Saturday, 28 June 2014


Divine Chaos is a Thrash metal with Death metal influences band formed in 2005 in UK. They have previouslyreleased an EP in 2007 "Every empire shall fall". After years in development the band have released their first full length album "A new dawn in the Age of War" via Evil EyE Records. The band is comprise of Ben Friston on vocals, axemasters Chris O'Toole and Matt GilmourDave Bennet on the bass and James Stewart (Vader) on the drums. Divine Chaos' are influenced by bands like Sepultura or Carcass, who were mainly responsible for developing the early 90s thrash metal and death metal combo.

The album starts with one of the albums hits as a pure thrash metal track, strong and angry headbanging masterpiece, Last Confession delivers a great technical surge from the guitars and outstanding pulse by James on the drums making it a moshpiting intense piece continued by Death toll rising forged with symphonic elements and twisting the best of epic death metal and thrash in a mid/fast changing tempo, and at times, theatrical track where the listener is drawn to appreciate the quality in every band member in detail, truly amazing.

The myth of human progress heralds another mid tempo early 90s thrash metal attack, comprising heavy and forceful verses and dark well done thought-out chorus'. There is a short lull in the attack before they take you back to the deadly moshpit with one of the best of the album, Shadow of God, old school thrash metal headbanging as hell with one of the best catchy chorus' which will be perfect to scream along to at the bands gigs, dripping with breathtaking rhythms as Ignorance Everlasting starts slowly building increasingly into a crescendo of darker sounds reaching a mid-tempo riff that is extremely well created.

Rivers of blood is another of the fast tempo tracks from the album which is dripping with old school thrash fused with death metal influenced riffs, an awesome vocal interpretation with both a high and low pitched harsh style; great tribal ending guys, very effective!

Fields of the Fallen attacks you with the strong sharp axes and a speed heavy thrash machine gun on the drums, with exceptional chorus' where you definitely will break your neck banging your head; this track is full of rhythemic breakdowns all amazingly well linked within the structure of the track.

Sinai Sands is an epic instrumental interlude that take you to the last track, Perpetual War Policy, shooting to kill from the beginning where we find pure thrash metal structure with death elements and dark symphonies; this missile probably encapsulates the style of the band best.

Divine Chaos' first full length album demonstrates a body of work that aims to make you bang your head from start to finish,  James Stewart's drumming is truely remarkable, He is also Vaders drummer and lends the album an unstoppable death/thrash metal combination; the guitar work is exceptional, outstanding and technically superior. The Vocals are in harmony in every song, inspiring hate.

'A New Dawn In The Age Of War' is an excellent album with superb production, riveting from start to finish, a real Thrash Metal Masterpiece in 2014!

9 / 10

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads union and Metalheads union FB

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Morthus is a death/black metal band from Poland formed in November 2012 by four death metal maniacs following their influences of bands like Morbid Angel, Unleashed or Dissection, mixing all that to forge a very sophisticated epic death metal with black metal elements.
The Abyss is their first EP, released last 7th June 2014 and has been recorded and mixed on Mandragora Studios.

The EP starts with Torment representing the Abyss as an atmospheric introduction with screams of agony and chaos that leads to the death metal riffs of hell, mixed with banging thrash metal pulse that continues with Beast from the Abyss, where the guitar riff and the death metal drums explodes in an epic structure, taking the listener to a headbanging track, the riffs are something exceptional and I really have to remark the jobs on the drums, so sophisticated where you can appreciate various different elements and rhythm changes all over. The growling vocals makes the perfect job in harmony with the rest of the band, outstanding straight and powerful chorus also to make this the sign of the band as pure epic death metal masterpiece.

But if you weren't surprised yet, next track called In the White Wolf's Kingdom is going to make you break your necks as they develop a mid-tempo black metal rhythm mixed with the death apocalypse, the vocals here are amazingly well played along with the instrumental. The composition in this track is excellent, creating an old school black/heavy metal contrasts with their death metal elements.

Overall, Morthus forged an outstanding, astonishing first EP, the crystal clear production is something remarkable and enjoyable that will take them to the next level. This is a very professional job and I can't wait to see what these guys can do in the future because If they continue working hard like now, they will go very far to be one of top bands of the death metal scene.

8,5 / 10


Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


The Italian Hard Rock band DIRTY ROCKERS are ready to present their new album From Hell and to celebrate it, the band will play the whole album in streaming on their Facebook page! This Online Release party for "FROM HELL" has been scheduled for Friday June 20, 2014 from 11:00am CET till 23:00pm CET through

The album will be released the same day of the streaming, Friday 20th of June by 7hard/Membran in Europe and Horus Music/Edel in Italy.
You can also check the review of the album here.
This is the interview with Dirty Rockers!

  • Dirty Rockers are about to release the new album From Hell, How do you feel about this job after having it tied up and ready? 
We feel very proud of it it's been a long hard work and now it finally can see the light.

  •  There are different sounds that make it slightly a darker, more rotten sound, coming from your new guitarist Jimmy, how do you feel about it? 
The sound is definitely more “darker”, due to the Black Sabbath influences of Jimmy and we fucking like it.

  • Some advise for the fans before they listen to the new album?
Advise for the listeners? This album gonna bring you in the fires of hell.

  • Every band can find they are in a constant evolution, Is there something about your sound that you would like to change in the future?
Changes are matter of life! But obviously we wanna ROCK!

  • This band signed with Horus music label , how do you value the work with this company? How many albums you signed for and are you happy with them?
IT's the first time with Horus, it's pretty good to work for a label comin' from tuscany, like us! Thanks to Horus Music and Gianluca Galli we got the deal with 7Hard that will publish and distribute "From Hell" in the whole Europe so it was a good thing to us!

  • The international scene is very important and the festivals in Europe are plenty, how do you see an international tour with this album? 
We do definitely wanna start an european tour very soon!

  • Which countries would you like to visit and where do you feel you have the most of your fans?
We would like to visit any country of europe and world but our truly fans are in USA, Germany, Sweden and Holland. Pretty good fans!

  • Which gig or fest is the most memorable for the band?
In 2009's new years' eve, playin' in front of 900 people... amazing!

  • In terms of influence there is some details where i can find some Scorpions or Black Sabbath sound, would you tell me your main influences that forged the band style?
AC/DC, old Judas Priest style, W.A.S.P. And a little blend of Megadeth.

  • There are more bands that kinda mix hard rock and heavy metal and are young bands also, im talking about Vanderbuyst from Netherlands for example, do you know them? Would you like to share stage with them in the future?
Of course we know and we listen to them too. It would be great for us to tour with them!

  •  And last but not least, can you give a message to your fans to promote the album From Hell? 

Thank you very much for your attention and also thanks to Metal Revelation for making possible this interview!

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Dirigiri (meaning Gates of Hell) are a death thrash metal band from San Antonio, Texas, formed in 2004 by Omar Guerra on the drums, Gene Olivarri on the guitars and Derek Dishner with the bass and the vocals; self financed tours and great inspiration took them to share stage with Exodus, Rigor Mortis, Onslaught or Overkill to name a few, and started to get recognition locally, with the release of the debut album in 2012 Dirigiri got better known and also prepared to release a new upcoming album in 2014, but right now we'll check the first EP so we know what to expect!

The style on this EP is a straight brutal thrash death metal attack with sharp guitar riffs generally, Boiled in Blood is the first in line developing a mix of deep low growling vocals with a higher pitched harsh techniques, awesome mid tempo shot that continues with Bone Collector a death metal slow tempo strong track that explodes in a headbanging hell of thrash metal elements, remarkable job by Omar on the drums, in-crescendo moshpiting bomb!

Death by the hand of an angel is a sudden attack of death metal fast tempo track with mixing rhythms of thrash pulses, excellent piece as we continue with the same forceful angry combo with Riot, another atomic bomb by these guys, every one here is in harmony doing an awesome job for one of the best of the EP

Straight from the grave takes you to the mid fast tempo pure old school thrash metal act, impressive composition and phenomenal job on the guitars exploring evil melodies, and being followed by the last of the EP, Toiler Extermination, a good highlight of the Ep and the best composed, genuine thrash/death metal structure with great  vocal interpretation, offering highs and lows growling methods, really enjoyable and headbanging missile!

Dirigiri are still young as a band, and obviously the need of a better production is very important, but these guys know what true death thrash metal is about, their capacity of inspiration and composition come straight from the roots of death and thrash metal combined; they worked hard spreading the word of their metal, and this year will be the release f the first full length so prepare yourself for the brutal thrash death attack of the Gates of Hell

7,5 / 10



Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Mpire of evil is all about the thrash blackened metal from Venom during their Prime Evil to Waste lands era, formed in 2010, is the reunion band for the evil bass/vocalist Tony "Demolition man" Dolan (ex ATOMKRAFT, ex VENOM)  and  former Venom members, Jeff Mantas Dunn on the dark axes together with Antton on drums. They release three studio albums, the first included two original tracks among covers from different bands like Judas Priest or Motorhead, called "Creatures of the Black" in 2011.
One year after, they released the full length Hell to the holy, receiving positive feedbacks worldwide! JXN Jackson joined the band on the drums after Antton left, and in 2013 they released Crucified.

Crucified is built with Venom covers re recorded to perfection and keeping the raw and heavy sound of Venom, most of the tracks belong to the Waste Lands album (Kissing the beast, Black Legions, Need to kill, Crucified, Wolverine), also the tittle track Temple of Ice, and from Prime Evil (Parasite, Blackened are the priests and Carnivorous) and I have to say that as a compilation is a true bomb of speed thrash blackened metal of non stop headbanging, brought from the underrated most unknown eras of Venom where the influence of the former singer of Atomkraft, Dolan, influenced with thrash speed metal with the apocalyptic and evil feeling combined with the style of Mr Jeff. The vocals evolved in a more growling low pitched style going high at some points, but even this way gives a more rotten evil feeling than before, added with the strong drumbeats of JXN make this an improvement for the originals, being the chance of many people who didn't know this side of Venom and also start following what Mpire of Evil is about!
And after enjoying such a thrash speed metal feast is time to analyse the new Mpire of Evil tracks; Demone is a machine gun pulse on the drums that explodes in strong straight verses, headbanging as hell and breathtaking track where the drummer JXN makes an extraordinary job with some sophisticated details here and there and a forceful attitude in harmony with Mantas on the guitars and Dolan shots on the chorus.

But the best is yet to come, Take it all takes the thrash metal old school style and twistes it with headbanging and amazingly catchy chorus taken from black rock and roll elements, remarkable the  vocals here as Dolan really matches the higher pitched voice he used to do on his travel with Venom, great in-crescendo ending!

Mpire of Evil put the listener in the atmosphere of the Venom influence and then step forward with two atomic bombs that will be really enjoyed by old Venom fans and also for new metal maniacs with hunger of true thrash metal. They where capable of keeping the roots of what they created, a beast that had to be rided, and so they did! Excelent job guys!

8,5 / 10


Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union, and Metalheads Union FB

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Sylvatica is a melodic death metal band with elements from thrash and black metal with folk metal roots, formed in 2010 in Denmark by Jarden Schlesinger on guitars and Pelle Buch Hansen on drums, and they released the first EP after bassist Thomas Haxen and Jannik Ravn on second axes joined the band. After Jannik Ravn left the band, Martin Hamann replaced him and also left in 2013, Richardt Olsen joined the band with the album almost finished and to be released the next 1st of July.

Evil Seeds is a mix of folk metal based heart, with touches of thrash, death and black metal played at perfection. Lost is the acoustic piano introduction, creating the atmosphere with a raising epic feeling that explodes in Psychopatica, where everyone will bang the heads with this combination of epic folk and death metal, with excellent instrumental, strong growling vocals and astonishing ending! to follow with Winds of decay, a mid-tempo strong pounding heavy metal track keeping their folk metal roots and giving the dark sign of the band as The ascension begins following the epic death metal executed amazingly well and also driving between death and thrash rhythms; of course headbanging and moshpiting to the end in one of the best composed pieces of the album.

But hold your breath now with the tittle track, Evil seeds, as they follow the mix of epic thrash metal and death melodies, adding strong chorus made to scream in every concert. Remarkable the good harmony this band creates in every track, like the instrumental Gods of the Gallows, begins as a slow mid tempo folk metal rhythm mixing electric and acoustic parts creating a really intense piece.

The pure sophisticated drumbeats take you to the top in Hate Quest, forceful guitar riffs and strong growling vocals in one of those battle songs essential for every true metal maniac and always following their folk identity.
Admirable changes of style between the roots of death metal and thrash is one of the strong points of the band, Lucifer is one of those tracks that better demonstrate that and also offers a really catchy folk metal chorus, the best of the album; the second half of the track called my attention due to the outstanding inspiration of these guys, truly enjoyable as hell.

Reanimated and The sludge soup follow similar patterns with thrash metal influence in a mid-tempo pulse with aggressive vocals and headbanging folk metal chorus; in the Slude soup they develop a really awesome instrumental at the second half with sudden changes of rhythm mixing death metal and neoclassical guitar touches, great job!

The last track is Sect of Sleep, developing an in crescendo structure from the folk acoustic to the mid- tempo headbanging verses, outstanding guitar riffs in perfect harmony with the vocals creating a powerful epic composition.

Sylvatica is now credited that they created a masterpiece of epic folk metal, mastering multiple true metal genres like death, black or thrash metal, and also offering some melodies of symphonic and neoclassical in the compositions of the tracks, with crystal clear superb production also. This album surprised me straight away, and I can say, as many of you will, that I enjoyed this Evil seeds from beginning to the end. Such virtue they demonstrated in every track will impact the folk/ death/ thrash metal scene, Sylvatica released an atomic bomb exploding in your brains!

9 / 10


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Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

Friday, 6 June 2014


Wild is a heavy power metal band from Spain (Madrid) formed in 2002 by Javier Pastor (guitar, vocals) and Antonio Marcos (guitar), and after years of hard work and changes in the lineup released the first demo in 2007 called "Heavy Metal" with Javier Endara on the vocals and Sergio Sardon on the bass.
In 2009 they release the EP "Calles de fuego" and finally, despite more lineup changes they release their first full length in 2011 called "La nueva orden" and that was the right point to start, positive reviews and the explosion of more new wave of traditional heavy metal bands emerging worldwide made them play several gigs in 2012 and got stronger to record En Tierra hostil released in 2014, signing with the Label Sliptrip records.

The album is a mix of traditional heavy metal instrumental with power speed metal and Spanish power metal on the vocals, the first track "el cazador" is a good proof of that, awesome riffs pure traditional speed power metal and mid pitched vocals work in good harmony creating a headbanging and memorable chorus, followed by La noche del pecado, as genuine heavy metal with influences from Spanish like Angeles del Infierno mixed with epic and power touches, the vocalist makes a better interpretation and a high pitched level that give this track the sign to be one of the best of the band, this track is enriched with the colaboration of Isabel P. from Ecletica and Angel Choco Munoz (Steelhorse) on some vocal parts, outstanding vocals by Endara!

Cruzando el portal is another contemporary power metal with a great in crescendo structure starting with the deep bass sound and strong pounding drums and then the attack of excellent power metal riffs, with the help on the solo by Miguel Coello (Agresiva), good job again on the vocals, demonstrating a good range in lows and highs as we can see in Las marcas del amor, a mid tempo ballad with reminiscences of Rock you like a Hurricane by Scorpions and also the melodic hard rock sound from Sangre Azul with intense chorus, really awesome job.

The tradition talks as the instrumental track Apocalipsis 16-6 begins, being a satisfying guitar asking and answering structure very well produced with good details on the drums, getting ready for one of the strongest bombs by the band, Soy la ley, a mid tempo pure heavy metal blast proper of the German heavy metal style seen on bands like Accept with strong drumbeats, catchy and direct chorus made to sing along on the gigs, but without a break it's time for  Furia en el cielo, a fast tempo speed power metal with some influence by the first power metal albums by Avalanch on the guitar riffs and structure of the song, headbanging from beginning to the end!
La sombra del Terror is another classic heavy power metal more on the side of the new wave of traditional heavy metal bands instrumentals and NWOBHM influence, remarkable riffs and design are admirable in this enjoyable act that lead to the tittle track En tierra hostil, one of the best also in composition and the most true metal spirit feeling with Warrior of the world details and awesome lyrics that talks about revolution and fight for freedom, great solo by Cecilio Sanchez (Ankhara), a good shot of adrenaline that keeps you fighting, here is the power and the glory!

Wild made their best album to date with En tierra hostil, its a missile of pure heavy metal with influences from the speed metal to the strong German power metal driving through true metal with fast and mid tempo structures in most of the cases, the vocals are in good harmony with the band but being more aggressive sometimes would improve in the future. Impeccable job by the guitars creating really astonishing riffs and keeping the roots of the classic heavy metal proving the good experience of the band.

8 / 10
1. El Cazador
2. La noche del pecado
3. Cruzando el portal
4. Las marcas del amor

5. Apocalipsis 16-6
6. Soy la ley

7. Furia en el cielo
8. La sombra del terror
9. En tierra hostil

Vocals Javier Endara
Guitars Javier Pastor
Guitars Jaime Nuñez
Bass Jorge Ramos

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Oker is a classic heavy metal band from Spain, formed in 2005 by Lolo and Alvaro on the guitars, being well established with stable members in 2009 with the release of their first EP "Dale caña" and the first full length "Burlando a la muerte" in 2011 having both of them very positive reviews by the media. The style is a rock and roll lifestyle and social matters themed heavy metal in spanish, influenced by old school spanish heavy metal bands like Angeles del infierno, Obus or Panzer; and also Judas Priest or Motorhead classic style riffs are very common in their compositions. After signing with Warner Music, Oker released their second album "Culpable" in November 2013.

The album starts with Vuelvo a resurgir, a potent drumbeats unveiling a classic mid-fast heavy metal riffs, astonishing headbanging piece! Excellent voice by Xina, powerful, sharp and aggressive vocals in an outstanding track that continues with the tittle track, Culpable, hard rocker riffs and vocals melodies that twist to an angry pure heavy metal bridge and chorus where everyone will scream "culpable!" making the perfect combo to be one of the gems of this record.
Mid tempo and strong drumming mark the rhythm on Heavy metal, true hard rock heavy metal piece made with the colaboration on the voice by Silver Solorzano (Silver Fist), resulting in a very solid track followed by Nunca lo fuiste with a classic heavy metal riffs, the instrumental in this song is impeccable and again the voice make a perfect interpretation in harmony with the rest of the band in this enjoyable round. But without a doubt, Xina's voice characteristical style is better analysed in the next track Que mas da, mid-tempo hard rocker song where the melodic voice collides with clean and sharp contrasts, the chorus is phenomenal, one of the best of the band.

Prejuicios is next, drums pounding and sharp forceful electric voice lead the track, the structure is in-crescendo creating the atmosphere that lead you to bang your head, also remarkable job by the drums with some sophisticated details all over the track. Ultimo Adios is the ballad of the album, clearly divided in two parts made as an anthem that starts as an intense, emotive beginning, nostalgic and sad first part that turns to a powerful breathtaking second part where the anger reigns.
The instrumental track "el rugir de los convictos" continues being a refined new wave of traditional heavy metal cut, competing with Shreds not dead by Skull Fist with an awesome job by Lolo and Alvaro on the axes, and also adding more fuel with the colaboration of Willy Gascon (Steelhorse), Patricia (Lizzies) and Jaime (Wild) , impeccable job by these guys that continues without a break with Corre, another 100% Oker style track, hard rocker piece mixed with heavy metal adding powerful vocals and catchy chorus in this headbanging as hell song.

The last act of the album is dedicated to the working class and the people's fight from one of the towns where the founding members of the band belong, Vallecas, as a cover from Patxi Andion, actually the most loyal metalized version of the original that will be forever memorable.
Oker created an  outstanding album, marking that the classic heavy metal in spanish is their style, if you think in true spanish heavy metal, strong, aggressive and also like hints of hard rock in your veins, you definately will like Culpable. The fact actually is that I haven't seen a spanish heavy metal band as good as these guys since the golden 80s with Obus, Angeles or Baron Rojo; now is the turn of the young blood of Oker and their album Culpable to take the lead of the heavy rock in spanish as an influence for new bands and also as a key for the international scene where the english language is predominant. Very impressive job guys!

8 / 10


Line up:
Carmen Xina (vocals)
Lolo Vallekas (guitar)
Alvaro Destroyer (guitar)
Jose A (drums)
Luis (bass)