Friday, 29 May 2015


Toxic Shock is a thrash metal / crossover band from Belgium formed in 2004 and releasing their first full length in 2013 called "Daily Demons"and now they made a split album with Iron Reagan in 2015, Iron Reagan, from Virginia, started the metal path in 2012 an released two full lengths in 2013 "Worse than dead" and "The tyranny of will" in 2014.

The split begins with Toxic Shock, taking the aggression to the next level creating generally fast paced old school thrash rhythms, with multiple changes of pace in the survivalist, delivering harsh and sharp mid high pitched vocals, very much influenced by bands like Exodus or Razor, well demonstrated in Singalong letdown, strong and fast with that visceral feeling of the mid 80s true thrash metal, as their top shot kicks in, Monday is cancelled, with clear punk drippings on the verses and obviously headbanging from start to finish.

Iron Reagan also develop that thrash metal of non-stop headbanging, forging a late 80s,90s thrash metal, more melodic and high pitched on the vocals, guitars are rich in composition, more influenced by D.R.I., Municipal Waste, or even Gama Bomb: all three tracks are breathtaking and ultra fast, demonstrating a full power thrashing madness in every note, great job.

Overall a very effective split of two true thrash metal new bands, while toxic shock delivers headbanging old school traditional shots, iron Reagan forged a bay area thrash with ultra fast atomic bombs, the whole split is well produced and even though its not on the sophisticated or technically complex side, will make you break your necks from the very first second.

8 / 10

White Bass
Wotte Drums
PC Guitars
DK Guitars
Wally Vocals


Rob Skotis Bass
Ryan Parrish Drums
Landphil Hall Guitars
Mark Bronzino Guitars
Tony Foresta Vocals


Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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