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Johnny Touch is a Traditional Heavy-Speed metal band from Victoria, Australia, formed in 2008 and releasing their first demo in 2010 and a couple of splits in 2012 and 2013, to finally sign with Shadow Kingdom Records releasing their first and very awaited full length called Inner City Wolves

The current line up consist in Pahl Hodgson as Lead Vocals, Jamie Whyte on Lead Guitar, Inphiltrator on the  Bass Guitar and Denimal on drums.

Johnny touch combines a style taken straight from the true metal flames from the 80s, being quite appreciable elements of Judas Priest, Dio or Maiden, among essential touches from the NWOBHM, also enhanced with technical instrumental patterns where guitar shredding and detailed drum compositions are melted on the band's soul, special mention to the high pitched and sharp vocal style,remembering cult bands like Oliver Magnum and creating the basic environment to be included in the true metal scene like bands such as Metal law, Razorwyre or Air Raid among others, becoming part of this huge explosion of true metal worldwide.

The album starts with It's alright, perfectly follows the description of the style above, pure 80s heavy metal, non-stop headbanging piece with an excellent performance on the vocal parts with high and low pitched parts continued by The Metal embrace, curiously bringing good memories from the Dio hit We Rock, but evolving in a darker and more aggressive structure, the vocals are well backed and the chorus is catchy and really effective.

Lady stutter goes in ascending intensity from acoustic to a mid tempo melodic ballad, great play on the vocals, the technical drums and guitar shredding, but what its superb from this track is the progression, with galloping pulse evolving to an epic ending.

Radiation axeposure takes to the limit the exceptional qualities of the guitar shreddings, being a pure demonstration of guitar virtue as Dishonourable discharge explodes like a pure speed metal bomb taking the listener to the pit with a really good harmony within all band members, this time the band use some power metal drippings, becoming one of their best acts.

End of daze acoustic ballad entry is soon accelerated to a really well composed song, with solid and technical structure linked with Bitch of a son, another mid fast pulsed anthem of breathtaking headbanging action.

Finally Black Company is full of melancholic melodies in slow to mid paced rhythms even with doom side drippings, offering a high contrast when sadness is transformed to aggressiveness and vice versa; not on their best acts but still good though.

Inner city wolves by Johnny touch is really an exceptional album, containing good technical details, and well feed by the 80s true metal scene, remarkable the Oliver Magnum similarities, that's a really good point. Every single tracks is excellent, obviously they need to improve the compositions and the choruses to be on the top of the scene, but they are taking the right path, can't wait to see what these guys are able to do in the future!

8,5 / 10


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