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Sorrows path is an epic doom metal band from Greece formed in 1993, but just releasing two demos, to come back in 2005 after line up changes and really hard times, releasing the compilation Resurrection in 2006 and their first full length in 2010, the Rough part of Nihilism, receiving truly positive feedback. Four years after, the second attack came the last 12th of September 2014, under the name of Doom Philosophy.

Sorrows Path are comprised by Stavros Giannakos on Bass, Angelos Ioannidis as Vocals,Fotis Mountouris on the Drums and Kostas Salomidis on the Guitar.

The album heralds a well composed mix of doom and epic metal, the guitars in general develop evil melodies and the predominant medium pulsed drums create the perfect doom atmosphere, then is the vocal melodies that make the job of epic and doom drippings, mid low pitched accompanied by orchestral backgrounds here and there.

The album follows this dark introduction with Tragedy, developing a mid tempo modern doom style, combined with a powerful and epic melodies on the vocals, really well performed by guitars and orchestra notes, linked with Dance with the death, one of the highlights of the album, dark and epic doom in its essence forged with a really effective chorus.

Brother of life attacks like a powerful bomb,to bring you to a slow paced doom rhythm, where the orchestra makes a high presence, not on their best tracks though, being continued by another hit Everything can change, this one bring you the darkest side of the band introducing some ultra low vocal tunes under a doom metal environment (with even gothic influences) evolving with intensity and changing rhythms performing mid pitched and even growling vocal techniques.

The king with a crown of thorns develop their best epic side, not being doom at all here but really composing an outstanding piece, the chorus is the best of the album, catchy and intense. The acoustic parts on the guitars are really well performed as well as the progression by the rest of the members of the band, creating a really powerful ending.

The Venus and the moon continues this tendency of epic heavy metal domination with doom roots, keeping a good pace within the rest of the album, and linking the action with Epoasis, this time is a win of the doom side, forging a true slow paced doom metal rhythms, combining drippings of Black Sabbath and Candlemass with a head banging chorus.

Clouds inside me is another epic doom track, with a remarkable job on the drums and the virtuous performance on the guitars being also an intense and effective song connected with Darkness, might be another track that perfect encapsulates the bands sound, being melodic epic in one hand and dark doom on the other hand, good instrumental compositions here as well as great vocal performance.

Damned (O)fish/LSD is the last of the album, instrumental doom missile, and here the band really created a good job on the melodies, even boosting it with progressive elements in about 7 minutes of evil power.

Doom philosophy is for now their best work, for those who like classic doom metal with drippings of epic and power metal, this must be part of your collection. The compositions might need improvements at some parts and the vocals are brilliant but would sound better if it where more powerful, but generally speaking is an excellent work that will leave the listener hungry for more Sorrows path.

7,5 / 10


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