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Biotoxic Warfare is a thrash / death metal band from Heraklion (Greece), formed in 2012, and releasing their first EP Baptized in blood and greed in 2013 receiving positive feedback from the media. The band went to the studio in september 2014 to record their debut album, Lobotomized, due to be released the next 19th January 2015 and signed with Slaney Records,

Biotoxic warfare sound comes from the aggressive speed thrash metal taking influences from Exodus, Kreator to Slayer, including some thrashy Venom era style, guitar melodies are feed by pure death metal structures (memories from Death or Obituary) combined with oldschool thrash riffs, followed by a technically perfect drum style, mixing thrash and death rhythms continuously in the album; vocalist give it all in every track, showing an aggressive and powerful attitude with raw harsh mid-high pitched vocals, making the whole combination a pure bomb of headbanging metal.

The album starts with a death metal feeling instrumental track, Mors indecepta, as the evil notes lead to a combo of thrash action where the drums make a remarkable job in perfect harmony with the guitar performance, being a good warm up for Proclaim the gospel of lies, this time death metal guitars riffs explode together with thrash metal drumbeats, awesome fast paced track totally neckbreaking, continued by Baptized in blood and greed, one of the best of the band, as a super fast galloping and furious thrash metal attack, with short and straight vocal shots and changes of pace with astonishing palm muted riffs.

The same headbanging fuel continues with Dysphoric Reality, genuine oldschool thrash that amazingly is transformed in pure death metal at some parts, fast to mid tempo in a good anthem that encapsulates the band spirit.

The acoustic atmosphere surrounds you as the explosion of authentic furious thrash burns your soul with the tittle track, Lobotomized, remarkable guitar play and amazing mid fast drumbeats with added double pedal in an excellent composed structure and followed by another highlight for the band, Lust for hate, included previously in their first EP, the patterns taken here includes death metal drippings under a fast killer thrash fire, but creating a great bridge that leads to one of those chorus to scream and bang the head.

Parasitic life and As we Rot(promises of heaven) follow the same force and even raise up the aggression levels with a more notorious drumbeats in two of the fastest songs of the band that will your necks, special mention to As we Rot, introducing death and growling vocals in a vertiginous fast missile combining successfully all the elements the band have experimented along the album creating an inevitable mosh pit.

Biotoxic Warfare made their point of entry to the main thrash metal scene with Lobotomized, succeeding in terms of crystal clear production with the first album and forging surprisingly good album, if you want thrash metal, with death metal drippings, straight and strong, Lobotomized is what you are looking for.

8,5 / 10

Line up
Mike Kavalos – Vocals 
George “Dimator” Dimitrakakis – Lead Guitars 
Stelios Sfendilakis – Rhythm Guitars 
Panagiotis Polioudakis – Bass 
Orestis Drapaniotis – Drums 


Release by Slaney Records

Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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