Sunday, 18 May 2014


Armoured knight is a female fronted speed power metal from Pe
ñaflor, Chile, formed in 2009,that released Prophecy of tomorrow  in 2014 as mini LP. Energetic speed power metal, mixing aggressive and melodic parts in general.

Prophecy of Tomorrow starts with the instrumental intro "final battle" as a speed metal attack with beautiful rhythm and battle screams in the background as the main riff of Apocalyptic warriors explodes headbanging as hell, powerful and fast, influenced by the speed power Walls of Jericho era of Helloween; sharp high pitched vocals do a satisfying job in this track and excellent for the guitars and drums.
Fallen angel start with the same dynamic with a great job in the instrumental, have to remark the need of control by this vocals, she is powerful and aggressive but has to dominate the notes better! Good chorus to scream and bang your head!

The next track begins with a memorable riff and headbanging rhythm proper of the speed metal side of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal like Skull Fist or Enforcer, Armoured knights is without a doubt the best cut of this mini LP, Eeve does an extraordinary job in the vocals this time, demonstrating that she's got the power here! Aggressive verses, more direct track and awesome instrumentals are the strongest points in this act as they link it with the instrumental track In search for power, really solid song with prodigious force by the guitars and excellent drum beats, pure speed/power action.

Last track is The prophet, a talented and well composed melodic power metal song made as a metal hymn but losing consistency on the vocals (melodic singing is the weak point to improve!)

As a surprise for the listener we find the extra track is the cover version of I'm Alive by Helloween, and the sound is, by the way, one of the most loyal covers ever! She is in control of her voice and the instrumental play it impeccable!

Overall Armoured Knight made a good mini LP, as they took the essence of the late 80's German power metal and mixed it with plenty speed metal aggressive reaction; the instrumentals are in an outstanding harmony, early Helloween style will take them very far, so let's wait for the full LP because Armoured knight are due to lead the speed/power metal!

7 / 10

Youtube miniLP

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