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The epic death metal band Thunderwar released their first EP Birth of Thunder last year 2013, getting global recognition and generally very positive feedback from the media (click here to read the review), and now they are getting ready for their first studio album that could come to light anytime in 2015.

Meanwhile I had the chance to interview the vocalist and bass master Kamil "Madness":

- Hi! It’s a pleasure to interview you so Thank you for taking the 

Hail to England!

- Thunderwar is a new band that released its first EP in 2013, tell me 
the beginnings, how did you choose the name and how the band was formed?

It's a long and boring story. I will try to shorten it.  I’ve known Vit, 
the drummer for a long time. We both played in thrash metal band when we 
were kids. When our squad broke up, we decided to create new, heavier 
and more devilish pack. We were looking for good guitarists, who love 
death metal.

We met them by chance. I knew Olszak and Witold by sight from concerts. 
I didn't know that I will play with them in Thunderwar. They came to the 
rehearsal and they were delighted.  They had the experience and they 
were hungry for metal, just like me and Vit. From the start we were on 
the same page. Now we are true friends.  At the beginning we were called 
Perun, in the name of the pagan, Slavic God - Perun The Thunderer. Then 
we recorded the first single called "Eagle of Glory" - our metal 
interpretation of Polish national emblem. We changed the name because we 
wanted to be more understandable to foreigners and also still to refer 
to the old name. So now we are Thunderwar. Word formation at the level 
of a high school student, but we think it sounds cool.

- How long did it take to create the birth of thunder? Are you happy 
with the result?

First and foremost, EP "The Birth of Thunder" is just a remain of the 
first album that was never released. We chose the best tracks from 
rejected by us album, and this is the way how The Birth of Thunder 
appeared. We are happy with the result. People like it, we also like it. 
If that record came out in that shape back then, surely we wouldn't be 
in such good moods today.  That material really sucked. Not because 
compositions were weak. Sound and mixes were totally fucked. We had to 
rescue our stuff but only three tracks survived.  I think that the whole 
process of creating our debut took more than one year.

- How did the international media respond after the release of your 
first EP?

We owe the big response to our managers. They shipped the material 
wherever they could. The result is the increasing number of fans from 
all around the world, especially from USA, UK and Brazil.  It's fucking 
awesome when someone from the other end of the globe can hear and  
appreciate our blasphemous work.

- Could you describe the metal scene in Poland?

Poland is a powerful metal bastion. Every metal maniac should know bands 
like Vader, Behemoth or Decapitated. We are very proud of these bands. 
But our metal scene isn't only those three hordes. There is a fucking 
great underground scene in Poland. Most of these bands are just amazing. 
We played national tour with mighty Pandemonium, Hellspawn and Deep 
Desolation.  Unforgettable memories and well spent time.  Also we played 
with Azarath, powerful formation from Tczew. They went on tour with 
Morbid Angel in Poland. I can’t forget to mention our friends from 
Bestiality and Morthus, young bands with great potential and talent. I 
especially recommend you polish black metal bands like Furia, Mgła, 
Plaga, Morowe or Infernal War.

- The epic death metal style of Thunderwar is really well composed and 
performed, what are your influences?

Thanks! It is hard to say. We listen to a lot of music. Blues, hard 
rock, heavy, thrash, death and black metal. It is our religion. But I 
think our greatest idols like Bathory, Dissection or Morbid Angel have 
the greatest impact on us. Of course, we always try to create our own 
climate. I think we succeeded, but people usually associate us with a 
mix of American and Swedish metal scene. Maybe they're god damn right.

- Are you preparing a full length? If so, how is the process going? 
Could you anticipate some details?

Actually we are recording a new album. Drums and guitars are done. Next 
step - bass and vocals.
Want some details? Hmm... Full album is going to be darker and more epic 
than "The Birth of Thunder". You won't be disappointed.

- Have you signed with any record label?

No, we haven't yet.

- Are there plans to tour Europe in the future?

There aren't any special plans for now. But when we are finally done 
with our LP, certainly we will think about conquering Europe.

- Which countries would you like to play?

We have never played abroad, so we’re going to be excited no matter 
which country it would be.

- You have shared stage with big names like Amon Amarth, which other 
bands have shared stage with Thunderwar?

We have also shared stage with such stars as Carcass, Obituary and 
Azarath. We hope the list will be much longer in the future!

- One of the bands you play with are Morthus, I see they share similar 
tastes, and also are a new band with one EP, do you know them? How is 
the relation with Morthus?

Yeah, we know these bastards.  We are often sharing the stage together. 
I really like them!

- Which bands would you like to share stage in the future?

Hmm… tough question. I would love to play with pioneers of death and 
black metal, who motivate us to fight. I don't know, maybe Morbid Angel, 
Watain, Behemoth or Entombed?

- Tell me how do you remember your best moment on stage.

It was when we played before Carcass in Warsaw. The place was full, it 
was our first performance with such a large audience. When we played our 
death metal epos – Vimana: The Chariots in Heaven, I showed them horns 
from the stage.  Almost the entire audience responded with the same 
gesture. It was very meaningful and memorable moment for me. I was 
exhausted but it filled me with extraordinary energy and gave me 
strength for the rest of the show.

- Could you leave a message for your fans?

What can I say? Wait for new album, and be ready for freezing cold, and 
demonic blizzard, because The Thunderer doesn't show mercy!  Stay heavy.

- Thank you so much for your time and also thanks to your manager Slawomir for making 
it possible, hope to see you soon in London!

Thank you very much! We will visit London for sure, it's just a matter 
of time!



Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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