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Overdrive is one of the classiest NWOBHM bands in early 80s, formed in 1977, the quartet developed an early heavy metal style releasing their first single On the run (1981) which became a cult material for the years to come. The first album was then released nine years later, Dishonest words, and four years later their second shot called Home sweet home (1994) taking a lull until the release of another two albums, On wizard Ridge (2005) and Three corners to nowhere one year later.

Eight years later and with the new vocalist David Poulter in the band, Overdrive released Final Nightmare via Pure Rock Records last 22nd August 2014.

The new album continues exactly this authentic traditional heavy metal style, containing drippings of 70s hard rock and a few epic elements seen on bands like Saxon. Invited to hell is a demonstration of this early sound as they perform genuine heavy metal with influences, the chorus is really headbanging and catchy as the hard rocker Twice shy come to scene developing a late 70s strong pulsed mid tempo, the progression is excellent, alternating slow and mid paced drum beats and introducing keyboards in an excellent harmony.

Glass game heralds a never-ending headbanging structure, the mid tempo rhythms are one of the best of the band, and is also remarkable the work on the instrumentals, guitars and keyboards strike forcefully and linking the action to an increscendo track, Twisting my mind, creating one of their best chorus, vocal sounds even bring memories from Udo in his cleanest techniques, guitar performance is outstanding and well played along with the keyboards, showing a good instrumental fight, style also seen in Nightwalker, with a more modern influence but still under the old school patterns.

Wasted begins so powerful like a neck breaking blast of fast paced heavy metal, definitely a true masterpiece that will involve the crowd in every gig, with an addictive riff and chorus continued by Lost on a mountain, keeping you up again with some melodic strong pounding heavy sound being another highlight in the album.

Taken Young develops a really rich composition in an ascending intensity path, mastering a really good performance on the instruments harmony, curiously brings me memories from a unreleased track by Judas Priest called Mother sun, the orchestra with violins and piano forge a really powerful ballad and the neoclassical style at the end make it a masterpiece of the band.

The final nightmare end the album, creating a dark atmosphere evolving in an addictive riff, vocals work again on the epic side even showing a high theatrical performance level, the guitar and keyboards construct a really solid and rich sound, leading to an astonishing ending.

Overdrive came back stronger than ever and eight years after their last album, its unbelievable how these guys manage to keep the essence of their sound in early eighties, if you don't know this is new stuff you probably time this album immediately after their first single in 1981,

definitely this is a good lesson of classic heavy metal made for true metalheads, as overall the final nightmare is an excellent album that must be in the collection every NWOBHM fan.

9 / 10


Overdrive are

Ian Hamilton Bass, Vocals, Vocals
Mr. Scratch "Animal" Padgett Drums
Tracey W. Abbott Guitars
Tim Hall Keyboards, Vocals
David Poulter Vocals

Released by Pure Rock Records, part of Pure Steel records

Post by Daniel Ortiz

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