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Renegade is a heavy metal band form Italy formed in 2005, releasing three full lengths, Too hard to die in 2006, Straight to the top in 2008 and W.A.R. in 2010, then after the compilation Can't stop the fire in 2013, the band signed a deal with Pure Steel Records.

Renegade forge a 90s US power metal seen on bands like Queensrÿche, but also introducing some epic moments more proper from bands like Manowar, the vocals are clean high pitched and melodic, but mastering the aggressive side at the same time, the guitars are powerful and melodic, with influences from the European power and speed metal, technical and virtuous but also with some roots of blues in some solos; all these combined with an effective double pedal drumbeats and fast paced rhythms is in their new album, called Thunder knows no mercy, coming next 5th of December via Pure Steel Records.

The album starts with Nobody lives forever as a mid tempo power metal track, bringing memories from Queensrÿche continued by a sudden explosion of speed metal called The world is dying, the riffs fly with fast palm muted elements as the vocals shot in an aggressive power, really headbanging track with an excellent chorus and outstanding composition with special mention in the solo, being one of the true highlights of the album.

Into the flame slows a bit the pace and come back with the mid tempo double pedal drumbeats, creating one of the best choruses and really good guitar job all over the track, as the epic bomb of Awaiting the storm starts in one of those Manowar-true metal style acts, with a mid tempo marching troops rhythms, the structure is epic and the harmony within all band members is excellent, with a really good interpretation by the vocalist in another top track in the album.

The endless day contains some interesting galloping riffs and good melodic guitar riffs in a mid fast paced brilliantly composed song linked with Screaming on the edge, as another impulsive speed metal bomb under the influence of Tyran Pace and Manowar, the slow parts are outstandingly strong and then to explode to a head banging, powerful and fast parts resulting in one of the most memorable acts of the band.

Trail of tears make a good and intense contrast of acoustic and forceful mid tempo structure with crescendo patterns including one of the best chorus, as the intensity grows to a real head-banging theme.

Thunder knows no mercy is the last track of the album as it develops a mid paced track with strong drumbeats, not at their best here but including good instrumental details.

Renegade is about to release Thunder knows no mercy and overall its an outstanding creation by the Italians, the compositions are brilliant resulting in a riveting creation from the start, with impressive fast, melodic and powerful metal in different shades of potency.

8 / 10

Line up
Stefano Senesi – vocals 
Damiano Ammannati – guitars 
Riccardo Viciani – bass 
Andrea Ammannati  – drums 


Release by Pure Steel Records

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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