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Lethal saint was formed in 2006 in Cyprus, releasing their first album in 2010 and signing with Pure Steel Records releasing their second shot called WWIII last 20th march of 2015.

The band heralds the classic heavy metal combined with sophisticated structures, taken from drippings of thrash and power, creating modern tunes but also keeping the essence of what true metal is about.
The album opens with the intro the curse, leading to Merciless Decay, as a mid tempo pure heavy metal shot with changes of pulse in the chorus and good influences from Judas Priest, as a virtuous drumbeats with double pedal introduces the listener to Prophecy of war, going increscendo forging a really good chorus, the vocals works excellent as the sharp angry style explodes in high pitched moments, also guitars draws well performed parts.

Chaos rising keep the same strategy used previously but creating really intense sections and interesting changes of rhythm, definitely one of the highlights of the album, linked with Order to Defend, where the listener is witness of one of the best performed vocal parts of the album, the interpretation of the highs and lows, is just outstanding, great one!

Next in line is by my point of view one of the best songs of the band, after the intro Omen with the dark atmospheric melodies, Thorns of existence explodes in a true metal bomb, headbanging as hell, mid fast paced song with high pitched parts on vocals, the chorus is astonishing, with good details on the background guitars and even growling vocal details at the end; as The Alliance kicks in, remembering some Judas priest tunes, the ascending intensity is remarkable, leading to a well created chorus, but nothing much more special.

The headbanging moments come back with the fast paced Ascend to power, the structure is similar in essence, adding good power metal drippings and awesome drums and guitar solo performance; improving in the next shot, mid paced intense anthem, Spoils of the past, with good harmony on the instrumental and well performance on the bass parts; to finalise with the tittle track WWIII, probably one of their best shots and very much influenced by Grave Digger style, very straight chorus that make the listener to sing-along, guitar are also strongly played, forceful voice also outstandingly performed.

Lethal Saint forged a really high quality album, the production is clean and well finished, song creations are remarkable but very similar compositions can make it a bit of a run of the mill feeling, but to say the truth, the band created some gems to be remembered, highlights like Thorns of existence and WWIII are top shots; Lethal saint are here to stay!

7,5  / 10


Line Up

Christis Isseyegh Drums
Chris Papadopoullos Guitars
Andreas Kasapis Guitars, Bass
Andreas Pugioukas Vocals
Christoforos Gavriel Guitars

Release by Pure Steel Records

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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