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Forensick is a traditional heavy metal band from Southern Germany, founded in 2010, the style lies between the melodic heavy metal and early power metal drippings, on the line of bands like Praying Mantis, Saracen, Tygers of pan tang or Bronz, forging a world of mid tempo pounding rhythm patterns, sophisticated compositions combining melodic clean mid range vocals with falsetto high pitched parts.
 Forensick is comprised by Tobias Hubner on the vocals, Stephan Vogt and Matthias Ehmig on the axes, Andreas on the bass and Julian Rocco on the drums. The band released their first album in 2012 having really positive feedback by the media like Metal Hammer or Rockhard Magazine. The Prophecy is their second full length and was released in July 2014 under Pure Underground Records.

The album opens with Hero of the day, developing a good galloping introduction leading to an excellent bridge and one of the best composed chorus of the album linked with a gem of the new wave of traditional heavy metal pure style, Doomsday machine, probably the most memorable verses of the band, so epic composition with changing pulses will make you bang your heads, specially in the fast paced solo.

A hard rocker riff introduces the track Dark secret, cached between melodic hard rock and heavy metal worlds, a mid tempo epic song with an outstanding composition and excellent changes of vocal lows and high pitched parts, linked with time of resistance, opening an increscendo missile of pure classic heavy metal, a real masterpiece with forceful straight vocal parts mix with the usual melodic style creating a true epic metal atmosphere, remarkable the job on the guitars also with an excellent coordination and harmony.

Rising from the silence to another traditional heavy metal pulse When the war begins, astonishing changes of rhythm with galloping riffs and drumbeats on verses and chorus, bringing memories from the symptom of the universe by black Sabbath, clearly a top track and a highlight of the band's style.

Beast within style is on the style of the nwobhm melodic heavy metal band Praying Mantis, (remember Only the children cry or nowhere to hide songs) and boosted with a stronger side taken from the roots of the speed metal, awesome the progression in this track, continued by the ballad of this full length, Lonesome words, outstanding the vocal interpretation in this one, the feeling created is intense and powerful.

Like a shot from a gun begins the track New reality, with a palm muted guitar riff, mid fast pounding drums and a crescendo structure on the vocal part exploding in a long effective chorus, pure old school classic heavy metal sound.
The tittle track, The prophecy is the last in line, combining the hard rocker and heavy metal riffs with galloping drums, heralding the most epic verses of the album, beautiful melodic parts sign of the band, the vocals reminds me a lot to Y&T and that's something remarkably great.

The prophecy by Forensick is composed with memorable melodic moments but still cuts with a sharp edged dangerous style, like a killer melodic heavy metal raised from the roots of the hard rock and NWOBHM; it could be more aggressive at some parts in need of more action, but still an excellent creation that will be followed by legions of true metal fans.

8 / 10



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Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union WB

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