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Oker is a classic heavy metal band from Spain, formed in 2005 by Lolo and Alvaro on the guitars, being well established with stable members in 2009 with the release of their first EP "Dale caña" and the first full length "Burlando a la muerte" in 2011 having both of them very positive reviews by the media. The style is a rock and roll lifestyle and social matters themed heavy metal in spanish, influenced by old school spanish heavy metal bands like Angeles del infierno, Obus or Panzer; and also Judas Priest or Motorhead classic style riffs are very common in their compositions. After signing with Warner Music, Oker released their second album "Culpable" in November 2013.

The album starts with Vuelvo a resurgir, a potent drumbeats unveiling a classic mid-fast heavy metal riffs, astonishing headbanging piece! Excellent voice by Xina, powerful, sharp and aggressive vocals in an outstanding track that continues with the tittle track, Culpable, hard rocker riffs and vocals melodies that twist to an angry pure heavy metal bridge and chorus where everyone will scream "culpable!" making the perfect combo to be one of the gems of this record.
Mid tempo and strong drumming mark the rhythm on Heavy metal, true hard rock heavy metal piece made with the colaboration on the voice by Silver Solorzano (Silver Fist), resulting in a very solid track followed by Nunca lo fuiste with a classic heavy metal riffs, the instrumental in this song is impeccable and again the voice make a perfect interpretation in harmony with the rest of the band in this enjoyable round. But without a doubt, Xina's voice characteristical style is better analysed in the next track Que mas da, mid-tempo hard rocker song where the melodic voice collides with clean and sharp contrasts, the chorus is phenomenal, one of the best of the band.

Prejuicios is next, drums pounding and sharp forceful electric voice lead the track, the structure is in-crescendo creating the atmosphere that lead you to bang your head, also remarkable job by the drums with some sophisticated details all over the track. Ultimo Adios is the ballad of the album, clearly divided in two parts made as an anthem that starts as an intense, emotive beginning, nostalgic and sad first part that turns to a powerful breathtaking second part where the anger reigns.
The instrumental track "el rugir de los convictos" continues being a refined new wave of traditional heavy metal cut, competing with Shreds not dead by Skull Fist with an awesome job by Lolo and Alvaro on the axes, and also adding more fuel with the colaboration of Willy Gascon (Steelhorse), Patricia (Lizzies) and Jaime (Wild) , impeccable job by these guys that continues without a break with Corre, another 100% Oker style track, hard rocker piece mixed with heavy metal adding powerful vocals and catchy chorus in this headbanging as hell song.

The last act of the album is dedicated to the working class and the people's fight from one of the towns where the founding members of the band belong, Vallecas, as a cover from Patxi Andion, actually the most loyal metalized version of the original that will be forever memorable.
Oker created an  outstanding album, marking that the classic heavy metal in spanish is their style, if you think in true spanish heavy metal, strong, aggressive and also like hints of hard rock in your veins, you definately will like Culpable. The fact actually is that I haven't seen a spanish heavy metal band as good as these guys since the golden 80s with Obus, Angeles or Baron Rojo; now is the turn of the young blood of Oker and their album Culpable to take the lead of the heavy rock in spanish as an influence for new bands and also as a key for the international scene where the english language is predominant. Very impressive job guys!

8 / 10


Line up:
Carmen Xina (vocals)
Lolo Vallekas (guitar)
Alvaro Destroyer (guitar)
Jose A (drums)
Luis (bass)

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