Thursday, 8 May 2014


Running death are a Thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2004 with one first EP released in 2010 "Raging nightmare" and the 2012 EP "Call of Extinction". They've been playing many gigs nationally and internationally, and now they are getting ready for a new album at the end of 2014. Their style is a perfect mix between thrash metal old school, heavy metal and  sophisticated guitar riffs influenced by early Metallica and Megadeth, and also reminiscences of Slayer or Fight sometimes.

Call of extinction starts with Unleashed, a dark atmospheric introduction that leads to a very well composed  thrash metal mid tempo, where the guitars take the lead on the rhythms as they change it constantly,Venom/Slayer mix  style on the vocals and awesome bass sound also as the instrumental takes you to bang your head to the
 next track Killing for gods, a forceful slow heavy metal song, strong, raw and heavy is all it is about, even going epic/true metal influenced in some verses and galloping headbanging riffs connected at perfection with heavy and thrash metal mix drum beats till the end, taking you straight away to the tittle track Call of Extinction, thrash metal in its essence in the style of Megadeth, and some reminiscences of War of Words by Fight, good job on the vocals and the chorus.

Now is the turn of Celebrate your Aggression, one of the best on this EP, dark doom metal intro that links with one of the most strongest heavy rhythms, combined with excellent chorus, headbanging parts where you will scream Celebrate your aggression, just to react to one of the best changes of rhythm of the Ep, an atomic bomb just explodes in a blink of an eye, that takes you to the mosh pit and keep you breathless to the ending, where the guitars even go further doing some neoclassical metal style notes, to finish with Hunting for Heads, thrash metal that invites you to break your necks banging your heads, remarkable vocals and very well done on the chorus and the production, powerful and tough track, definitely the best of the Ep and the sign of the band's style.

Overall Running Death leaves a very good taste of Thrash metal combination with heavy metal and sophisticated instrumental, with excellent job in general by the guitarists; compositions of the tracks are excellent, solid, elaborated and well produced. Get ready for the end of the year because Running death are coming stronger than ever!


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