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Wild is a heavy power metal band from Spain (Madrid) formed in 2002 by Javier Pastor (guitar, vocals) and Antonio Marcos (guitar), and after years of hard work and changes in the lineup released the first demo in 2007 called "Heavy Metal" with Javier Endara on the vocals and Sergio Sardon on the bass.
In 2009 they release the EP "Calles de fuego" and finally, despite more lineup changes they release their first full length in 2011 called "La nueva orden" and that was the right point to start, positive reviews and the explosion of more new wave of traditional heavy metal bands emerging worldwide made them play several gigs in 2012 and got stronger to record En Tierra hostil released in 2014, signing with the Label Sliptrip records.

The album is a mix of traditional heavy metal instrumental with power speed metal and Spanish power metal on the vocals, the first track "el cazador" is a good proof of that, awesome riffs pure traditional speed power metal and mid pitched vocals work in good harmony creating a headbanging and memorable chorus, followed by La noche del pecado, as genuine heavy metal with influences from Spanish like Angeles del Infierno mixed with epic and power touches, the vocalist makes a better interpretation and a high pitched level that give this track the sign to be one of the best of the band, this track is enriched with the colaboration of Isabel P. from Ecletica and Angel Choco Munoz (Steelhorse) on some vocal parts, outstanding vocals by Endara!

Cruzando el portal is another contemporary power metal with a great in crescendo structure starting with the deep bass sound and strong pounding drums and then the attack of excellent power metal riffs, with the help on the solo by Miguel Coello (Agresiva), good job again on the vocals, demonstrating a good range in lows and highs as we can see in Las marcas del amor, a mid tempo ballad with reminiscences of Rock you like a Hurricane by Scorpions and also the melodic hard rock sound from Sangre Azul with intense chorus, really awesome job.

The tradition talks as the instrumental track Apocalipsis 16-6 begins, being a satisfying guitar asking and answering structure very well produced with good details on the drums, getting ready for one of the strongest bombs by the band, Soy la ley, a mid tempo pure heavy metal blast proper of the German heavy metal style seen on bands like Accept with strong drumbeats, catchy and direct chorus made to sing along on the gigs, but without a break it's time for  Furia en el cielo, a fast tempo speed power metal with some influence by the first power metal albums by Avalanch on the guitar riffs and structure of the song, headbanging from beginning to the end!
La sombra del Terror is another classic heavy power metal more on the side of the new wave of traditional heavy metal bands instrumentals and NWOBHM influence, remarkable riffs and design are admirable in this enjoyable act that lead to the tittle track En tierra hostil, one of the best also in composition and the most true metal spirit feeling with Warrior of the world details and awesome lyrics that talks about revolution and fight for freedom, great solo by Cecilio Sanchez (Ankhara), a good shot of adrenaline that keeps you fighting, here is the power and the glory!

Wild made their best album to date with En tierra hostil, its a missile of pure heavy metal with influences from the speed metal to the strong German power metal driving through true metal with fast and mid tempo structures in most of the cases, the vocals are in good harmony with the band but being more aggressive sometimes would improve in the future. Impeccable job by the guitars creating really astonishing riffs and keeping the roots of the classic heavy metal proving the good experience of the band.

8 / 10
1. El Cazador
2. La noche del pecado
3. Cruzando el portal
4. Las marcas del amor

5. Apocalipsis 16-6
6. Soy la ley

7. Furia en el cielo
8. La sombra del terror
9. En tierra hostil

Vocals Javier Endara
Guitars Javier Pastor
Guitars Jaime Nuñez
Bass Jorge Ramos

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