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Dirty Rockers are an Italian hard heavy rock band, formed in 2004 by the singer Mat LaParterre and the guitars Jacques La Croix and Valero Quercioli; and later on Mr Eddie on the bass and Jimmy on the drums. After many gigs they've been composing and working hard till they recorded their first album in 2009 Rock and Roll Monsters, then Jimmy Sorgane replaced axeman Valero Quercioli and now they are releasing "From Hell" with 7Hard records on the 20th of June. Here is the review for you guys.

The album begins with The Rock is Evil, hard rocker headbanging pulse that could be face to face with early heavy metal, remarkable bridge and really catchy chorus, the vocals develop a sharp mid-range dirty style that mix perfectly with the instrumental, to follow with The book of death as the deep bass marks the march of this mid-tempo anthem, composed as an hymn and enjoyable song continued by Rot in Peace, a very special track with reminiscences of Black Sabbath style, the instrumental mix the early doom metal with their own hell hard rocker sound; low pitched vocals and good interpretation of the theme are superb details, as well as the evolution within the track, changing rhythm as a sudden headbanging attack in this excellent act.

The acoustic peaceful guitars arrive in Gone, the ballad of the album, in-crescendo structure and very intense and emotive song, late 80's hard rocker style ballad that marks a break in the album to link it with In justice of rock and roll continuing the hard rock party with some Scorpions inspiration and awesome job on the guitars, with the vocals doing a cleaner singing style, where the harmony is perfect, memorable song that  brings you up!

Ashes in the wind starts as a stronger heavy metal mid-tempo style, angry vocals leading and sharp guitars are extraordinary, well mixed, voice effects are also satisfying. even adding a good dose of epicness at the end.

Without taking breath we find Magic Violence, headbanging strong drumbeats with heavy riffs and very energetic vocals, chorus here are remarkable where the listener will end up screaming with the band, might be the best of the album, really enjoyable this heavy hard rock anthem that continues with Suck my soul following the same winning combo as a very forceful headbanging track with some high pitched vocal touch in the chorus; much appreciated effort by the singer, great track that will keep your energy on for the last track, We saved rock and roll, a hard rock old school music feeling where we could call the true rocker style, defenders of the hard rock and roll fighting together for the music. Excellent track and awesome high pitched ending to be remembered.

Dirty Rockers forged a really enjoyable and extraordinary album, combining aggressive dirty vocal style and the instrumental that runs where the hard rock and the heavy metal collide
They know how to bring the crowd up and these guys demonstrated  it at perfection!
Lyrics are rich and very true with the heavy rock music and ways of living themes.
Composition is more solid and professional and also great job with the production, impeccable job!! As they say...

Are your ready to get burned by the Dirty Fire?

8 / 10


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Thursday, 29 May 2014


Lizzies is a full female line-up classic heavy metal band from Madrid, Spain, formed in 2010, released this first EP "End of time" in October 2013, influenced by bands like Judas Priest, Girlschool or Motorhead to name some, to create a sound loyal to the NWOBHM.

The album starts with Sacrifice, sudden powerful riffs forging the scene for the headbanging rhythm, classic heavy metal in its deep roots, simple and straight structure with chorus made to scream with your fist in the air. Awesome start as it continues with Blindslave, mid-fast tempo pure heavy metal, remarkable the skills on the drums, melodic guitars sometimes make the track too weak in sound (need more consistency) but still an enjoyable song followed by Speed on the road, that kicks off powerful as hell, straight from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal filled up with some epic influence and combined with a sharp high pitched vocals, making this track the best of the EP; fascinating second half of the tune that links, without a break, with Heavy metal warriors, a piece that explodes with aggressive sharp guitars, a nonstop headbanging theme with an impeccable job from everyone that will be the trademark of the band.

Finally the tittle track, End of time, is a better composed tune with predominant changes of rhythm, excellent sharp vocals demonstrating the strength and glory of heavy metal.

Lizzies just started with an album that could have perfectly been taken from an early 80s classic heavy metal band, they followed that precise sound of the NWOBHM to compose an attractive album, made for the gigs, to enjoy with the headbanging crowd. The production will improve in the full length so keep an eye on them because they are young blood, truly strong metalheads!

7 / 10


Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Implosion Circle is a thrash metal band with modern and power metal influence from Switzerland, formed in 2006 with a first album released in 2008 called "Man of contradiction" and a new EP released just in 2013 with fresh material named The angry and the enraged.

The album starts with Final Battle with a well worked epic acoustic intro linked with old school thrash metal rhythm, note to remark is the influence of power metal in the guitar riffs and solos, well combined on the vocals, melodic verses and harsh straight on the chorus in this headbanging piece that leads to There's nothing, excellent banging pulse mixed with modern vein verses. Neoclassical instrumental in some parts and even death metal rhythm riffs make this a very satisfying tune.

The angry and the enraged, the tittle track, begins like a machine gun power riff that changes for a slow Metallica style tempo, just to explode in the best and fastest headbanging action in the album, this track contains a high contrast of lights and darks, intense, forceful and very refined composition, with the instrumental taking the lead like virtuous thrash metal maniacs do.

Clockwork is another classic thrash old school in this EP, much simpler than the rest but really enjoyable, good pattern and melodic modern side chorus are good but not specially significant; as we continue to the last act, Circle, as one of the best of the band so far, excellent work on the guitars as they forge wonderful riffs with neoclassical structure all over the piece that is followed by a brilliant job by Blaser on the drums, straight and harsh vocals are predominant giving this song the aggressive component the EP needed. Without a doubt, the sign of the band and the way to follow in forthcoming albums (mid-tempo melodic ending is amazing by the way!).

Implosion circle made a good EP, they took the idea of modern thrash metal but keeping the essence of the old school true thrash metalians. The right combination between two vocal style singing gave them an excellent result. Outstanding job by the guitars that made a very sophisticated presence as well as the drums, leaving the sensation that they are going far with this EP, maybe will need more aggression in the vocals on the next album, but overall, we are witness of an awesome Metallica influenced thrash metal old school album with the touch of styles like neoclassical and death metal that will keep you banging your heads!

7 / 10


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A new band has just born in Spain, from members of the classic heavy metal band Steelhorse (which is one of the bands in the New wave of traditional heavy metal, also releasing a new album very soon),Thunderheart is now in our center stage as they start composing their first tracks that will be influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, twisted sister, Iron maiden, Accept,...with powerfull riffs, aggressivness and melody as their trademark.

Keep checking the latest news on Metalheads union, Thunderheart facebook page and here

Friday, 23 May 2014


Caladmor is an epic folk metal band from Switzerland formed in 2001 (under the name Pale) and releasing their first album in 2010 called Midwinter and finally this album "Of stones and stars" released in 2013 with the support of Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie) and Joel Gilardini (The land of the snow, Mulo Muto).

The album starts with The curse of the gods as a fast track of sharp guitars that take you to the folk metal world with added dose of epic style which will be the winning strategy of this band, full powerful chorus and great harmony on the vocals, developing a clear contrast between the growling harsh aggressive side with Maede and operistic soprano Babs singing folk poetry, as it  continues with The Raid as a mid-tempo shot with forceful headbanging rhythm that changes between the dark and lights, outstanding theatrical interpretation in this song,

The tittle track begins, Of stones and stars, as a slow pure folk metal taking you to a far away land when the fast guitar and drumbeats of Dawn of the deceiver break the spell and bring you to the mosh pit with one of the most thrashing style rhythms of the album mixed with modern metal influenced chorus, excellent instrumental, guitars do a positive job, as the flutes and pipes virtuous give the folk sign on this track.

Alvissmal begins with doom intro as the slow folk rhythms create the atmosphere again in one of the best chorus in the album, when the acoustic guitars of Laudine's lament change the tune as a lyrical operistic track, very well composed as the electric guitars and strong drums are in-crescendo during the song; outstanding voice in every aspect, developing multiple techniques of singing styles.

The dark riffs make the contrast with Mimir's born with a headbanging mid-temp
o apocalyptic feeling track to continue with another masterpiece, Nymph's Lure, one of the most intense bombs with a great act by the two vocalists making the perfect theatrical section of the Swiss band.

But this is not finished yet, Heralds of doom takes you to the battle with a full epic folk metal shot, marvellous chorus and  including orchestrated background and headbanging action that will keep your fist in the air, epic track that brings you to the Taberna Trollis, mid-fast tempo track with the most catchy chorus to sing along in the gigs, pint of beer in hand! Enjoyable from start to finish with the last track of the album, Helios sky , being like an epitaph orchestrated ending of sophisticated chorus with multiple vocals mixed in a harmonious canon  that shades to the final silence.

Caladmor really are very experienced in what they do, and they demonstrated they can create a masterpiece of pure Folk metal combined with medieval epic metal with refined orchestral structure album, good production also.
Of stones and stars is the work that will take Caladmor to the leading bands in the world of Folk metal scene, every member of the band work in perfect harmony and I have to remark the excellent quality of the two vocals, the interpretation of the themes are really impressive, excellent job.

9 / 10 


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Sunday, 18 May 2014


Armoured knight is a female fronted speed power metal from Pe
ñaflor, Chile, formed in 2009,that released Prophecy of tomorrow  in 2014 as mini LP. Energetic speed power metal, mixing aggressive and melodic parts in general.

Prophecy of Tomorrow starts with the instrumental intro "final battle" as a speed metal attack with beautiful rhythm and battle screams in the background as the main riff of Apocalyptic warriors explodes headbanging as hell, powerful and fast, influenced by the speed power Walls of Jericho era of Helloween; sharp high pitched vocals do a satisfying job in this track and excellent for the guitars and drums.
Fallen angel start with the same dynamic with a great job in the instrumental, have to remark the need of control by this vocals, she is powerful and aggressive but has to dominate the notes better! Good chorus to scream and bang your head!

The next track begins with a memorable riff and headbanging rhythm proper of the speed metal side of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal like Skull Fist or Enforcer, Armoured knights is without a doubt the best cut of this mini LP, Eeve does an extraordinary job in the vocals this time, demonstrating that she's got the power here! Aggressive verses, more direct track and awesome instrumentals are the strongest points in this act as they link it with the instrumental track In search for power, really solid song with prodigious force by the guitars and excellent drum beats, pure speed/power action.

Last track is The prophet, a talented and well composed melodic power metal song made as a metal hymn but losing consistency on the vocals (melodic singing is the weak point to improve!)

As a surprise for the listener we find the extra track is the cover version of I'm Alive by Helloween, and the sound is, by the way, one of the most loyal covers ever! She is in control of her voice and the instrumental play it impeccable!

Overall Armoured Knight made a good mini LP, as they took the essence of the late 80's German power metal and mixed it with plenty speed metal aggressive reaction; the instrumentals are in an outstanding harmony, early Helloween style will take them very far, so let's wait for the full LP because Armoured knight are due to lead the speed/power metal!

7 / 10

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Thursday, 15 May 2014


Vengeful ghoul are a heavy-thrash metal from Istanbul, Turkey formed in 2005, releasing their first demo in 2006, and after having ready their own studio released their first single in 2012 called Ruthless Crow and the full length Timeless Warfare in 2014.

Timeless warfare starts with the war as background when the mid-tempo guitars of Chained freedom transform the scene into an apocalyptic feeling riffs well followed by a great theatrical melodies and high pitched Halford style vocals with remarkable change of rhythms. Sovereign Place take some power metal influence with excellent chorus, good job on the drums as they make an epic ending.

Now it's turn of Ruthless Crow, one of the best of this album with headbanging feeling from start to finish; Judas Priest 90's era style, powerful chorus, really good range of low to high pitched voice as well as raw growling to clean sharp high notes, masterpiece in-crescendo solo and memorable chorus to scream as your neck is breaking!

Next track is My crowded solitude, acoustic true metal ballad beginning that turns to a potent strong tough mid-tempo act, striking interpretation of the track, good job when the orchestra take you to the next piece Under Control, with hard-heavy riff with similarities of Blood, demons and whiskey by Al Atkins, keeping the same strategy to offer a satisfying headbanging track that continues with Schaukelstuhl, the ballad of the album, or maybe we can call it a hymn of pure heavy metal, to stand tall and sing along!

Search of Aperion develop an epic mid-tempo start evolving to a classic thrash metal rhythm, headbanging  track with one of the best riffs (death metal detail detected...great!) keeping the roots untouched! continued by Fire and Spell, slow-mid tempo track with strong guitars and dramatic mid-to-high pitched vocals.
Finally the last track is the tittle song of the album, Timeless warfare, pure old school speed thrash metal mosh pit and headbanging missile, combined at perfection with the Halfordish vocals, being the sign of the band, for sure, their best track! Exceptional job on the guitars and marvellous composition.

Vengeful Ghoul first album Timeless Warfare is an awesome bid by this quintet from Turkey, excellent vocals from the beginning to the end! This is the perfect demonstration of dramatic epic thrash metal, very solid work being the first album! Definitely one of the surprises of the year, a must-have album for every true heavy-thrash metal maniac!

8 / 10

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Skull fist are a heavy speed metal band from Canada included in the well-known New wave of traditional heavy metal, formed in 2006 and releasing the first EP Heavier than metal in 2010 and first full length Head of the pack in 2011, they came back earlier this year 2014 with Chasing the dream.

Chasing the dream
starts with Hour to live, introducing you to the true metal world with an accelerating riff that explodes in a heavy/speed metal track with some power metal signs, excellent harmony on the guitar solos and superb link between verses and the instrumental rhythm. Suddenly we go back to the best times of the melodic hard rock with Bad for good, one of the surprises of the album; they managed at perfection the composition of this kind of style and made a masterpiece with memorable 80's chorus and hard rocker riffs, then making you bang your head with the tittle track Chasing the dream, true heavy metal unforgettable riffs, high pitched vocals in melodic verses with some Klaus Meine (Scorpions) singing techniques. Great chorus drumbeats combo with vocals and main riff.

Next is Call of the wild, a touch of NWOBHM pure style adding a really Epic chorus and pretty well connected with Sign of the Warrior, speed/power metal on the style of Walls of Jericho by Helloween, excellent remastered track taken from their first EP that will leave you breathless as it continues with one of the best of the album, You're gonna pay, strong heavy metal track full of emotion, hate and revenge; addictive and powerful chorus remarking what true metal is about.

Don't stop the fight begins like a speed metal track that changes the rhythm unexpectedly to a hard heavy bridge linking an outstanding chorus, impressive track very well composed followed by the instrumental song Shreds not dead as a progressive technical piece that keep you admiring every note and enjoying it!

The last song of this album is one of those heavy metal anthems to remember,Mean street rider is an authentic heavy metal old school bomb in the line of Heavier than metal, awesome solo also and great consistency on the guitars and memorable ending (reminds me to the end of Steeler in the British Steel), and leaving you hungry for more of this band.

Overall I can say Skull fist made a masterpiece album where every true metalhead will enjoy, bringing to life elements of melodic hard rock, NWOBHM, speed metal and power metal influences, the lyrics and composition of this album are also exceptional, taking the power and the glory of the roots of heavy metal to a very high level. The production has been improved since the last album and the voice effects have evolved in a way,  risking that some people may don't like it, but c'mon! what they did is excellent! so keep it true brothers

8,5 / 10

Track list
Hour to live
Bad for good
Chasing the dream
Call of the wild
Sign of the warrior
You're gonna pay
Don't stop the fight
Shreds not dead
Mean street rider


Saturday, 10 May 2014


Arising fear are a thrash metal band from Augsburg, formed in 2008 with a first EP released in 2009.
Their music is well connected between the thrash metal and the metalcore with melodic and groove points as we can see in this first album, released in march 2014.

Beyond Betrayal starts with Mantic shape,a machine gun thrash metal weapon in action, combined with melodic clean vocals in the chorus, good instrumentals and great headbanging roll as they get you into Beyond the walls of anger, mid tempo metalcore influenced touch mixed with heavy growling vocals technical drums; as they stop to link it with Deadly embrace, modern melodic, very slow to mid tempo track, being one of the weakest tracks in this album, to continue with Day to overcome which includes what the song before needed, as a mid tempo song, continuity on the drums rhythm and groove metalcore sections that fans of this style will really appreciate. Next piece is Losing sanity, they start with Megadeth like intro riff, great brutal growling parts without losing fuel for Final Redemption, clean sophisticated drum action with changes in the rhythm following the thrash metal ways. This Burden is next and kills you like a bullet in the head from the beginning, heavy thrash metal, great guitars and their essential melodic vocals; remarkable vocal interpretation and excellent ending followed by Come alive again, unmissable ballad of the album, with modern metal techniques, emotional and expressive from start to finish.

Now it's turn of Thrashing brain surgery, epic start and awesome strong furious verses, neck breaking shot in this awesome track where even the melodic parts are amazingly well combined; raw and titanic thrash blast.

This album finish with Meltdown rust, could be the exact style combination of this band, reuniting elements of heavy, thrash, metalcore and groove formula, the ending of the song is very powerful as they finish in a shade to the silence.

Arising fear took the risk of doing a full length combining different factions of metal, from the heavy influence to the metalcore, and I can admit, not being fan of this kind of genre, that Arising fear created an excellent album, with a superb crystal clear production.
Need to be more headbanging, sometimes there is a lack of thrash rhythm, but I'm sure they will improve that for the next album.

Fans of this modern thrash metal will love it, absolutely !

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Running death are a Thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2004 with one first EP released in 2010 "Raging nightmare" and the 2012 EP "Call of Extinction". They've been playing many gigs nationally and internationally, and now they are getting ready for a new album at the end of 2014. Their style is a perfect mix between thrash metal old school, heavy metal and  sophisticated guitar riffs influenced by early Metallica and Megadeth, and also reminiscences of Slayer or Fight sometimes.

Call of extinction starts with Unleashed, a dark atmospheric introduction that leads to a very well composed  thrash metal mid tempo, where the guitars take the lead on the rhythms as they change it constantly,Venom/Slayer mix  style on the vocals and awesome bass sound also as the instrumental takes you to bang your head to the
 next track Killing for gods, a forceful slow heavy metal song, strong, raw and heavy is all it is about, even going epic/true metal influenced in some verses and galloping headbanging riffs connected at perfection with heavy and thrash metal mix drum beats till the end, taking you straight away to the tittle track Call of Extinction, thrash metal in its essence in the style of Megadeth, and some reminiscences of War of Words by Fight, good job on the vocals and the chorus.

Now is the turn of Celebrate your Aggression, one of the best on this EP, dark doom metal intro that links with one of the most strongest heavy rhythms, combined with excellent chorus, headbanging parts where you will scream Celebrate your aggression, just to react to one of the best changes of rhythm of the Ep, an atomic bomb just explodes in a blink of an eye, that takes you to the mosh pit and keep you breathless to the ending, where the guitars even go further doing some neoclassical metal style notes, to finish with Hunting for Heads, thrash metal that invites you to break your necks banging your heads, remarkable vocals and very well done on the chorus and the production, powerful and tough track, definitely the best of the Ep and the sign of the band's style.

Overall Running Death leaves a very good taste of Thrash metal combination with heavy metal and sophisticated instrumental, with excellent job in general by the guitarists; compositions of the tracks are excellent, solid, elaborated and well produced. Get ready for the end of the year because Running death are coming stronger than ever!


Monday, 5 May 2014


Leather Heart are a classic heavy metal band from Madrid (Spain) formed in 2008, with a characteristic late 70's and early 80's style mix of hard rock and heavy metal, similarities with Queensryche and Judas Priest "Point of entry" era and even with influence of Dio in the composition of the instrumental; and well leaded by a sharp high pitched vocals of Adrian, using sometimes Halford vocal techniques.

They released their first EP in March 2014 and it starts with Nightmares town in-crescendo intro in a dark atmosphere to develop a classic hard rocking riff, with reminiscences of Queensryche, well done on the interpretation of the vocals as they continue with Take my breath away, powerful pure heavy metal start, in the world of Hot Rockin' by Judas Priest and Stand up and shout by Dio, excellent long chorus and headbanging rhythm to finish with an addictive ending.

After this breathtaking track is the turn of Black as night, late 70's hard rock style and awesome chorus are the strongest points in this song, to follow with Don't you go, the gem of this EP; slow start and change of rhythm to the headbanging attack, remember "the voice of the cult" by Chastain? That's a weapon very well shot in this piece, more direct chorus to sing along in the concerts. Finally is the turn of the tittle track Leather Heart, heavy-hard rock mix, very well composed and also the sign of identity of the band, Dio style all along the way.

Overall Leather Heart offer an awesome composition, following the steps of the metal gods and keeping the flame of the classic heavy metal sound burning bright. New wave of British heavy metal old school like the old times! They will have work to do, but really, I can't wait for the next album! They are young blood and doing what they like the most, heavy metal, so Keep on Rocking guys!


7 / 10 

Nightmares Town
Take my breath away
Black as night
Don't you go
Leather Heart


Thursday, 1 May 2014


Toxic Waltz is a classic thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2009, by lead guitarist Jimi and
ex-drummer Tim. The band was complete after bass player Rahman, Angelo as vocalist and Alex as rhythm guitar joined it to become an old school thrash metal band, that is clearly fed by the influence of 
bands like Exodus, Slayer or Dark Angel; developing a Bay Area thrash metal style mixed with sophisticated riffs and also a remarcable production.

Their first album is called Decades of Pain, released in february 2014, and starts with a dark-epic 
accoustic guitar that leads to the tittle track Decades of Pain, excellent in-crescendo estructure 
leading to the classical thrash metal rhythmn, great technical drums and memorable chorus, good harmony on the guitars also as they continue with no break to the next track World of Hate, following the same style,  old school thrash metal that invites you to the mosh pit, but don't leave! they continue with Toxic Hell where they attack with fast thrash headbanging metal, more aggressive vocals and great instrumentals by the guitars Jimi and Alex.

Suicide Squad starts like the early Metallica, great job on the drums and growling vocals by Angelo
makes the difference as it continues with Green, much stronger track more on the line of Exodus this time
with excellent strong chorus to scream loud on every gig; 

Next song is Morbid Symphony, slower in rythmn and powerfull like hell, Slayer-like style as they leave us breathless till the end, just to follow one of the masterpiece of the album, Priest of Lie, definitely the best of the EP, it starts with the bass and drums followed by Angelo deep scream to blow out your brain with the first verses, thrash old school in its essence, screaming Priest of Lie! and making you bang your head till the whiplash, excellent! 
They finish the album with Obsession to Kill, keeping the same strenght of Priest of Lie, but slowing down a bit to develop the hate in every word, awesome interpretation by Angelo.

Overall Decades of Pain by Toxic Waltz is a punch of old school Bay Area Thrash Metal in your face, awesome start for this German band, with a great production also,they offer one of the best pure 
thrash metal albums of the year, leading the thrash metal flag for the future, keeping the true thrash metal alive, TOXIC WALTZ

7,5 / 10