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Doomocracy is a doom metal band from Greece, formed in 2011, looking for the roots of the doom metal scene like Candlemass, Solitude or Black Sabbath; signing with Steel Gallery Records in July 2014 and releasing their first album late September 2014. The band is comprised by Angelos Tzanis and Harry Dokos on the guitars, Michael Stavrakakis on the vocals, Minas Vasilakis on drums and Manolis Schizakis on the bass.

Doomocracy style is based in the old school doom metal as their main influence, you can find also lots of palm muted riffs melted with power metal feelings and some slow paced thrash metal elements here and there, instrumentals bend into progressive territory mostly on the solos creating an unique sound, remarkably notorious due to the high pitched clean vocals, more proper of power metal or speed metal bands, but fitting perfectly with the rest of the band; really appreciable the clean parts combined with brilliant aggressive sharp techniques remembering the style of bands like Oliver Magnum.

The album starts with Sadness and Hesitation, as the double pedal combined with an awesome pure doom riff take you to the genuine style of the band, remarkable the powerful energy of the bridge and chorus, dripping epic melodies in a slow mid tempo pulse and well linked with Faceless, offering another mid tempo shot of power doom metal, this time the vocal performance is outstanding as well as the harmony between guitars and drums.

Doormacht (Der Apokalyptische Untergang) develops a slow paced thrashy riff enriched with a constant mid and high pitched vocal play, as The Celephais Curse main riff gives you the alert of an apocalypse feeling, following the same patterns but adding more double pedal to the mixture, good headbanging bridge being one of the strongest parts of the album.

The end is written heralds one of the best riffs of the band, followed really well by the doom metal slow pulse, the vocal interpretation is awesome from start to finish. Guitar solos and double pedal drums make this song a good highlight of the album as Emissary of Vengeance goes in crescendo to a light mid tempo beginning evolving to one of their best choruses and excellent high ranged screams, taking out the aggression of the true metal, really headbanging and perfect for singing along with the band if you catch them on tour.

Hanging Puppet begins also with an ascending progression using sharp styled vocals in the verses and a long chorus, always backed by a sophisticated technical guitars and drums, the solo in this track heralds some oriental feeling on the melodies, resulting in a great act with a good harmony with all the band members.

The last track, Sins, contains two sections well marked by the role of the vocals, the melancholic ballad is so well played that gives it an extraordinary intensity with the high and low melodies, one of the best performances that explodes into their fastest tempo shot releasing the full power of force and hate, headbanging masterpiece always with the melodic chorus sign of the band, also great job on the solo being as usual perfectly technical leading to an intense ending becoming their best song.

The end is written will be a perfect gem for every doom metal maniac, on top of this, the band's influences let them forge a powerful epic feelings to their compositions, mastering a technical power-doom metal that will be well recognized by the international metal scene.

8 / 10



Released by Steel Gallery Records

Post by Daniel Ortiz for Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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