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Grave Digger is a Heavy Power metal band from Germany, formed in 1980 as a speed metal band and evolved with the time to a heavy power metal band having released sixteen albums (with band name changes included) becoming one of the main heavy power metal bands on the scene. The Return of the reaper was released last July the 11th 2014 via Napalm Records featuring Chris Boltendahl as vocalist, Stefan on the drums, Katzenburg on the keyboard, Jens on the bass and Axel on the guitars.

The album start with the dark atmospheric piano of the Return of the reaper, awesomely attacked by the powerful speed metal riff of Hell funeral as one of the top tracks on the usual grave digger structure, catchy chorus and forceful riff that will make you bang your head. Wargod release a perfect synchronized palm mutes riffs with double pedal start unveiling a mid tempo fist in the air heavy metal track followed by one of the gems of this release, Tattooed rider, starting with a clear reminiscence to the synths of turbo era of Judas priest, this track develops a genuine heavy metal pulse, with the sign of the true German power metal, and an awesomely epic chorus with remarkable high pitched vocals on the background to sing along.

Ressurrection day is forged with a power progressive metal riff combining changes of pulse followed by Season of the witch, another surprise of this album, mid tempo pulse with strong guitar riffs that goes increscendo bringing memories from the warriors of the world track by manowar, but in this case combining a pure grave digger chorus, remarkable doom metal influenced bridge and outstanding composition in general and specially in the second half.

Road rage killer bring back this speed metal from within grave digger soul, headbanging track that will leave you breathless and hungry for more, and these guys are ready to attack again with Grave descrator, mid tempo heavy metal missile that keeps the pace in quality, being also awesome to play on the gigs involving band and crowd.

Satan's host take reminiscences of Motorhead on the instrumental and structure, with drippings of power metal, another demonstration of headbanging action linked with Dia de los muertos bringing an addictive mid tempo strong rhythm with drippings of hard rocker melodies.

Its the turn for a real masterpiece in the album, Death smiles at all of us, a mid fast pulsed heavy metal bomb heralding the best composed riff, developing a great harmony on the instrumental, creating changes of rhythm on verses and bridge awesomely well performed, and perfectioned with a catchy chorus to remember, being a good highlight of the album and the energy that grave digger still have.
Nothing to believe is the ballad, one of the few this band have composed; very emotive and intense, from the sad and amazingly well interpreted verses to the powerful chorus, ending in a shade to the deep silence.

Definitely this is the best Grave Digger creation since their 2003 album Rheingold, with most of the tracks being better than their average, and even though the strategy is mostly the same in their composition, in general every track will satisfy the fans hunger.
Tracks like Tattooed rider, Season of the witch and Dead smiles at all of us are the real masterpieces being better than the rest of the songs, truly highlights of the record.

The reaper is back and fully charged of speed power metal!

8,5 / 10




Grave Digger Tour 2014

06.11.14 DE - Saarbrücken / Garage

07.11.14 DE - München / Backstage

08.11.14 DE - Andernach / JUZ

20.11.14 DE - Frankfurt / Batschkapp

21.11.14 DE - Speyer / Halle 101

22.11.14 DE - Glauchau / Alte Spinnerei

23.11.14 CZ - Zlin / Masters of Rock Cafe

27.11.14 CH - Pratteln / Z7

28.11.14 DE - Regensburg / Airport Straubing

29.11.14 DE - Lahstedt/Peine / Black Hand Inn

05.12.14 DE - Lichtenfels / Stadthalle

06.12.14 IT - Milan / House of Ashes

07.12.14 DE - Ludwigsburg / Rofa

26.12.14 DE - Berlin / C-Club

27.12.14 DE - Rostock / Moya

28.12.14 DE - Hamburg / Markthalle

29.12.14 DE - Bochum / Zeche


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