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Fallen Angel is a power metal band formed in 1983 in New York, releasing their first demo in 1985 and split-up in 1986, being in the shadows until they reunited in 2009, working hard to create their first album Crawling out of hell, first part of three in a conceptual epic saga, followed by the trilogy of fictional novels written by the guitarist John Cruppe. This first album didn't have a major impact when it came to light in 2010, but now in 2014, it has been re-released via Killer Metal Records, bringing this album to light to the main metal scene. The second part is coming, under the name Cast out of heaven.

Fallen angel is inspired by the late 80s and early 90s heavy metal combining power metal and speed metal creating sophisticated compositions , introducing a mid to high pitched raw vocal style, on the line of bands like Warrant, Halford or Exciter. Guitars bring melodies from US power metal including the epic side to the mixture as the drums follow effectively the pace of the band, enriching the sound with excellent technical performances.

The album is completed with twenty tracks, six of them are instrumental introductions developed almost without breaks between the songs, as a concept album; the atmosphere of the winds of Crash to Oblivion take you inside the world of Fallen Angel as the thunder roars to Sinner's vengeance, straight and heavy speed metal bomb that will make you bang your heads with one of the best songs from the band, remarkable job on the drums details and the powerful voice, continuing with the troops marching of March into hell leading to Blood on my soul as a mid tempo US power metal, with a real forceful sound and Halford-like vocal screams.

The grinding wheels of war continues the epic sound to introduce The reapers shall Gather, another highlight for the album, a piece of pure heavy metal with an outstanding high pitched vocals, giving it all and creating a real piece of true metal with excellent chorus to be played again and again.

Arrival raises the dark evil feeling to the battle as the Dark Lord come to scene, with another astonishing speed metal furious style, totally neck breaking on the verses and mid tempo catchy chorus as the Darkness reigns in a mid paced shot, with powerful melodies on the vocal line, showing mid to high sharp screams and progressive instrumental with galloping patterns.

The one who walks alone, with a dark feeling to start, evolves in a mid tempo melodic shot with progressive drippings on the instrumentals, not as aggressive as previous tracks but perfect on vocal performance,continued by the ballad The answer, ascending in intensity from the acoustic to the melodic chorus with influences from Queensrÿche.

The cold orchestrated introduction Respiration Desperation leads to another mid tempo US power metal, The neutral zone, with headbanging force and galloping chorus and drippings of Mercyful fate and Judas Priest as Life or death acoustic notes start exploding in a mid fast shot of pure heavy metal, with really good job on the drum performance and addictive chorus in one of the best vocal combination of styles.

On and on is a slow to mid paced shot, pure strong, powerful heavy metal of those that make you bang your head under an ascending epic feeling, remarkable the clean vocal technique; as Ashes to ashes whispers introduces you to the ballad Leaving all behind, another Queensrÿche style ballad, in crescendo and really intense and well forged, specially in the second half, memorable melodies and perfect creation even reminding the Dio and Iron maiden influences.

Watching mid tempo heralds a good quality on technique and powerful structure, the vocal melodies reminded me to Oliver Magnum on the verses, so good performance linked with Sad wings, ballad with acoustic start and ascending to another intense, amazingly epic anthem to finalize with Grant me Peace, combining the power metal with the aggression of Judas Priest, bringing to light one of the best bridges and most forceful chorus, completing the first part of Fallen Angel's concept works.

This is the result of a really hard work, reflecting a gigantic production That not only will make you bang your head, Fallen Angel are introducing the listener to an epic adventure story that will catch you from the beginning. Looking the album as a whole play, I can Say they forged a masterpiece of authentic heavy metal, introducing speed, power and classic heavy metal defining the true metal in every sense.

9 / 10

Line up

Steve Seniuk (vocals)
John Cruppe (guitar, keyboards)
Robb Lotta (guitar)
Joe Surace (bass)
Frankie Quaggs (drums)


Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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