Thursday, 27 November 2014


Trial is a classic heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2007, releasing their first album in 2010 called The primordial temple, receiving really positive feedback from the media and after an EP (Malicious arts) and a single (Where man becomes all) due to be released next 28th November, the band have ready what it's going to be their second full length, Vessel, due to be released next 21st of January of 2015 via High Roller Records

Trial comprise the dark symphonies from Mercyful fate, present with the high pitched and clean vocals following a minor scaled melodies into a purely heavy and power metal pulse, bringing also US epic elements and drippings of NWOBHM in the compositions, mostly sophisticated with plenty of changes of rhythms and technical details.

The album start with the tittle track Vessel, ascending from a powerful acoustic intro to an intense mid tempo anthem, where the doom elements are present under the high pitched melodic vocals, continuing with To new ends, one of the best of the band, the fast paced breathtaking drumbeats are perfectly combined with the powerful and backed vocal verses, with also a special mention to the guitar performance on the solos and so on the dark melodies that creates a really forceful theme.

Ecstasy waltz come back with the doom metal dance in a slow to mid tempo track boosted with a high intensity on the vocal play that brilliantly goes high and low easily along the verses as Through bewilderment give you the epic side to the mixture in a headbanging mid tempo and melodic bomb, one of the best compositions of the band and also a good highlight of the album.

A ruined world and where man becomes all comprises the epic and dark feeling with the powerful fast paced heavy metal represented with theatrical vocal action, mostly the ingredients seen on Mercyful fate.

But Trial left the best for the end, Restless blood, a masterpiece of 13 minutes of acoustic and exploding electric guitars with dark melodies where the details on the drum performance are overwhelming, the vocals play his best shot here as the highs and low pitched styles collide with sharp, raw and clean sections, the interpretation in conclusion is just outstanding, as well as the structure of the song, surprising at the second half as it ascends to the final headbanging ending.

Trial will break the ice being one of the first albums of 2015, they managed to improve their previous works creating a true masterpiece in terms of composition and high technical level on the instrumentals, the vocals need some more control at some parts, but no doubt about it, the vocalist made an astonishing job contrasting low and highs really powerfully; add to this that the album is a non stop headbanging from beginning to the end, and the result is brilliant! Welcome to the new wave of dark traditional heavy metal.

8 / 10


Andréas Olsson Bass
Martin Svensson Drums
Alexander Ellström  Guitars 
Andreas Johnsson    Guitars
Linus Johansson Vocals



Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Wretch is a US power metal band from Ohio, USA, formed in 1983 and releasing only a demo in 1989 called Rise to power, and taking a long lull until 2004, releasing a promo of their new material and bringing a full length two years later called Reborn. After a compilation and the new EP Rise to power where the band re-recorded key tracks from their career like the tittle one, the band was ready to develop what is gonna be their second album, under the name of Warrior, coming next 5th of December via Pure Steel Records.

Wretch comprises a genuine power metal made in the US, bringing the epic melodies to the top and main element, where intensity is used very effectively creating headbanging moments where fans of Manilla Road, Metal Inquisitor or even Glacier will just become legion right away.

Vocals are clean and purely epic on melodies on the line of the above mentioned bands as guitars relay on basic and impulsive elements combined with technical drumbeats; into madness opens as instrumental intro to Sleepless nights, rising the mid tempo epic metal to a head banging true metal anthem, remarkable drum parts and vocal interpretation as The ones continue with an ascending structure from a bass beginning to explode in a catchy fast paced track with furious and intense vocal parts are outstanding.

Warriors, the tittle track just attack with true metal force, one of the best of the album and brilliantly structured with changes of rhythms emphasizing the powerful chorus in contrast with fast paced verses as Fallen from grace create another epic anthem, mid paced and slightly more modern melodies, equally riveting and instrumentally brilliant.

Sacrifice will be for sure the best track of the band as its catchy from the beginning, keeping the epic power ascending from the first second, the highs and lows made by the vocalist is purely true metal In its essence, and also the remarkably technical guitars with the structural progression forge a forceful act as the next track All I see kicks bringing memories from the power metal made by Michael Kiske (but after his Helloween era) creating an addictive chorus and obviously enriched by the own sound from the band.

Sword and stone and Death of Innocence heralds some of the most intense and of course epic Manilla road style hits, good job between guitar riffs, solos and pounding drumbeats, being true highlights of the album and definitely defining the band's sound.

If The galloping riffs and mid paced rhythm of Never Again bring you more fuel to the fire, the top shot of Watching the world will literally explode in your brain, comprising a headbanging and powerful compositions.

Then its time for the ballad In those eyes, acoustic from the beginning to the end and made with excellent melodies but lacking from the potency it could have had if electric guitars come
into action, however the guitars are excellent creating a perfect harmony with the vocal performance.

Rain bring back the furious epic style for the last time, with an outstanding performance on the drums and axes, on the average quality of the rest of The album, which is great.

Wretch worked hard for an excellent album, that bring the epic side of true metal as their main flag, the best are the great compositions, forging memorable songs that will pass the test of time; even though might not be album of the year, these guys will make you bang your head and scream with the fist in the air under a world of warriors, battles and steel.


Ron Emig – vocals 
Michael Stephenson – guitars  
Nick Giannakos – guitars 
Tim Frederick – bass 
Evan Gottschalk – drums 


Release by Pure Steel Records

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Air Raid just released their new album Point of Impact, via High Roller Records. You can check the complete review here

The band is doing a release party in Goteborg the next 12th December together with Ambush.
You can buy the new album Point of Impact here

Born of fire released their new album Dead winter sun, last 14th November via Pure Steel Records and also Mortician released finally their Shout for heavy metal, follow the links for the complete reviews/


Renegade, Space Vacation and Alltheniko are releasing new albums the next 5th December, check the reviews following the links

Renegade - Thunder knows no mercy
Alltheniko - Fast and glorioius

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Repulsor is a polish speed thrash metal band formed in 2010, with only a demo and one Ep released in 2013, and re-released by Thrashing Madness label in 2014; the band drink straight from the roots of forceful thrash metal bands like Exodus or Razor, with loads of technical palm muted riffs at high speed drum shots, the vocals make the job efficiently with harsh and sharp high pitched techniques in general, forged for the head banging action without a break.

Toxic Tomorrow demonstrates straight away what the band is all about, as the drums explode in a sudden impact attack of high speed and breathtaking metal, the guitar riffs find the harmony alternating palm muted shots with shredding parts; as RMDH (real monsters die hard) attack without mercy in another authentic and aggressive thrash anthem with an excellent structure that will keep you in the moshpit, and comprising effectively the band's sound.

After the acoustic lull of The Summoning, the impressive riffs of To the coven take the action in one of their best hits of fast paced, raw and angry speed thrash metal, this time the guitars and vocals create a powerful and very straight chorus, those to be screamed at the gigs with the fists in the air, linked with Killing Instinct, creating a funny intro that obviously explodes like an atomic bomb in another top shot of the band, this time the ultra fast is combined with powerful mid tempo parts, denoting a good level of composition with remarkable job in the bridge and chorus.

The drum attack of Stained Heritage is the last of this Ep, including some power-thrash, palm muted and more melodic riffs, where fast and mid tempo dance in harmony always with a neck breaking feeling.

Being the first Ep, Repulsor forged a professional job, making clear what true speed thrash metal is all about, with Trapped in a nightmare there is no need to innovate yet, but following the path and being already on the level of bands like Havok, Crisix or Angelus Apatrida is without a doubt exceptional, the thrashing machinery of Repulsor is ready to attack!

8 / 10


Actual line up
Strzała - Vocals/Bass
Jeff - Drums

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Renegade is a heavy metal band form Italy formed in 2005, releasing three full lengths, Too hard to die in 2006, Straight to the top in 2008 and W.A.R. in 2010, then after the compilation Can't stop the fire in 2013, the band signed a deal with Pure Steel Records.

Renegade forge a 90s US power metal seen on bands like Queensrÿche, but also introducing some epic moments more proper from bands like Manowar, the vocals are clean high pitched and melodic, but mastering the aggressive side at the same time, the guitars are powerful and melodic, with influences from the European power and speed metal, technical and virtuous but also with some roots of blues in some solos; all these combined with an effective double pedal drumbeats and fast paced rhythms is in their new album, called Thunder knows no mercy, coming next 5th of December via Pure Steel Records.

The album starts with Nobody lives forever as a mid tempo power metal track, bringing memories from Queensrÿche continued by a sudden explosion of speed metal called The world is dying, the riffs fly with fast palm muted elements as the vocals shot in an aggressive power, really headbanging track with an excellent chorus and outstanding composition with special mention in the solo, being one of the true highlights of the album.

Into the flame slows a bit the pace and come back with the mid tempo double pedal drumbeats, creating one of the best choruses and really good guitar job all over the track, as the epic bomb of Awaiting the storm starts in one of those Manowar-true metal style acts, with a mid tempo marching troops rhythms, the structure is epic and the harmony within all band members is excellent, with a really good interpretation by the vocalist in another top track in the album.

The endless day contains some interesting galloping riffs and good melodic guitar riffs in a mid fast paced brilliantly composed song linked with Screaming on the edge, as another impulsive speed metal bomb under the influence of Tyran Pace and Manowar, the slow parts are outstandingly strong and then to explode to a head banging, powerful and fast parts resulting in one of the most memorable acts of the band.

Trail of tears make a good and intense contrast of acoustic and forceful mid tempo structure with crescendo patterns including one of the best chorus, as the intensity grows to a real head-banging theme.

Thunder knows no mercy is the last track of the album as it develops a mid paced track with strong drumbeats, not at their best here but including good instrumental details.

Renegade is about to release Thunder knows no mercy and overall its an outstanding creation by the Italians, the compositions are brilliant resulting in a riveting creation from the start, with impressive fast, melodic and powerful metal in different shades of potency.

8 / 10

Line up
Stefano Senesi – vocals 
Damiano Ammannati – guitars 
Riccardo Viciani – bass 
Andrea Ammannati  – drums 


Release by Pure Steel Records

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Space Vacation is a classic heavy metal band from San Francisco formed in 2008 and releasing the first album Space Vacation in 2009, and second attack called Heart Attack in 2012 with positive feedback from the media. Now the third album is coming the next 5th of december, and it continues and improves what they have done before...
Space vacation combines the US melodic heavy metal touch with the furious flames of the speed metal and the soul of the NWOBHM reminding to bands like early Praying mantis, Bronz or Diamond head, the mix result in a really effective performance that take the listener back to the early mid eighties.

After On your Feet, the epic introduction that open the album, the sudden speed metal attack of More is more well defines the band style, pure headbanging power in a fast paced song where the clean high pitched vocals performs amazingly well, and the guitars remains technical and sharp as the galloping mid fast riffs of Rolling Thunder explodes in a crescendo pattern, the verses herald an outstanding progression on the drums performance and the vocal style bring memories from Y&T sounds.

Cosmic Vanguard is the best song of the album, the riffs are sharp, catchy and remains in good harmony with the vocal evolution, the bass also mark one of his best parts drawing Synchronized scales with a mid fast strong pounding drumbeats, this track encapsulates the bands sound very well being one of those masterpieces that the listener will replay again and again.

Get down and Witch wizard will take you back in time once more with drippings of mid paced, melodic hard rock sounds but always keeping that British heavy metal elements, with remarkable job by the guitars act continued by another mid Tempo shot, The Living Damned, creating an impressive dual guitar melodies on the verses to change to an intense and more traditional bridge, combining riffs and shredding with the chorus.

Say my name take the early NWOBHM elements adding power metal drippings, brilliant job on the backing vocals resulting from a superb composition, the bassist play an excellent role emphasizing key moments prior to the solo and the chorus; same way for Eye to eye, more melodic though and hard rocker patterns comprising a good contrast with aggressive drum style.

Then the machine gun-like drumbeats attack combining explosive speed metal riffs with Battle Jacket, forging a style with fast elements from Skull Fist and melodic parts from White wizzard if compared with new bands, but obviously with NWOBHM roots, this track is another top headbanging shot from Space Vacation.

Last in line is Land of steel, including epic elements on top of the early heavy metal patterns, with galloping riffs that will make you scream with a fist in the air.

Space vacation demonstrated they are able to combine the best melodic hard rock together with the speed metal, enriching the bomb with power and epic drippings, the result couldn't be other than a wild and catchy masterpiece, added to a brilliant production and inspirational compositions, Space Vacation will take you to the top and back in time, coming next December.

8,5 / 10

Space Vacation are 

vocals, guitars - Scott Shapiro

guitars - Kiyoshi Morgan

drums - Cubby Baumann

bass - Mark Shapiro



Release by Pure Steel Records

Support these guys! buy their album Heart attack now!

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Alltheniko is a heavy speed metal band from Italy founded in 2002 and released four full lengths of authentic true metal, We Will Fight (2006), Devasterpiece (2008), Millenium Re-Burn (2011) and then the band signed with Pure Steel Records to release Back in 2066 (2012) and the upcoming album, Fast and Glorious, coming the next 5th of December.

Alltheniko creates an authentic epic heavy speed metal style defined by influences from the epic side of Manowar to the fast sharp metal of Judas Priest, with power metal elements making the final result a forceful epic bomb, on the line of speed metal bands like Exciter, Revenge, Savage Grace or Sentinel beast; the way the band compose is sophisticated in every sense, drums and guitar change rhythms and alternate riffs and solos virtuously in a technical way but also forge different impulsive guitar roars with speed heavy, thrash and power metal drippings, even sometimes kicking in with death metal shots ; the vocals are using different techniques at perfection, raw and aggressive with Udo sharp vibrato and also clean high pitched missiles that emphasise the whole sound.

Tank of death attack straight with head banging speed metal riffs, in one of those mosh pit invitations of pure speed heavy metal action, as sudden death metal riffs sound that clearly evolve to another speed metal track in Fast and Glorious, this time adding more power metal elements enforced with a well forged melodic chorus.

The action keeps the breathtaking speed metal pace, this time in one of the most complex song, KaiserSteel, changing rhythms and adding acoustic parts, but keeping the usual aggressive force at galloping mid tempo parts as well as fast epic death metal instrumental elements where the voice remains clean and powerful at every moment.

One of the best tracks of all belongs to Holy war, holy fighters, a mid fast tempo pure heavy metal hit with power metal details, where the vocals are performed with astonishing melodies of high and lows together with a technically perfect guitar act, the composition is great and the chorus is catchy as well as the structural progression.

The high quality of the album continues with Scream for Exciter as another aggressive powerful speed metal in this non stop headbanging work, continued with Spirit of war, where the instrumentals remains in harmony with an outstanding performance, the bridge and chorus are one of the most epic and powerful shots of the album, some verses even bring memories of a mix of Warlock and the Walls of Jericho style by Helloween.

The bells of hell sound for Power to Rebel, forceful and epic, mid fast paced song introducing low pitched harsh and growling parts performed really well creating a venomous dark atmosphere and linked with The Arenas God as another accelerated and sophisticated heavy metal with epic melodies that attack with intensity on the chorus, marking another highlights for the album.
Finally the well-known riffs of power and the glory by Saxon kick in as a loyal cover from the Italians, adding the own band's style, and honestly, the result is amazing! Just the perfect ending for an excellent job of pure true metal.

The album is once more another top shot from Alltheniko, coming back stronger than ever with such a powerful album, riveting from start to finish, will become one of the top albums of the year, this real masterpiece will be an essential for true metalheads!

9 / 10

Alltheniko are
David Nightflight on bass and vocals
Joe Boneshaker on guitars

Luke the Idol on drums


Release by Pure Steel records

Previous releases

Tuesday, 4 November 2014



The speed heavy metal band Warrant finally released their new album Metal Bridge the 31st of October via Pure Steel Records, this is their second album after almost 30 years since their first album, The enforcer, considered a masterpiece of the genre and becoming cult material for true metalheads.

You can buy now the album Metal Bridge



Thunderwar, the epic death metal from Poland are now entering the Hertz Studio (where bands like Vader also recorded) to record their first album, now in an early stage but due to be released soon next year, more news and details coming soon!

Check the review of their first EP Birth of thunder here

Follow the band on Facebook!



The new spanish traditional heavy metal band Thunderheart have signed deal with the germans Killer Metal records and is due to release their first album Night of the warriors on February 2015, the band is formed by ex Steelhorse guitar Willy Gascon, Ricardo Lazaro (Calibre Zero) on the drums and Javier Pastor (guitars on Wild) as vocalist.

Follow more news on their official Facebook Page



The heavy metal band STUD have officially released their second album Rust on the rose, the 31st of October promoted by Metal Revelation check now the review!

You can read an interview with the band here

Buy the album here


Mortician is releasing their album Shout for Heavy metal the next 14th of November and now you can pre order following this link

Also Born of Fire are releasing their album Dead Winter Sun the same day, and its possible to preorder it as well here!

Both bands are releasing their material via Pure Steel Records

Check the review of Shout for Heavy Metal by Mortician