Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Blood & Iron is a power heavy metal band from India formed in 2005 and released two full lengths, Blood and Iron in 2007 and Dynamite world in 2009, receiving positive feedback by the media, taking a long break and line up changes until they came back to the studio in 2013, releasing their third album Voices of eternity via Pure Steel Records on the 26th of September 2014.
Blood & Iron present a pure heavy metal sound in its essence with a  power metal perfectly melted, the mid high pitched Halford styled vocals works very well into the Iced earth - Grave digger instrumental compositions together with progressive touches. The final line up is based on Ashish and Vikram on the guitars and Praveen on the drums, with the special guests on lead vocals Giles Lavery (from the australian Dragonsclaw) and Youmni (from the band Ascendant from Dubai) taking the back vocals. Vin Nair, lead singer of Dubai-based rock band ‘Vin Sinners’ takes on the part of ‘the Narrator’ on ‘Ghost of a Memory’. Riju “Dr. Hex”, bassist of Mumbai-based metal band “Albatross” handles the bass on ‘Eternal Rites’.
The whole album is forged with very effective choruses, Eternal rites and Legion calls to the traditional power metal with Queensryche influences in a sophisticated headbanging structure and changes of rhythm with awesome chorus and a really epic feeling as the mid fast galloping pulse of Ascendant mixes impulsive powerful chorus also presented in the mid to fast paced Burning bridges, offering higher vocal ranges, being one of the best acts of the record.

Encapsulating the bands sound we find the track Your own voice, with the right touch of progressive, and a headbanging heavy power metal soul also present on tracks like Underground Rebellion, one of the best tracks of the band combining the awesome catchy chorus and forceful verses with thrash influence.

Ghost of a memory starts as an acoustic ballad that very effectively evolves to an intense mid fast tempo bomb, the vocals offer one of the best interpretations of the album with great highs and lows tunes along with an outstanding guitars performance continued by Path not taken, which heralds a mid tempo ballad with a good harmony forging acoustic and electric parts leaded by a remarkable job on the vocals as finally Redemption day kicks in creating a memorable chorus and great compositions with sophisticated drum touches for a perfect ending.

The album offers a great quality in general terms, with powerful and strong attitude, the production is good but could be better, however, what you're gonna be sure , Blood and iron forged a non-stop headbanging record to be included on every metal maniac essentials for this year.

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