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Sylvatica is a melodic death metal band with elements from thrash and black metal with folk metal roots, formed in 2010 in Denmark by Jarden Schlesinger on guitars and Pelle Buch Hansen on drums, and they released the first EP after bassist Thomas Haxen and Jannik Ravn on second axes joined the band. After Jannik Ravn left the band, Martin Hamann replaced him and also left in 2013, Richardt Olsen joined the band with the album almost finished and to be released the next 1st of July.

Evil Seeds is a mix of folk metal based heart, with touches of thrash, death and black metal played at perfection. Lost is the acoustic piano introduction, creating the atmosphere with a raising epic feeling that explodes in Psychopatica, where everyone will bang the heads with this combination of epic folk and death metal, with excellent instrumental, strong growling vocals and astonishing ending! to follow with Winds of decay, a mid-tempo strong pounding heavy metal track keeping their folk metal roots and giving the dark sign of the band as The ascension begins following the epic death metal executed amazingly well and also driving between death and thrash rhythms; of course headbanging and moshpiting to the end in one of the best composed pieces of the album.

But hold your breath now with the tittle track, Evil seeds, as they follow the mix of epic thrash metal and death melodies, adding strong chorus made to scream in every concert. Remarkable the good harmony this band creates in every track, like the instrumental Gods of the Gallows, begins as a slow mid tempo folk metal rhythm mixing electric and acoustic parts creating a really intense piece.

The pure sophisticated drumbeats take you to the top in Hate Quest, forceful guitar riffs and strong growling vocals in one of those battle songs essential for every true metal maniac and always following their folk identity.
Admirable changes of style between the roots of death metal and thrash is one of the strong points of the band, Lucifer is one of those tracks that better demonstrate that and also offers a really catchy folk metal chorus, the best of the album; the second half of the track called my attention due to the outstanding inspiration of these guys, truly enjoyable as hell.

Reanimated and The sludge soup follow similar patterns with thrash metal influence in a mid-tempo pulse with aggressive vocals and headbanging folk metal chorus; in the Slude soup they develop a really awesome instrumental at the second half with sudden changes of rhythm mixing death metal and neoclassical guitar touches, great job!

The last track is Sect of Sleep, developing an in crescendo structure from the folk acoustic to the mid- tempo headbanging verses, outstanding guitar riffs in perfect harmony with the vocals creating a powerful epic composition.

Sylvatica is now credited that they created a masterpiece of epic folk metal, mastering multiple true metal genres like death, black or thrash metal, and also offering some melodies of symphonic and neoclassical in the compositions of the tracks, with crystal clear superb production also. This album surprised me straight away, and I can say, as many of you will, that I enjoyed this Evil seeds from beginning to the end. Such virtue they demonstrated in every track will impact the folk/ death/ thrash metal scene, Sylvatica released an atomic bomb exploding in your brains!

9 / 10


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Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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