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Bloodred is a blackened death metal band with epic influences, formed in 2009 in Stuttgart by Ron Merz, being a solo band with him composing and playing all the instruments, recording the first EP released in June 2014 digitally with physical copies in August, Joris Nihenkuis recorded all the drums, leaving the band as a studio project at the moment.

Bloodred drink from the roots of the blackened death metal as they well demonstrate on the first track Spirits of the death, the drums heralds a sophisticated performance changing death and black metal style with the guitars, even showing parts of folk melodies; the essential epic structure is present and goes in crescendo to become the key point of this song.

The harsh and growling techniques on the vocals are correctly managed and boost the final sound to a forceful and headbanging feeling, special mention to the vocal performance on their second and final track of their EP, The lost ones, playing with death and thrash metal elements backed by a remarkably headbanging galloping pulse, evolving in intensity and finalising with folk based notes within an epic and powerful structure.

Bloodred managed a crystal clear production on their first creation, well feed by sophisticated compositions, a gem of the genre with just the first EP!

8,5 / 10


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