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Air Raid is a traditional heavy metal band from Sweden, formed in 2009, the style is authentic heavy speed metal influenced by bands like Judas Priest, Agent Steel mainly with drippings of NWOBHM combining melodic and aggressive elements backed by rich compositions, with only an EP Danger ahead, and their first album (2012) Night of the axe, the band already brought true metal anthems to the world like Metal Cult, When the sky turns red or Annihilation to name a few, becoming one of the most promising bands worldwide.

After Michael Rinakakis left the band, Mr Arthur M Andersson became the vocalist of the band, the Halford-Warrant sharp vocal style of Michael will be missed, but at the same time its remarkably extraordinary the quality of Andersson here, bringing a more powerful energy on the style of early Judas Priest combined with elements from Metal Inquisitor or Riot enriched with sharp aggressive and clean operistic high pitched qualities.

The new line up is Mr Andersson on vocals, Stormchild and Johnny Nightshredder on guitars, Rob Thunderbold on bass and Dave Destructor on drums, and a new album is forged out of the flames of metal, due to be release the next 21st November 2014 via High Roller Records. 

Bound to destroy opens the gates with memorable guitar riffs making you bang your head from the very first second, the melodic vocals bring a brilliant epic sense to the action continuing with one of the best tracks of the album, Madness, the entry of this track attacks like a powerful missile to your brains, creating another catchy chorus to be screamed at the gigs,the job on the axes together with Andersson performance is outstanding and forceful, definitely a masterpiece
As the acoustic elements of Victim of the night take you to a more melodic hard-rockish feeling, the heavy metal sign of the band drives you immediately to the head banging, breathtaking mid-fast pounding pulse, developing another extremely catchy chorus backed by the main riff with a perfect harmony, being another top hit in the album.

Wildfire develops a fast paced heavy-speed metal rhythm with plenty power metal elements, vocal parts evolve from mid to high pitched details, over a symphony of sophisticated guitars with palm muted and impulsive mixed with technical elements, continued by the instrumental Flying Fortress, demonstrating again the virtuous style of the guitars and the good harmony between axe masters with the excellent job of the bass and the remarkably technical drums.

Vengeance follows similar patterns of genuine heavy metal with added epic drippings to the mixture seen on previous tracks, the crescendo structure lead the action to a really well composed piece where instrumentals and vocals stand strong shinning bright linked with The fire within, heralding a mid paced melodic heavy metal shot with progressive elements, containing high influence of Dio on the vocal melodies, the long chorus is awesome and very solid; specially brilliant is the second half of the track with ascending intensity of symphonic elements mixed with Priest's Between the Hammer and the anvil details on the guitar solo and powerful emphasis on Andersson role.

The last track is We got the force, a clear demonstration of where the band stands, creating a pure speed metal track with elements seen on the rest of the album, being melodic and
aggressive, sharp and powerful in equality, and probably the piece that better encapsulates the band's sign, and making clear that past, present and future of the band aims for the true metal.

Point of impact will be an all time masterpiece of true metal, the band developed their unique sound becoming one of the finest bands on the scene, with an excellent production and enforced by that wild attitude performed on stage; all these ingredients will make this album an essential for every true metalhead.

9,5 / 10


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