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Dust bolt is a thrash metal band from Germany formed in 2006, recording their first demo in 2010 "Chaos Possession" instantly got national recognition, then after wining the Wacken Metal battle, the band record their first album, Violent Demolition , signing with the prestigious Napalm Records, and then getting known worldwide as one of the best new thrash metal bands. The second album Awake The Riot was released the 30th May of 2014, getting really positive feedback of the worldwide media.

Dust bolt bring the old school thrash metal as the main strategy, forging a frenetic fast paced and genuine thrash with similarities with Kreator and Slayer, and taking some patterns from Havok or Divine Chaos, denoting a high quality and technical instrumental from the first moment; the drums are powerful and sophisticated, changing rhythms and creating the moshpiting feeling together with technical guitar sections of palm muted, virtuous performances and effectively aggressive, raw and sharp high pitched vocals.

The album Awake the riot opens with Living hell, as the drums break the ice in a sudden thrash metal attack, good sign of what the band is about, pure headbanging thrash metal revival, the guitars work in perfect harmony adding fast melodies under double pedaled parts, excellent changes of pace as it brings you up every time it accelerates with remarkable drum details; and this is only the beginning, the breathtaking metal attack Continues with Soul Erazor, as the sharp drum missiles explodes in another anthem with straight chorus where the listener will scream fist in the air, special mention to the guitar melodies on the back, great composition there as a good mid fast tempo highlight of the album.

Beneath the earth speed up the pace in a very straight forward track, including some growling parts together with mid fast tempo harsh vocals, as You Lost sight evolves in another authentic speed thrash metal shot, headbanging as hell with an increscendo structure emphasized by the drums play.

Agent thrash is for thrash metal what agents of steel is for speed metal, a powerful demonstration of speed thrash metal force exploding like an atomic bomb, with effective riffs, forceful drum power and great chorus; but there is no break yet, as Living a lie attack you with technical riffs, drippings of death metal guitar melodies, as well as a frenetic unstoppable rhythm becoming one of the gems of this band.

The self titled track awake the riot - the final war comprises a mid powerful tempo obviously accelerated to a short and breathtaking song including catchy bridge and chorus.

Eternal waste and Drowned in blind faith heralds mid fast shots of palm muted and galloping sections, really amazing drums performance with one of the best progression of the album, linked with Worlds built to deceive, forging more thundering thrash power patterns, raw and thrashing machinery with good guitar dark melodies trespassing slightly to the death metal elements as The monotonous - distant scream rises from the acoustic evil notes progressing with ascending intensity, including excellent melodic harsh vocal verses that amazingly explodes in a combination of thrash heart with death metal meeting epic elements.

Future shock is the last track of this Awakening the riot, as another genuine heavy thrash metal anthem running in a mid tempo, introducing early thrash metal elements to evolve adding more technical drippings sign of the band, making it another hit in this album.

Overall Dust Bolt forged an authentic masterpiece of frenetic neckbreaking thrash metal, that could take you to the mosh pit from the first track to the last one without breaks; the production is crystal clear and also the compositions are great, every element played is in perfect harmony with special mention to the guitar performances, being sophisticated, technical and not boring, together with a remarkable vocal style, demonstrate its power in tracks like Soul Erazor, Agent thrash or Living a lie, encapsulating the sound of the band and defining their style, true thrash metal!

9,5 / 10

Line up
Lenny (Vocals/Guitar) 
Flo (Guitar) 
Bene (Bass)

Nico (Drums)



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