Thursday 16 October 2014


Dissorted is a melodic thrash metal band from Munich (Germany) formed in 2004, playing numerous gigs throughout the country, sharing stage with bands like Toxic Waltz  and releasing their first EP called "I" the last 5h of September. The band is comprised by  Mirco on the Vocals, Dillon on the Bass, Florian and Sebastian on the axes and Martin on the Drums

Dissorted drink straight from the pure roots of thrash metal fountain, the technical instrumental offers a strong and straight feeling unveiling drippings of giants like Exodus or Testament. Bloodshed Divined heralds the best style of the band, being riveting from the beginning, one of those anthems that create circles of death and mosh pits on the gigs, specially in the fast paced track Eaten Alive, vocals are really forceful and aggressive, generally on the mid and high pitched sharp style, and even showing some growling parts.

Operation observation heralds a mid tempo heavy metal anthem, in a crescendo pattern introducing some modern sounds, with a fine and truly intense result followed by The new world whose main riff will take you to your heaviest side as a pure high speed thrash with high pitched vocals taking the lead to make you bang your head till death, really well forged song, remarkable job on the guitar qualities, demonstrating a powerful thrash metal mixed with melodic sections.

The somnambulist ascends from double pedal intro verses to create one of the best track of the band, developing galloping rhythms and true thrash metal backing vocals on the chorus giving a really wild attitude, the job on the instrumentals are exceptional and clockwork coordinated.

This first job by Dissorted unveil the true thrash metal road to be followed in future works, for now they must be proud of this record, the production is great and for sure every thrash metal maniac will bang his/her head playing it loud, brilliant!

8 / 10

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