Thursday, 1 May 2014


Toxic Waltz is a classic thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2009, by lead guitarist Jimi and
ex-drummer Tim. The band was complete after bass player Rahman, Angelo as vocalist and Alex as rhythm guitar joined it to become an old school thrash metal band, that is clearly fed by the influence of 
bands like Exodus, Slayer or Dark Angel; developing a Bay Area thrash metal style mixed with sophisticated riffs and also a remarcable production.

Their first album is called Decades of Pain, released in february 2014, and starts with a dark-epic 
accoustic guitar that leads to the tittle track Decades of Pain, excellent in-crescendo estructure 
leading to the classical thrash metal rhythmn, great technical drums and memorable chorus, good harmony on the guitars also as they continue with no break to the next track World of Hate, following the same style,  old school thrash metal that invites you to the mosh pit, but don't leave! they continue with Toxic Hell where they attack with fast thrash headbanging metal, more aggressive vocals and great instrumentals by the guitars Jimi and Alex.

Suicide Squad starts like the early Metallica, great job on the drums and growling vocals by Angelo
makes the difference as it continues with Green, much stronger track more on the line of Exodus this time
with excellent strong chorus to scream loud on every gig; 

Next song is Morbid Symphony, slower in rythmn and powerfull like hell, Slayer-like style as they leave us breathless till the end, just to follow one of the masterpiece of the album, Priest of Lie, definitely the best of the EP, it starts with the bass and drums followed by Angelo deep scream to blow out your brain with the first verses, thrash old school in its essence, screaming Priest of Lie! and making you bang your head till the whiplash, excellent! 
They finish the album with Obsession to Kill, keeping the same strenght of Priest of Lie, but slowing down a bit to develop the hate in every word, awesome interpretation by Angelo.

Overall Decades of Pain by Toxic Waltz is a punch of old school Bay Area Thrash Metal in your face, awesome start for this German band, with a great production also,they offer one of the best pure 
thrash metal albums of the year, leading the thrash metal flag for the future, keeping the true thrash metal alive, TOXIC WALTZ

7,5 / 10

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