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Mausoleum Gate first album is coming the next 10th October, you can check the review of the album here.

This is the interview with the band

Hi guys! I admit its a pleasure to have the chance to interview you so thank you very much to you and also to Mr Wolf Mühlmann for making it possible.

Could you tell me why did you chose the name Mausoleum Gate as the band's name? 

Well the name describes our music very well and it has the same vibe as Mercyful fate or Black Sabbath for example.

This is the first full length in 6 years, after a demo and a single, how do you value the evolution of the band during this time?

Obviously the line-up change has changed the band also even though many of the songs are from the old line-up period. I think we have moved a bit to the 70's heavy metal and maybe some progressive elements have more creeped in.

The band evolved from classic heavy metal and doom roots then to include Uriah heep-
Rainbow Elements, how do you feel with the result? 

Sounds fine. I mean Rainbow -the Dio-era- is very significant influence as well as Heep. But I think that NWOBHM-thing hasn't disappeared and it's still very strong.I think we have took different ideas form the past and made something of our own from it.

What bands mainly influenced the bands sound?

Well the NWOBHM-scene: Maiden,Saxon,Angel Witch and so on. Also Mercyful Fate is  a very big influence. And then there are 70's names like Zeppelin,Sabbath,Purple and Heep.Also there are influences from 70's progressive rock like Yes,King Crimson,Genesis and Jethro Tull. A lot of influences really: I'm also a fan of southern rock and there are AOR and jazz likers in the band too.

The album is about to be released and I know is still early, but for now, how did the media react to this release? 

Well the reaction has been mostly very positive. I have read only a couple of more negative reviews which is quite amazing in a way. Our music,our way of playing and our sound are in many ways so uncompromising. Nice to see there are so many who have also saw our vision.

How was the experience of the recording of the album?

It was quite loose and free. We had no pressures at that point because we did it ourselves.Of course when it came to mixing and engineering etc. Wicked Ischanius had the biggest workload on him but for me this was a good way to record.

The band signed with Cruz del Sur music, how do you value the relation with this company?

Well we have been very satisfied so far. The co-operation has been really great.

How many albums have you signed for?

To my understanding only this one. We are a new band and this is our debut  after all.

How do you feel the heavy metal scene in Finland? 

Finnish metal underground is very much alive. There are bands like Evil-Lyn,Speedtrap,Lord Fist,Hellspirit,Lantern and Brainthrash among other very promising bands and  a lot of good metal around. When it comes to more mainstream metal in Finland I think it has got a bit generic unfotunately-Mostly soundwise. I wish there would be more experimenting and variation. Maybe it will change I dunno.

Tell me about your gigs life, how active have been the band since the release of your 2013 single?

I must say we are not a very active live band when it comes to the amount of gigs. It's mainly because the scheduling is quite challenging and that is due to day jobs, different places we live and so on. There could be more gigs but I must say we have enjoyed every gig so far.

NWOBHM legends Cloven Hoof shared stage with you, which other bands have you shared stage with?

Well we have played with Lord Fist,Misty Knight,Sarcofagus,Leather Rebels to mention a few.

Tell me your most memorable moment during your last tour.

Well we haven't done a tour but most memorable thing was the first gig with Mausoleum Gate in Metal Warning III when nobody knew us and we just had to do everything to get audience's attention. Finally we managed to do that and that was -and always is- very rewarding.

Which bands would you like to share stage with in the future? And Which countries would you like to visit?

Sabbath,Mercyful Fate,Maiden...well we got on stage with Exciter and Uli Jon Roth in Keep It True Festival if everything goes as planned. Germany is good country to play and U.K of course, Japan would be really exciting too! 

What are the plans now that the album is out? Could you anticipate some details about an imminent tour?

We just take a little look here how the album is doin' and start to rehearse for the upcoming gigs. There are some plans before KIT but nothing confirmed yet.

Lost beyond the sun is one of your best compositions, could you tell me how do you feel with that song?

That's a nice one. A real nice one. It wasn't so planned it evolved almost by itself.The parts just came up.Really natural process.

Which is your favourite mausoleum gate song?

Lost Beyond The Sun,Mausoleum Gate and Demon Droid ( I love guitarharmonics in that!)

Last but not least,could you leave a message to your fans?

Stay Heavy and Keep On Metal Forever! Never Ever Surrender!

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