Wednesday, 18 June 2014


The Italian Hard Rock band DIRTY ROCKERS are ready to present their new album From Hell and to celebrate it, the band will play the whole album in streaming on their Facebook page! This Online Release party for "FROM HELL" has been scheduled for Friday June 20, 2014 from 11:00am CET till 23:00pm CET through

The album will be released the same day of the streaming, Friday 20th of June by 7hard/Membran in Europe and Horus Music/Edel in Italy.
You can also check the review of the album here.
This is the interview with Dirty Rockers!

  • Dirty Rockers are about to release the new album From Hell, How do you feel about this job after having it tied up and ready? 
We feel very proud of it it's been a long hard work and now it finally can see the light.

  •  There are different sounds that make it slightly a darker, more rotten sound, coming from your new guitarist Jimmy, how do you feel about it? 
The sound is definitely more “darker”, due to the Black Sabbath influences of Jimmy and we fucking like it.

  • Some advise for the fans before they listen to the new album?
Advise for the listeners? This album gonna bring you in the fires of hell.

  • Every band can find they are in a constant evolution, Is there something about your sound that you would like to change in the future?
Changes are matter of life! But obviously we wanna ROCK!

  • This band signed with Horus music label , how do you value the work with this company? How many albums you signed for and are you happy with them?
IT's the first time with Horus, it's pretty good to work for a label comin' from tuscany, like us! Thanks to Horus Music and Gianluca Galli we got the deal with 7Hard that will publish and distribute "From Hell" in the whole Europe so it was a good thing to us!

  • The international scene is very important and the festivals in Europe are plenty, how do you see an international tour with this album? 
We do definitely wanna start an european tour very soon!

  • Which countries would you like to visit and where do you feel you have the most of your fans?
We would like to visit any country of europe and world but our truly fans are in USA, Germany, Sweden and Holland. Pretty good fans!

  • Which gig or fest is the most memorable for the band?
In 2009's new years' eve, playin' in front of 900 people... amazing!

  • In terms of influence there is some details where i can find some Scorpions or Black Sabbath sound, would you tell me your main influences that forged the band style?
AC/DC, old Judas Priest style, W.A.S.P. And a little blend of Megadeth.

  • There are more bands that kinda mix hard rock and heavy metal and are young bands also, im talking about Vanderbuyst from Netherlands for example, do you know them? Would you like to share stage with them in the future?
Of course we know and we listen to them too. It would be great for us to tour with them!

  •  And last but not least, can you give a message to your fans to promote the album From Hell? 

Thank you very much for your attention and also thanks to Metal Revelation for making possible this interview!

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