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Stallion is a German speed heavy metal band formed in 2013, releasing their first demo with two tracks in June 2013 and the Ep "Mounting the world" in September 2013,

 Rise and ride is their debut album released on 12th September 2014, after the excellent EP that took them, in one year of life, to the front of the NWOTHM scene

Stallion sound is a demonstration of true metal combining the best Classic style of Judas Priest and Accept adding speed power metal drippings from Tyran Pace and Agent Steel; and also clearly influenced by the Canadian speed metalians Skull Fist on melodies, guitar shredding and riffs.

The album starts with the tittle track Rise and Ride, creating a crescendo riff and mid fast pulse that introduces you to the head banging action at the very first minute, high quality sound and palm muted riffs backing a combo of high pitched clean and sharp vocals; true wild metal with a catchy chorus to be shouted at the gigs, bringing memories of Hail and kill by Manowar.

Without a break the band kick in with Wild Stallions, another outstanding masterpiece of speed heavy metal created for true metalheads, these guys know you will rise your fists in the air with a true metal feeling all over, excellent on the chorus and the pulse changes that will leave you breathless for Streets of sin, taking some early Judas Priest elements on the main riff, in a good mid tempo strong pounding rhythms, pure classic heavy metal track connected with Stigmatize, taking back the power and the fury of a high speed pulsed metal, wild and impulsive guitar riffs, solos and vocal melodic elements from Tyran Pace.

The first half of the album is completed with the hit of the band Canadian Steele, the masterpiece that took their first EP to be known worldwide, a pure speed metal gem headbanging from start to finish combining some Skull Fist shredding style and of course the excellent high pitched vocals twisted with clean and sharp harsh combo make this track one of the best of the band's history.

Bill to pay introduces a hard rocker-classic heavy metal style combining a clear German style taken from Accept, even the vocals evokes this specific vibrato technique Udo uses, remarkable palm muted guitar background combo with sharp melodies on the solo as the rhythm of Watch out breaks in offering one of the most melodic vocals interpretation of the album, bringing memories of bands like Enforcer or Skull Fist on the hole sound of the track.

The pulse accelerates to another forceful speed metal track with power metal drippings in The right one, liberating true metal energy once again, denoting the attitude of the band and encapsulating their own style at perfection combining great changes of rhythm, powerful melodies and catchy bridges and chorus.

The devil never sleeps heralds a mid tempo anthem performed along a constant high pitched vocals, great sophisticated instrumentals with changes of rhythm (did you also recognised the first verses of Forever by Y&T in this track?), great shot that takes you to the last track Wooden
Horse, in a mood for some melodic hard rock drippings but keeping the essential true heavy metal of the band, awesome vocal interpretation here as he uses again Udo techniques mixed with clean high pitched parts, guitar melodies make it so epic creating the perfect ending.

Stallion must be very proud of their first album, forged from the roots of the metal god styles, holding the flame of true metal high, these wild Stallions have arrived, and are here to stay!

9 / 10

Stallion is comprised by Pauly (vocals), Axl (guitar), Oli G. (guitar), Nicki Schnicki (bass) and Aaron (drums).


2014-09-19 GERMANY Wiesau, Storm Crusher Festival 
2014-09-20 GERMANY Munich, Backstage Halle
2014-09-21 ITALY Milan, Barrio’s Club
2014-09-23 FRANCE Luynes, Aix Le Korigan 
2014-09-24 SPAIN Barcelona, Razzmatazz 3 
2014-09-25 SPAIN Valencia, Rock City
2014-09-26 SPAIN Madrid, Sala Live 
2014-09-27 SPAIN Zaragoza, La Casa del Loco 
2014-09-28 SPAIN Erandio, Sala Sonora
2014-09-29 FRANCE Paris, Glazert 
2014-09-30 BELGIUM Antwerpen, Kavka
2014-10-01 NETHERLANDS Tilburg, Little Devil 
2014-10-02 GERMANY Stuttgart, Cann 
2014-10-03 GERMANY Siegburg, Kubana 
2014-10-04 GERMANY Bochum, Matrix
2014-10-05 GERMANY Frankfurt, Nachtleben (DE)
2014-10-06 CZECH REPUBLIC Prague, Storm Club 
2014-10-07 AUSTRIA Wien, Escape 
2014-10-08 GERMANY Erfurt, From Hell
2014-10-09 GERMANY Berlin, K17 
2014-10-10 GERMANY Hamburg, Markhalle 
2014-10-11 GERMANY Tauberbischofsheim, Sporthalle Dittigheim
2014-10-12 GERMANY Lindau, Vaudeville 
2014-10-25 GERMANY Brauschweig / Germany, Schabreu
2014-12-06 GERMANY Waldbronn, Soundcheck One
2015-01-23 GERMANY Leipzig, Hellraiser
2015-01-24 GERMANY Essen, Turock
2015-06-04 GERMANY Geiselwind, Out & Loud Festival

Produced by High Roller Records

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