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Vengeful ghoul are a heavy-thrash metal from Istanbul, Turkey formed in 2005, releasing their first demo in 2006, and after having ready their own studio released their first single in 2012 called Ruthless Crow and the full length Timeless Warfare in 2014.

Timeless warfare starts with the war as background when the mid-tempo guitars of Chained freedom transform the scene into an apocalyptic feeling riffs well followed by a great theatrical melodies and high pitched Halford style vocals with remarkable change of rhythms. Sovereign Place take some power metal influence with excellent chorus, good job on the drums as they make an epic ending.

Now it's turn of Ruthless Crow, one of the best of this album with headbanging feeling from start to finish; Judas Priest 90's era style, powerful chorus, really good range of low to high pitched voice as well as raw growling to clean sharp high notes, masterpiece in-crescendo solo and memorable chorus to scream as your neck is breaking!

Next track is My crowded solitude, acoustic true metal ballad beginning that turns to a potent strong tough mid-tempo act, striking interpretation of the track, good job when the orchestra take you to the next piece Under Control, with hard-heavy riff with similarities of Blood, demons and whiskey by Al Atkins, keeping the same strategy to offer a satisfying headbanging track that continues with Schaukelstuhl, the ballad of the album, or maybe we can call it a hymn of pure heavy metal, to stand tall and sing along!

Search of Aperion develop an epic mid-tempo start evolving to a classic thrash metal rhythm, headbanging  track with one of the best riffs (death metal detail detected...great!) keeping the roots untouched! continued by Fire and Spell, slow-mid tempo track with strong guitars and dramatic mid-to-high pitched vocals.
Finally the last track is the tittle song of the album, Timeless warfare, pure old school speed thrash metal mosh pit and headbanging missile, combined at perfection with the Halfordish vocals, being the sign of the band, for sure, their best track! Exceptional job on the guitars and marvellous composition.

Vengeful Ghoul first album Timeless Warfare is an awesome bid by this quintet from Turkey, excellent vocals from the beginning to the end! This is the perfect demonstration of dramatic epic thrash metal, very solid work being the first album! Definitely one of the surprises of the year, a must-have album for every true heavy-thrash metal maniac!

8 / 10

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