Monday, 5 May 2014


Leather Heart are a classic heavy metal band from Madrid (Spain) formed in 2008, with a characteristic late 70's and early 80's style mix of hard rock and heavy metal, similarities with Queensryche and Judas Priest "Point of entry" era and even with influence of Dio in the composition of the instrumental; and well leaded by a sharp high pitched vocals of Adrian, using sometimes Halford vocal techniques.

They released their first EP in March 2014 and it starts with Nightmares town in-crescendo intro in a dark atmosphere to develop a classic hard rocking riff, with reminiscences of Queensryche, well done on the interpretation of the vocals as they continue with Take my breath away, powerful pure heavy metal start, in the world of Hot Rockin' by Judas Priest and Stand up and shout by Dio, excellent long chorus and headbanging rhythm to finish with an addictive ending.

After this breathtaking track is the turn of Black as night, late 70's hard rock style and awesome chorus are the strongest points in this song, to follow with Don't you go, the gem of this EP; slow start and change of rhythm to the headbanging attack, remember "the voice of the cult" by Chastain? That's a weapon very well shot in this piece, more direct chorus to sing along in the concerts. Finally is the turn of the tittle track Leather Heart, heavy-hard rock mix, very well composed and also the sign of identity of the band, Dio style all along the way.

Overall Leather Heart offer an awesome composition, following the steps of the metal gods and keeping the flame of the classic heavy metal sound burning bright. New wave of British heavy metal old school like the old times! They will have work to do, but really, I can't wait for the next album! They are young blood and doing what they like the most, heavy metal, so Keep on Rocking guys!


7 / 10 

Nightmares Town
Take my breath away
Black as night
Don't you go
Leather Heart


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