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Alltheniko is a heavy speed metal band from Italy founded in 2002 and released four full lengths of authentic true metal, We Will Fight (2006), Devasterpiece (2008), Millenium Re-Burn (2011) and then the band signed with Pure Steel Records to release Back in 2066 (2012) and the upcoming album, Fast and Glorious, coming the next 5th of December.

Alltheniko creates an authentic epic heavy speed metal style defined by influences from the epic side of Manowar to the fast sharp metal of Judas Priest, with power metal elements making the final result a forceful epic bomb, on the line of speed metal bands like Exciter, Revenge, Savage Grace or Sentinel beast; the way the band compose is sophisticated in every sense, drums and guitar change rhythms and alternate riffs and solos virtuously in a technical way but also forge different impulsive guitar roars with speed heavy, thrash and power metal drippings, even sometimes kicking in with death metal shots ; the vocals are using different techniques at perfection, raw and aggressive with Udo sharp vibrato and also clean high pitched missiles that emphasise the whole sound.

Tank of death attack straight with head banging speed metal riffs, in one of those mosh pit invitations of pure speed heavy metal action, as sudden death metal riffs sound that clearly evolve to another speed metal track in Fast and Glorious, this time adding more power metal elements enforced with a well forged melodic chorus.

The action keeps the breathtaking speed metal pace, this time in one of the most complex song, KaiserSteel, changing rhythms and adding acoustic parts, but keeping the usual aggressive force at galloping mid tempo parts as well as fast epic death metal instrumental elements where the voice remains clean and powerful at every moment.

One of the best tracks of all belongs to Holy war, holy fighters, a mid fast tempo pure heavy metal hit with power metal details, where the vocals are performed with astonishing melodies of high and lows together with a technically perfect guitar act, the composition is great and the chorus is catchy as well as the structural progression.

The high quality of the album continues with Scream for Exciter as another aggressive powerful speed metal in this non stop headbanging work, continued with Spirit of war, where the instrumentals remains in harmony with an outstanding performance, the bridge and chorus are one of the most epic and powerful shots of the album, some verses even bring memories of a mix of Warlock and the Walls of Jericho style by Helloween.

The bells of hell sound for Power to Rebel, forceful and epic, mid fast paced song introducing low pitched harsh and growling parts performed really well creating a venomous dark atmosphere and linked with The Arenas God as another accelerated and sophisticated heavy metal with epic melodies that attack with intensity on the chorus, marking another highlights for the album.
Finally the well-known riffs of power and the glory by Saxon kick in as a loyal cover from the Italians, adding the own band's style, and honestly, the result is amazing! Just the perfect ending for an excellent job of pure true metal.

The album is once more another top shot from Alltheniko, coming back stronger than ever with such a powerful album, riveting from start to finish, will become one of the top albums of the year, this real masterpiece will be an essential for true metalheads!

9 / 10

Alltheniko are
David Nightflight on bass and vocals
Joe Boneshaker on guitars

Luke the Idol on drums


Release by Pure Steel records

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