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Dirigiri (meaning Gates of Hell) are a death thrash metal band from San Antonio, Texas, formed in 2004 by Omar Guerra on the drums, Gene Olivarri on the guitars and Derek Dishner with the bass and the vocals; self financed tours and great inspiration took them to share stage with Exodus, Rigor Mortis, Onslaught or Overkill to name a few, and started to get recognition locally, with the release of the debut album in 2012 Dirigiri got better known and also prepared to release a new upcoming album in 2014, but right now we'll check the first EP so we know what to expect!

The style on this EP is a straight brutal thrash death metal attack with sharp guitar riffs generally, Boiled in Blood is the first in line developing a mix of deep low growling vocals with a higher pitched harsh techniques, awesome mid tempo shot that continues with Bone Collector a death metal slow tempo strong track that explodes in a headbanging hell of thrash metal elements, remarkable job by Omar on the drums, in-crescendo moshpiting bomb!

Death by the hand of an angel is a sudden attack of death metal fast tempo track with mixing rhythms of thrash pulses, excellent piece as we continue with the same forceful angry combo with Riot, another atomic bomb by these guys, every one here is in harmony doing an awesome job for one of the best of the EP

Straight from the grave takes you to the mid fast tempo pure old school thrash metal act, impressive composition and phenomenal job on the guitars exploring evil melodies, and being followed by the last of the EP, Toiler Extermination, a good highlight of the Ep and the best composed, genuine thrash/death metal structure with great  vocal interpretation, offering highs and lows growling methods, really enjoyable and headbanging missile!

Dirigiri are still young as a band, and obviously the need of a better production is very important, but these guys know what true death thrash metal is about, their capacity of inspiration and composition come straight from the roots of death and thrash metal combined; they worked hard spreading the word of their metal, and this year will be the release f the first full length so prepare yourself for the brutal thrash death attack of the Gates of Hell

7,5 / 10



Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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