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Edge of Thorns was formed in 1996 in Germany, releasing three demos until the first full length was released in 2004. Ravenland, being well recieved by the media, the band had line up changes for their following album Masquierading of the wicked in 2007, and after seven long years and hard work, the band, reformed as the definitive line up with Dave Brixius and Jani Nackel as axemasters, Dirk Schmitt on the vocals, Achim Sinzinger on the bass and Joachim Litcher on drums, releasing Insomnia the last 4th April 2014.

Edge of thorns kicks in as a pure power metal band with German influences from early Helloween and Gamma ray, and also drippings of Grave Digger and Accept in terms of structural compositions, guitars in general create a curious and awesome contrast of upper Technical quasi progressive and some times neoclassical style with impulse and raw sound elements; the drums and bass follow the mid fast pace at all moments effectively and finally the vocal style will remind you to Mr Udo vibrato and vocal range but also its appreciable elements from a higher pitched Blackie Lawless from WASP; combining all these factors together you'll find Edge of thorns have their unique sound, even though they are not creating something new to the scene, its a fact that this album heralds a  high quality of genuine german heavy power metal.

After the introduction the band attack straight with Dark side of your life, kicking with a fast pulsed heavy metal anthem with catchy chorus to make an idea of what Edge of thorns have in this album as a good highlight, connected with another mid fast paced power metal shot, Yearning has begun, this time with more epic and melodic power, on the line of Gamma Ray, with remarkable on the vocal sound and the great combo with the back vocals, the guitars demonstrate perfectly the technical progressive side together with the sharp impulsive guitar notes as mentioned above, one of the best of the album.

After a breathtaking guitar shredding introduction, Insomnia comprises one the most modern heavy power metal styles of the album, perfectly fitting on the last Udo or Accept albums, the chorus is intense and powerful, and the vocals work truly sophisticated and theatrical as the gem of the album explodes like a missile of pure heavy speed metal, Metal Unity is literally a masterpiece of the genre, headbanging and moshpiting authentic teutonic style, the vocals are brilliant and the composition is really amazing, guitars make the perfect job producing palm muted riffs and technical solos.

The watchmaker is another top shot of the band comprising part ballad part slow mid pulsed anthem in an ascending intensity boosted by sophisticated guitar shredding and background violins, vocals are amazingly well performed in clean techniques followed by A Carees of souls, starting as a ballad but evolving In a dark, forceful and aggressive track with awesome melodic verses, good progression and harmony within all the band with special mention to the guitar solos, just outstanding.

Walking like a ghost bring some thrash metal drippings in another headbanging fast paced song with a good vocal highs and lows, as Death dealer even improves the pace with excellent double pedal drum performance that lead very well the verses as the chorus comes intense and epic to catch you in the moshpit.

Of hearts that burn will make you break your neck banging your head with a non-stop pounding rhythms with long instrumental intervals as the seven Sins of Arthur mc Gregor epic start bring you to the top going in crescendo with galloping and complex riff and drum combo, the slow mid tempo vocal parts are astonishing and epic but clearly dominated by the virtuous guitar performance.

Is this the way it ends is a good name for an unusual kind of song, but in reality is a melancholic and beautiful act with one of the best vocal interpretations coordinated with piano and violins that finalise the album leaving the listener with the feeling of playing the full length again and again.

Overall the album is all you want to listen for any speed heavy and power metal preferences, the production is crystal clear and the good quality of the record is constantly high, the highlight tracks are numerous but specifically better in the first half of the album, being tha track Metal Unity their best song, so if you like Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, Accept or Tyran Pace, this album should be a must-have in your collection.

9 / 10


Review made by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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