Thursday, 20 November 2014


Repulsor is a polish speed thrash metal band formed in 2010, with only a demo and one Ep released in 2013, and re-released by Thrashing Madness label in 2014; the band drink straight from the roots of forceful thrash metal bands like Exodus or Razor, with loads of technical palm muted riffs at high speed drum shots, the vocals make the job efficiently with harsh and sharp high pitched techniques in general, forged for the head banging action without a break.

Toxic Tomorrow demonstrates straight away what the band is all about, as the drums explode in a sudden impact attack of high speed and breathtaking metal, the guitar riffs find the harmony alternating palm muted shots with shredding parts; as RMDH (real monsters die hard) attack without mercy in another authentic and aggressive thrash anthem with an excellent structure that will keep you in the moshpit, and comprising effectively the band's sound.

After the acoustic lull of The Summoning, the impressive riffs of To the coven take the action in one of their best hits of fast paced, raw and angry speed thrash metal, this time the guitars and vocals create a powerful and very straight chorus, those to be screamed at the gigs with the fists in the air, linked with Killing Instinct, creating a funny intro that obviously explodes like an atomic bomb in another top shot of the band, this time the ultra fast is combined with powerful mid tempo parts, denoting a good level of composition with remarkable job in the bridge and chorus.

The drum attack of Stained Heritage is the last of this Ep, including some power-thrash, palm muted and more melodic riffs, where fast and mid tempo dance in harmony always with a neck breaking feeling.

Being the first Ep, Repulsor forged a professional job, making clear what true speed thrash metal is all about, with Trapped in a nightmare there is no need to innovate yet, but following the path and being already on the level of bands like Havok, Crisix or Angelus Apatrida is without a doubt exceptional, the thrashing machinery of Repulsor is ready to attack!

8 / 10


Actual line up
Strzała - Vocals/Bass
Jeff - Drums

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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