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Stranger Blaze is a speed thrash metal band from Mexico formed in 2010 by Eliud Urdiales (vocalist) and Albert Garcia (former guitarist), step by step creating the band's sound and eventually changing members until the release of their first EP Let destruction begins in 2011 touring nationally and after changing guitarist adding Brandon Reyes the release of their first full length Let destruction begins came to light in july 2013, touring Mexico and Colombia and receiving great recognition nationally and internationally.

Stranger Blaze is actually working in their second album, Soulbreaker.

The band is finally comprised by Alberto on the bass, Eliud on the vocals, Adolfo Sanchez on the drums and Brandon on the guitar.

Prayer of tyrants opens the album with one of the best creations of the band with a straight fast tempo speed thrash metal missile that alternates from slow to mid and fast pulsed rhythms, the composition is excellent and the harmony is nearly perfect by all members of the band, taking you to 2010 the prophecy, heralding a typical thrash pounding rhythm adding a clear speed metal riff, strong and straight harsh vocals on mid and high pitched shots are the ingredients that will take you to the moshpit right away.

Lacking of reason evokes the mid tempo thrash pulse seen on Metallica style, creating a catchy chorus and deserving to be another top track of the band perfectly linked with Assassins letter, track that combines an early Metallica style with strong vocal shots, losing grip on the cleared vocal parts but still riveting like hell on a rhythm changing instrumentals.

Death machine is created effectively with three different pure old-school thrash metal riffs, simple and headbanging, this track doesn't need anything else, its just as wild as thrash should be and with no break links to No fear, excellent track that goes increscendo to another catchy true thrash metal rhythm, on the pace of the band's average which is great already, this song is stronger and the vocal hateful shots are just outstanding.

Above the nations attack you with no mercy in another moshpiting true speed thrash bomb, on the line of bands like Razor or the recent Evil Invaders, the chorus come from within forceful verses like a strike from a hammer.

Rage is the most convenient name for this song, releasing a bomb of mid tempo hate with an excellent interpretation continued by the last track on the list, Thrash demolition, explodes with true thrash force in an anthem that will be a masterpiece of the genre, combining Exodus and Slayer best styles, the best track of the album that will kill you on the moshpit wrecking your  necks with this furious mass destruction attack, just astonishing my friends.

Stranger blaze take the roots of thrash metal to create a mass destructive thrash metal attack with this album, the production is not the best, but eventually will improve because the great quality of the compositions, simple but really effective!

7,5 / 10



Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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