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Dirty Rockers are an Italian hard heavy rock band, formed in 2004 by the singer Mat LaParterre and the guitars Jacques La Croix and Valero Quercioli; and later on Mr Eddie on the bass and Jimmy on the drums. After many gigs they've been composing and working hard till they recorded their first album in 2009 Rock and Roll Monsters, then Jimmy Sorgane replaced axeman Valero Quercioli and now they are releasing "From Hell" with 7Hard records on the 20th of June. Here is the review for you guys.

The album begins with The Rock is Evil, hard rocker headbanging pulse that could be face to face with early heavy metal, remarkable bridge and really catchy chorus, the vocals develop a sharp mid-range dirty style that mix perfectly with the instrumental, to follow with The book of death as the deep bass marks the march of this mid-tempo anthem, composed as an hymn and enjoyable song continued by Rot in Peace, a very special track with reminiscences of Black Sabbath style, the instrumental mix the early doom metal with their own hell hard rocker sound; low pitched vocals and good interpretation of the theme are superb details, as well as the evolution within the track, changing rhythm as a sudden headbanging attack in this excellent act.

The acoustic peaceful guitars arrive in Gone, the ballad of the album, in-crescendo structure and very intense and emotive song, late 80's hard rocker style ballad that marks a break in the album to link it with In justice of rock and roll continuing the hard rock party with some Scorpions inspiration and awesome job on the guitars, with the vocals doing a cleaner singing style, where the harmony is perfect, memorable song that  brings you up!

Ashes in the wind starts as a stronger heavy metal mid-tempo style, angry vocals leading and sharp guitars are extraordinary, well mixed, voice effects are also satisfying. even adding a good dose of epicness at the end.

Without taking breath we find Magic Violence, headbanging strong drumbeats with heavy riffs and very energetic vocals, chorus here are remarkable where the listener will end up screaming with the band, might be the best of the album, really enjoyable this heavy hard rock anthem that continues with Suck my soul following the same winning combo as a very forceful headbanging track with some high pitched vocal touch in the chorus; much appreciated effort by the singer, great track that will keep your energy on for the last track, We saved rock and roll, a hard rock old school music feeling where we could call the true rocker style, defenders of the hard rock and roll fighting together for the music. Excellent track and awesome high pitched ending to be remembered.

Dirty Rockers forged a really enjoyable and extraordinary album, combining aggressive dirty vocal style and the instrumental that runs where the hard rock and the heavy metal collide
They know how to bring the crowd up and these guys demonstrated  it at perfection!
Lyrics are rich and very true with the heavy rock music and ways of living themes.
Composition is more solid and professional and also great job with the production, impeccable job!! As they say...

Are your ready to get burned by the Dirty Fire?

8 / 10


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