, even bringing the band style to the early eighties, when the NWOBHM exploded like Big Bang; definitely one of the best songs of the album and letting the last song continue the same path of its preview shot: Turn the Hell On makes the best of the riff melodies combining awesomely good with the back vocals, and bringing up one of the most catchy bridges and choruses of the band, being well structured and leaving the listener hungry for more... In my case I just restarted the album for my second listen.

I can say Iron Curtain just nailed it with this record, Guilty as Charged is very solid and well produced, being raw and sharp in style combined with a crystal clear production. If you like true speed metal obviously you will love this band and my suggestion for you: get the album because you will really enjoy it. It's clear the likes of these Spanish band, and they use their influences in a perfect combination to generate their own sound, and that sound is really well created in this headbanging electric gem,

8.5 / 10

Iron Curtain lineup

Mike Leprosy Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Joserra Bass
Alberto Fuentes Drums
Miguel Angel Lopez Guitars (lead)