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Convent guilt is a classic heavy metal band from Australia formed in 2010 and releasing their first demo in 2012, they are releasing their first album Guns for hire the next 10th of October 2014, via Cruz del Sur Music (LP) and Shadow kingdom Records (CD).

Their influences comes from the early hard rock like ACDC at some points but adding a good dose of classic NWOBHM all over their compositions, you will find heavy metal elements from Holocaust, Savage or Fist with also epic details seen on bands like Virtue or Overlorde, all of this built over well established 70s heavy metal structure.

Angels in black leather brings you up just like Stand to fight from Virtue does, like a shot of heavy speed metal with certain elements of epic and power verses, exploding with their best chorus becoming their best hit and slowed down with Don't close your eyes, returning to those early ACDC style into scene back again, obviously the blues hard rocker style they spread is enriched with a clear epic heavy metal heart in this intense mid tempo track.

Perverse altar kicks in as a real headbanging fast paced pulse, bringing another top shot of the band, so powerful and well harmonized forging a memorable low pitched chorus, giving a real evil touch to the song, great crescendo at the second half and brilliant ending.

They took her away could be among their most original songs, well played on the vocals dancing with the acoustic guitar perfectly, changing intensity with a really epic mid tempo shot continuing with Desert Brat, a mid tempo hard and heavy track with awesome strong pounding drums, one of their best demonstrations of classic NWOBHM influences also seen in Convicts at arms, this time better composed and more melodic song with a really effective chorus.

Guns for hire is the tittle track, offering the perfect combo of hard rock and early heavy metal revealing the genuine sound of the band, outstanding evolution within this track and excellent job on the instrumentals, accelerating the pulse to a breathtaking fast paced anthem with powerful elements we have Stockade, a hit that will take you to a restless head banging bringing memories of Let it loose by Savage, just awesome!

Guns for hire style is part of a new wave of traditional heavy metal bands that are more influenced by the early roots of classic heavy metal, the oldschool sound is managed at perfection and the vocals offer not only the epic sense of the mid 80s heavy metal bands but also develop a really addictive evil feeling.

Convent guilt got the power and the glory of the new wave of british heavy metal with their first album!

8,5 / 10

Convent guilt are

Dario (guitars)
Matt (acoustic and rhythm guitars)
Brent (drums)
Ian (vocals, bass)



Released by Cruz del Sur Music

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