Saturday 18 October 2014


Stud is a heavy metal band from Finland formed initially in 1986 releasing their first single in finnish  "Mä Haluun Elää" / "Viimeinen Yö", and being a cult material after the band split in 1989.

The band reunited in 2012 and started to create their first album after more than 20 years, releasing Out of the Darkness in 18th October 2013 with positive feedback by the media, touring internationally and signing a worldwide promotion with Metal Revelation, and then back to the studio in march 2014 to record their second album, Rust on the rose, due to be released the next 31st October.

Stud new album belongs to the combination of melodic hard rock and classic heavy metal, dripping Point of entry era Judas Priest styles meeting Y&T or Tygers of Pan Tang, forging a wild hard rocker attitude that bites with a sharp edged steel we have Raise your fist, essentially hard rocker melodies in classic heavy metal instrumentals, the chorus in general are really catchy, Rock and roll world demonstrate it, the mid tempo strong pounding drums even bring memories from ACDC when the chorus take action, extremely effective track linked with one of their best pieces, Rust on the rose, pure melodic hard rock - heavy metal anthem performed with an outstanding vocal quality, being mid to high pitched and clean along the whole album.

We're gonna strike explodes with a galloping palm muted riff surprisingly intense and head banging, the chorus is made to be singed along on the gigs, another one of their top hits, with great performance also on the guitar techniques, really superior!
Poor mans buddy herald another hard rocker mid pulsed shot with the same patterns followed to create catchy backed vocal choruses, and accelerating the pulse for Promised to be Mine, a killer melodic hard rocker attack with even glam drippings.

One of the things this band do well is that they take care very well every single note allowing them to combine different styles successfully, that's why Freedom call is forged with pure heavy metal melted with power metal with such an amazing epic result also appreciable in the next track Break the Chains, being a mid fast tempo classic heavy metal attack made for true metalheads, with excellent guitar performance and perfect harmony with the vocals.
I don't know was their first Single released in May, bringing a really good heavy rock rhythm, with outstanding high pitched vocals and strong drum pounding with elements from On the run, by Judas Priest from Point of entry times, excellent Influences that are also present in Dangerous, as the epic element comes to action with an astonishing palm muted-shredding and melodic riff, and a mid high pitched vocals, more relaxed this time but equally effective, the harmony is great here as the composition is performed at perfection.

Playing to win is the last in line, as a mid tempo intense ballad, forging powerful melodies in crescendo ending the album leaving a really good aftertaste.

Stud improved their past works with this album, creating a quasi perfect record that combines the best of two worlds, melodic hard rock and classic heavy metal with some boosts of power and glam, every detail has been taken care so carefully denoting the hard job these guys have done since they went to the studios in march 2014. If you enjoy heavy metal as well as melodic hard rock you will definitely like Stud.

9 / 10


 Ari Toivanen (vocals)
Mika Kansikas (guitar)
Matti Jalonen (bass)
 Stenda Kukkonen (drums)

Worldwide Promotion by Metal Revelation

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