Saturday, 27 September 2014


Mausoleum Gate was born in 2008 in Finland as classic heavy metal band, releasing their first EP in 2010 "Gateways for the wicked" having the chance to gig together with bands like Sarcofagus or Cloven Hoof. After some line up changes, the band finally was completed with axemasters Count LaFey and Kasperi Puranen, Oscar Razanez on drums, Wicked Ischanius on the bass and VP Varpula as vocalist; creating their first single in 2013, Obsessed by metal, and signing with Cruz del Sur Records for their first full length coming next 10th of October 2014, under the name Mausoleum Gate.

Mausoleum gate reveals one of the most promising performs of the year, in matter of a style combining the 70s hard rock heavy metal with the early NWOBHM, sharp melodic guitars and a Deep Purple vocal style, as it starts with the fast paced Magic of the Gypsy queen when Rainbow meets Deep Purple, developing an excellent rhythm with even forceful verses taking you to the top with a straight powerful chorus, and continuing with the roots of 70s heaviest patterns, Demon Druid kicks in as a mid tempo act with a remarkable progression that will take you back in time based on the sound and also on the attitude.

As we continue through this time machine with Lost beyond the sun, the drums reveal a ballad that could be the equivalent of the Temple of the king by Rainbow but with added dose of powerful intensity, changes of pulse and an outstanding interpretation, a true masterpiece from a new band.

Accelerating the pulse we have two pure classic heavy metal tracks, the impulsive headbanging Mercenaries of steel on one hand and There must be demons on the other hand, bringing an early Iron Maiden sensation all over the track mixed with brilliant epic drippings.
The best is yet to come to finalize the album, the tittle track Mausoleum Gate heralds a 12 minutes masterpiece as they take the listener to an epic trip of high intensity verses, with slow mid tempo pulsed rhythms, with one of those true metal chorus to be remembered, performed along a crescendo structure that effectively comprises the sound of the band.

Mausoleum gate debut full length will be an impact on the classic heavy metal scene, offering influences from Uriah Heep, Rainbow or Deep purple on one side but also influenced by the steel of Judas Priest or Iron Maiden at their early stages, creating their own sound, with remarkable work on the keyboards and guitars in every single track.

Mausoleum Gate released a cult masterpiece album that every NWOBHM maniac will like! 

9 / 10

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