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Shadowbane is a power metal band from Germany formed in 2007 and releasing only their demo Dystopia independently in 2010,becoming a really promising band, and now ready to conquer Europe with their upcoming album Facing the Fallout, due to be release next 16th of January of 2015 via Pure Steel Records.
Shadowbane breath from the flames of the authentic heavy-speed metal mixing German and US power metal effectively, having similarities with bands like Accept, Helloween or Grave digger combined with epic Manilla Road or Queensrÿche, high pitched clean and sharp vocals, contrasting melody and powerful choruses with technical guitar riffs and fast pounding drumbeats.

The album opens with the Red alert instrumental apocalyptic shot linked to Beyond the winds of war, powerful heavy start on the line of Accept including palm muted and galloping riffs, changes of pace and good drum performances, but being eclipsed by Traitor, one of their best tracks, including some outstanding riffs and shreddings (remember the Spanish power metal band Avalanch riffs?) headbanging as hell with an excellent structure, better chorus, and remarkable guitar performance.

Under bleeding skies evolves in a straight high speed heavy metal shot with memories of Judas Priest, very well composed on the bridge and the slow paced chorus, special mention to the vocal work on the clean and sharp styles combining aggressive and melodic sections really well; continued by After the fallout, comprising a mid fast tempo pattern of pure US power metal, amazingly well composed and headbanging and coming back to the German Grave digger influence with Dystopia, totally addictive riffs and chorus, forging a memorable bridge.

Tears down the wall explodes like an authentic speed metal track with melodic power metal added to the mixture, the clean vocals are amazing here as the progression with the guitar shredding and the emphasizing drums create and endless headbanging anthem, linked with another highlight of the band style, Badlands law, mid fast shot with a chorus to be shouted on the gigs, drum and guitar structure reminding to the ram it down era of Judas Priest but keeping the powerful sign of the band.

Last division take the Teutonic riff style and mix it with the US power melodies to create a true masterpiece of sophisticated drum shots, epic guitar performances and outstanding bridge and chorus, to finalise with Source of Grief, accelerating the metal machine to a high speed pace; this last bomb combines very well the elements that Shadowbane have used before,rhythms changes, aggressive and frenetic powerful in crescendo verses that make you break your necks in a breathtaking pulse.

Shadowbane managed a really professional production forging an excellent work in every aspect, the album contains masterpieces like Traitor, Last Division or Source of grief being highlights of the album. Shadowbane will step forward to the top of the true power metal scene with Facing the Fallout.

9 / 10

Shadowbane line up
Stefan - vocals
 Lukas - lead- and rhythm-guitars 
Markus - lead- and rhythm-guitars 
Moritz - bass and backing vocals 
Renè - drums 


Release by Pure Steel Records

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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