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Divine Chaos is a Thrash metal with Death metal influences band formed in 2005 in UK. They have previouslyreleased an EP in 2007 "Every empire shall fall". After years in development the band have released their first full length album "A new dawn in the Age of War" via Evil EyE Records. The band is comprise of Ben Friston on vocals, axemasters Chris O'Toole and Matt GilmourDave Bennet on the bass and James Stewart (Vader) on the drums. Divine Chaos' are influenced by bands like Sepultura or Carcass, who were mainly responsible for developing the early 90s thrash metal and death metal combo.

The album starts with one of the albums hits as a pure thrash metal track, strong and angry headbanging masterpiece, Last Confession delivers a great technical surge from the guitars and outstanding pulse by James on the drums making it a moshpiting intense piece continued by Death toll rising forged with symphonic elements and twisting the best of epic death metal and thrash in a mid/fast changing tempo, and at times, theatrical track where the listener is drawn to appreciate the quality in every band member in detail, truly amazing.

The myth of human progress heralds another mid tempo early 90s thrash metal attack, comprising heavy and forceful verses and dark well done thought-out chorus'. There is a short lull in the attack before they take you back to the deadly moshpit with one of the best of the album, Shadow of God, old school thrash metal headbanging as hell with one of the best catchy chorus' which will be perfect to scream along to at the bands gigs, dripping with breathtaking rhythms as Ignorance Everlasting starts slowly building increasingly into a crescendo of darker sounds reaching a mid-tempo riff that is extremely well created.

Rivers of blood is another of the fast tempo tracks from the album which is dripping with old school thrash fused with death metal influenced riffs, an awesome vocal interpretation with both a high and low pitched harsh style; great tribal ending guys, very effective!

Fields of the Fallen attacks you with the strong sharp axes and a speed heavy thrash machine gun on the drums, with exceptional chorus' where you definitely will break your neck banging your head; this track is full of rhythemic breakdowns all amazingly well linked within the structure of the track.

Sinai Sands is an epic instrumental interlude that take you to the last track, Perpetual War Policy, shooting to kill from the beginning where we find pure thrash metal structure with death elements and dark symphonies; this missile probably encapsulates the style of the band best.

Divine Chaos' first full length album demonstrates a body of work that aims to make you bang your head from start to finish,  James Stewart's drumming is truely remarkable, He is also Vaders drummer and lends the album an unstoppable death/thrash metal combination; the guitar work is exceptional, outstanding and technically superior. The Vocals are in harmony in every song, inspiring hate.

'A New Dawn In The Age Of War' is an excellent album with superb production, riveting from start to finish, a real Thrash Metal Masterpiece in 2014!

9 / 10

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads union and Metalheads union FB

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