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Warrant is a speed heavy metal band from Germany formed in 1983 and released the masterpiece of the genre The Enforcer in 1985, underrated at the moment but becoming a cult speed metal album for all true metalheads around the world.

Warrant are due to release the new full length after 29 years, the next 31st of October, now the band's sound is cleaner with a better production, in general terms the original elements are still there but after all these years the influences have driven the band to create power metal structures, involving more modern drippings.

After an epic instrumental introduction, Asylum accelerates the drums pounding rhythm and changes the pace to a fast and mid tempo  pulse,  remarkable vocals being wild and aggressive with a sharp mid high pitched style continuing with Come and get it, the modern power metal sound combined with speed metal style of the old times, easy chorus to shout on the gigs and a rising pulse progression are the strong points.

You keep me in hell rises to the high speed strong pounding drums, releasing an astonishing epic  feeling, revealing a masterpiece in the album, the chorus is the best one encapsulating the real metal bridge unifying the old and new Warrant style, linked with Blood in the sky, keeping the pace in tempo, mid pulse rhythms with a headbanging structure and the chorus are a great combo here.

Face the death heralds another power metal fast tempo shot adding drippings of thrash metal on the structure and also on the vocal composition combined with a remarkable melodic pattern, as All the king horses comprises a double pedal mid tempo pulsed heavy power metal developing a catchy long hymn as a chorus with a good progression and harmony on the verses.

Nyctophobia evolves with a combination mid fast tempo power metal very well composed track, the progression is outstanding and will be a perfect bomb for the gigs, resulting in one of the most head banging missiles of the band.

Helium head explodes from the silence to a thrashy twisted hard rocker pulse in a forceful interpretation on the vocals that mixes very well the aggressive side and the melodic chorus and bridge with some Iron Maiden elements in it, excellent guitar solo with hard rock feeling along with a double pedal drums, with qualities also present in Don't get mad get even, bomb that will wake up the attention of old warrant fans starting like a speed metal missile as the vocals start in crescendo to one the best bridge and chorus of the album.

Eat me alive is a good example of the combination of old and new Warrant as the verses and instrumental herald the wild riveting speed metal and the catchy chorus present the modern elements, a good highlight of this new album to be followed by Immortal evoking the great speed metal from the old times with a similar structure as The enforcer, one of the best of the album including the most forceful solo around.
The enforcer 2014 and Order of death 2014 are the re recording of  the hits from their 1985 gem of metal, the attitude is presented intact as the performance sounds true and wild, with the epic elements missing in most of the new songs, better quality on the production obviously, they mark a way to follow in the path of the true metal.

After all this demonstration of speed, power, thrash and heavy metal the Labyrinth of the lost finalize the record, as an instrumental highs and lows of intensity that shades to the silence.

Warrant returns after so long and their style continues the legacy of such a true metal band, the result is excellent, keeping in mind the long time in the shadows, the modern influences are normal but still on the true metal line, despite not being on the same level as the enforcer by far, Metal bridge is a powerful heavy metal creation forged with the immortal flames of the roots of the speed metal.

8  / 10



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