Thursday, 27 November 2014


Trial is a classic heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2007, releasing their first album in 2010 called The primordial temple, receiving really positive feedback from the media and after an EP (Malicious arts) and a single (Where man becomes all) due to be released next 28th November, the band have ready what it's going to be their second full length, Vessel, due to be released next 21st of January of 2015 via High Roller Records

Trial comprise the dark symphonies from Mercyful fate, present with the high pitched and clean vocals following a minor scaled melodies into a purely heavy and power metal pulse, bringing also US epic elements and drippings of NWOBHM in the compositions, mostly sophisticated with plenty of changes of rhythms and technical details.

The album start with the tittle track Vessel, ascending from a powerful acoustic intro to an intense mid tempo anthem, where the doom elements are present under the high pitched melodic vocals, continuing with To new ends, one of the best of the band, the fast paced breathtaking drumbeats are perfectly combined with the powerful and backed vocal verses, with also a special mention to the guitar performance on the solos and so on the dark melodies that creates a really forceful theme.

Ecstasy waltz come back with the doom metal dance in a slow to mid tempo track boosted with a high intensity on the vocal play that brilliantly goes high and low easily along the verses as Through bewilderment give you the epic side to the mixture in a headbanging mid tempo and melodic bomb, one of the best compositions of the band and also a good highlight of the album.

A ruined world and where man becomes all comprises the epic and dark feeling with the powerful fast paced heavy metal represented with theatrical vocal action, mostly the ingredients seen on Mercyful fate.

But Trial left the best for the end, Restless blood, a masterpiece of 13 minutes of acoustic and exploding electric guitars with dark melodies where the details on the drum performance are overwhelming, the vocals play his best shot here as the highs and low pitched styles collide with sharp, raw and clean sections, the interpretation in conclusion is just outstanding, as well as the structure of the song, surprising at the second half as it ascends to the final headbanging ending.

Trial will break the ice being one of the first albums of 2015, they managed to improve their previous works creating a true masterpiece in terms of composition and high technical level on the instrumentals, the vocals need some more control at some parts, but no doubt about it, the vocalist made an astonishing job contrasting low and highs really powerfully; add to this that the album is a non stop headbanging from beginning to the end, and the result is brilliant! Welcome to the new wave of dark traditional heavy metal.

8 / 10


Andréas Olsson Bass
Martin Svensson Drums
Alexander Ellström  Guitars 
Andreas Johnsson    Guitars
Linus Johansson Vocals



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