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Bandemonic is a traditional heavy metal band from Ioannina, Greece, formed in 2009 and releasing their first EP Chains in 2012 (click to read the review), receiving positive feedback by the media and allowing the band to share stage with important bands like Enforcer, Grim Reaper or Helstar. After working hard on the new album, the band finally signed with Steel Gallery Records in October 2014 and now the machine is fully charged ready to release their Fires of redemption the next 10th of November 2014.

The album sounds much more professional and solid than their first Ep two years ago, for those who realised about their potential previously, will find out how right we were now that this album is completed, because what you are about to listen is a powerful heavy metal machine that, as a new band, will hit the true metal scene.

Getting the deep detail this work deserves, the album starts with Fires of Redemption as an instrumental epic track with well composed melodic violins and acoustic guitars to literally explode in a thrash influenced guitar riff of the mid paced Torment, the vocals are now outstandingly improved, stronger and more controlled than before, brilliant job on the combination of technical drum rhythms and guitar performance denoting a complex composition linked with Disingenuous as one of the best of the album, the guitars well demonstrate it with an excellent aggressive and sharp beginning, soon to create the head banging feeling with a catchy chorus coming from the power and epic metal elements, the melodies on the verses and the vocal interpretation have been taken care very well with an amazing result.

Martyr comes in a crescendo structure with strong guitar riffs and power metal vocal drippings bringing memories from Queensrÿche style with awesome high pitched parts, but with added thrash elements on the instrumental, this time the structure and chorus denote a modern 90s influence; as we continue with The awakening, as a slow mid paced act with great changes of pulse, with a genuine power metal chorus found among all the elements that Bandemonic create.

Now its time for the most epic bomb of the band to date, Burn the witch is probably the most sophisticated track they've done with neck breaking parts and breathtaking theatrical vocal verses including the fact that some guitar riffs are purely thrash metal, this is a gem that perfect encapsulates the band's style.

Inner battle slow the machinery but keep the high quality in composition, remembering their first EP patterns, to attack with Bullet as another fast paced headbanging missile with high pitched vocals and fast palm muted and galloping riffs, remarkable the contrast of aggressive and melodic parts.

Guardians of time is the most professional track of the album, with an ascending intensity leading to an epic forceful and addictive chorus, the vocals demonstrate his best job and the instrumentals are in harmony and tremendously intense and powerful.

If there was a song that was the pure sign of the band in their EP, a song that will make you remember this band as many other songs such as Heavier than metal for Skull Fist, all or nothing for Cauldron or Full speed or no speed for Striker; here we have The Seeker for Bandemonic, the masterpiece from the first EP is now re-recorded with the higher quality that this album have in general, the vocals are definitely better and fresher than before, I really liked they recorded this track for the new album, its totally headbanging and genuine old school heavy metal, making the perfect ending of a great album.

Fires of redemption will be the necessary step that will hopefully catapult this band to the front of the traditional heavy metal scene, the quality of the compositions and an excellent production situate the band in the level of bands like Striker, in fact they have things in common such as the thrash metal influences on the guitars combined with heavy and US power metal vocal techniques.

Bandemonic demonstrated they are here to attack with a powerful force that deserves to be echoed around the globe.

8,5 / 10

Bandemonic are:
Vocals- George Mantos
Guitars - Erik Karamanis and CA Chairopoulos
Drums - Adrian Kyprianos
Bass - Panagiotis Bestos


Review made by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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